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PurpleBarbi is a single mother of three.  One son and two daughters.  Currently residing in Goose Creek, South Carolina she is the youngest of six children.   Although this is her first published work she has been writing since her high school years and before and plans to release additional works.

Imani: Welcome to The Lounge. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker and begin with your story, just who is PurpleBarbi?

Purplebarbi: Purplebarbi? Well she is a combination of a nick name and my favorite color. An author, mother, entrepreneur and a woman who thought she found love and lived to write about it.

Tell us more about your latest project. What's the inspiration behind this book.

The book is the first of 3 novellas from the "The Vagina Chronicles" don't be fooled by the title it is not a sex book, it details a character after a failed relationship. Inspiration? I ask what was the revelation? I had ended a failed marriage, and a failed relationship after another and was in the midst of another and was having an argument and literally had a flashback of the very same argument I had with a ex. The same words, the same feelings were playing out in front of me, and I had to stop and ask myself ..."haven't I already been here?" I then realized I was stuck in anger, bitterness and any other negative emotion that I entertained. I hadn't realized that I hadn't let go of my past hurts and was taking it out on whoever was in my life, not just the ones in my love life, but friends family, coworkers anyone who dared entered my realm. So from then on I was set on healing myself and want to share my journey.

Briefly, explain what makes your book different from the vast choices in the same genre?

My book is unique in that i only give the character a name. Her race, age, where she lives is given. I want the reader to be able to relate to the issue that she is having and to experience her reaction and learn from it instead of visualizing what the character looks like and prejudge the message. The cover doesn't depict a woman of any specific race I chose the color to represent ever woman....I'll let you figure that out..(wink)

Tell us more about the development of the characters.

 I believe we start writing our story from the day we were born, so I'll say my development started then. The character was not just based on my relationships with men but every relationship I've ever had, with my parents, siblings, every friendship, working relationship and conversation and questions from other women as well. I had the experiences good and bad so I can share them at this moment.

What have you learned (or still learning) since being in the business?

Be still...simple be still stay the course and then bam! It'll happen. God's timing is perfect. I'm still learning that too! Don't rush, when it's your time, it'll happen.

What is your dream collaboration? With whom, and why?

Taraji P. Henson (this is my favorite question!) Why? Because she is gorgeous and humble and so real! The character of "V" fits her perfectly so when this comes to the big screen she is my "V". (Not literally..) Already claimed is done..

Finally, share with us something you've never mentioned publicly since being an author; such as, a quirk or a hidden talent. I'm sure readers would like to know,

My name Purplebarbi...... is representative of my favorite color.... But I don't wear it, I own nothing purple? Go figure?

Check out the new trailer: This Is Your Vagina!


Remember Me?

“Monday again” Junivicus said to herself as she enjoyed the last few minutes of her shower.  Clearing the steam from the mirrored medicine cabinet, she looked at herself and thought.  “I need a facelift” as she pulled at the skin under her eyes.
“I wonder if my mom felt like this when she was my age.”  She observed the few gray hairs forming around her hairline. “Isn’t that a song or something?” She said to herself.  “Watching the days go by, or something to that extent?”
Humming along to her own remix of that particular song that she couldn’t remember the title or words to, she made her way to her daughters room and awakened them for the day.
“Get up, Get up whomever you are?” she said aloud.   “I think that’s the right way to say it whoever? Whomever, well whatever!” Shrugging her shoulders she carried on with her sermon.  “My fair ladies! it’s time to go, Lady Jasymn!, Lady Jenevah!  Your highnesses!  I bring you tidings of good morning and dew!  Rise and face the day!  Arise I say! 
There was no movement  as she stood there in deep curtsy.
“Alright! remember I tell you once because it’s required, twice because I feel your pain, three times…… that’s an ass kicking!  Let’s go!
Finally, there was movement.
“This is going to be a good day.” Junivicus said to herself, “In the name of Jesus I declare a good day!”
She turned on the car radio just in time to hear her favorite morning show “The Daily Bagel".

“Listen up ladies! Ladies listen to me!”  Said the smooth sounding Terry Apple.  “Where will you and your partner be in the next year?  Will you be married? In a committed relationship? Or still Dating?  And what will be the deciding factor?  Cause some brothers” He said with a short pause before he finished his sentence.  “Some brothers not all, but some say they’re going to leave you behind because while you’re trying to decide…….you ain’t giving “it” up.  I mean the goodies and naw I’m not going to play that song in the background.” He stammered with a little laugh.  “Leave me alone Brodie.” He said to his side kick as laughter erupted from the all-male cast except for Delilah who was about the only female that could hold her own with the crude bunch.  

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