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The Journey of Ruthie Belle, Excerpt 1

Chapter One
Tulla Springs, Mississippi, 1914
I was naked, peerin’ at the reflection through the bedroom mirror. With eyes nearly swollen shut, and fresh cuts around my mouth and cheeks, I saw bruises coverin’ my body—on my arms, trailin’ down my legs, a huge bite mark on my breast—I was beaten badly.
Behind my reflection was a man pullin’ up his trousers with black suspenders danglin’ at his knees. His shirt was half-buttoned, but still wore his muddy boots.
“Put your clothes on, you disgust me!”
With ev’ry move he made, I wanted to jump from my achin’ body.
“Ruthie Raye!” he barked.“You hear me? Put your damn clothes on and fetch me my suppa!”
My feet wanted to move, but they felt like they were stuck. I was scared to walk to the closet. The dress I wore that mornin’ was on the floor in a shredded pile, and my long, dark, hair neatly combed in a bun became ruffled from him draggin’ me to our bedroom. I peered at him through the mirror, hopin’ his next swig of whiskey would make him too drunk to hurt me again.
An hour ago, my husband, Arthur Belle, came home from workin’ as a sharecropper for Mayor Smith, and stomped inside our small shack like a bully. I was on the scrub board doin’ the laundry. He tracked his muddy footprints from the front door to the kitchen table, giving me one of those short evil stares before reachin’ into the cupboard for the jar we used for savin’ our pennies. I knew money was tight,and he’d been stressin’ where the next meal would come from. Mayor Smith kept payin’ him short of our fair share of the crops. We’d been makin’ it all right, but God been blessin’ us with enough food and clothes on our backs. Like any good momma and daddy, we wanted to give the best for our chil’ren.
While I kept tendin’ to the laundry, I could feel his eyes lookin’ my way. It seemed like his stare brought a swift blast of cold air from nowhere. I know that sound strange, and maybe it could’ve been my imagination, but each time he would cut his whitish-gray eyes, I swore it got colder by a few degrees. Though, I didn’t dare tell him that—I just couldn’t.
Then again, on his eyes, he’d never told me as long as I’d known him about growin’ up as a Colored with strange colored eyes. Sometimes when we’d go into town, I noticed the stares from White and Colored folks. It started with whispers, and later the whisperin’ turned into thestares. They, for sure, would really stare if they knew how his eyes changed colors from plain gray to sparklin’ gray, and sometimes to an icy blue. And, at one time, his eyes were pure and as white as snow. Honest.
Funny, when I first met him I thought his eyes were angel-like. One day, when I worked as a maid for Mayor Smith and his wife, the Mayor told me to fetch the stable boy a glass of ice-cold lemonade. I was thirteen, but knew what I saw standin’ underneath the Mississippi sun was a sight for sore eyes. Arthur had skin like mahogany wood and curly dark hair.
“Care for ice cold lemonade?” I shyly asked him.
“Don’t mind if I do, Ma’am.” He smiled, as he took the glass.
As he gulped his drink, the midday light shimmered against his shirtless, sweaty chest. I’d been a good Christian all my life, and I knew what I was feelin’ wasn’t lust. It was just somethin’ ‘bout him that made my heart smile. Call me crazy, but when I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was gon’ be my husband. I wasn’t sure if he took a likin’ to me until a few months later.
The nineteen-year-old Arthur asked me to meet him by the creek next to the stables ‘cause he had somethin’ to tell me. Actually, he rather showed me than told me. That night I got my first kiss. From then on, we courted and we later got married.
Things were beautiful in the beginnin’ until one night he came home drunk with tears. I remembered askin’ him, “What’s the matter?” and then, in the blink of an eye, he slapped me for no good reason. “What did I do?” I asked him. The more I asked, the more he slapped me.
Later durin’ our marriage, the slaps turned into punches, and the punches into forced sex. A person would think gettin’ beat all the time was somethin’ I shoulda gotten used to, but I didn’t  But, thank Jesus, Arthur never laid his hand on our girls— Gladys, Florence,and Mattie Jean. I felt a sense of relief when the girls got home from school ‘cause he’d never beat me in their presence. It was always at night, behind our closed bedroom door, or while they weren’t home.
With him whoopin’ on me so much, I had no one to turn to. My momma and daddy were dead. Daddy died from Tuba-culosis when I was six and Momma died from pneumonia the day after my eleventh birthday. Mayor and Mrs. Smith let me take Momma’s place as their maid for two years before I married off. At times, I wished the Mayor hadn’t asked me to take that lemonade to Arthur. My life would’ve been simpler, and especially the whoopins.
“Have you started suppa?” He was still starin’ at the jar.
“No, suh, let me finish this last bit of laundry and I’ll get to it.”
“What you mean you didn’t start suppa?” His voice was loud like thunder.
“Arthur, I’ve been cleanin’ all mornin’ and I had a lot of laundry to do. I’m servin’ soup for suppa. It don’t take no time to cook it.”
Then I guess I got him mad.
His eyes clicked into a horrific rage and he lunged toward me. While I held the wet linen, he raised his hand up to the afta’noon light and slapped me out the chair. Warm blood oozed from my nose, and I crawled like a helpless dog to escape from his tempa.
“Woman, I said get my food!” he angrily snapped.
“Okay, okay,please don’t!”
“Don’t what, you stupid bitch? You don’t do shit ‘round here. It’s either suppa ain’t done in time or the house ain’t clean enough…You suppose to do what I say!”
I kept scootin’ on the rough, hardwood floor, still sore from his slap. He inched closer as he rambled on about what I was not doin’ in the house. With three daughters, a house to tend to, and bein’ a dressmaker for the high-society white women in town, I worked just as hard as he did. But, in eyes his, he didn’t think so. He called me lazy, even when doin’ our husband and wife things. Arthur said I was the worst he’d ever had. I’m bad ‘cause he forced himself on me anytime he wanted to. He got me hatin’ sex. Even the word makes me cringe.
Trapped between the corner and him, the wall became my opened door to Hell. And there was no gettin’ away from smellin’ his whiskey breath. The scent was strong enough to burn my nostrils and water my eyes. I curled into a ball to shield from his first blow and his scent.
“Please, Arthur, I promise to get suppa faster!”
He chuckled like an evil man, ignorin’ my plea. My words never meant nothin’ to him. Then I felt his strong hand grabbin’ a clump of my hair. He dragged me past the dusty fireplace, and to the bedroom. His muscular frame roughly tossed my petite body on the bed. The slaps weren’t nothin’ new. He was only warmin’ up.
I was on my back,as he sprawled on top of me, starin’ at me; his eyes full of hatred. Arthur carefully examined me from head to toe. Caressin’ my tear-soaked face, and then runnin’ his hand down my chest, he clenched my dress in his fist and ripped it open. My titties met the coolness of the drafty room, and my nipples stood rigid, fearin’ his next move. I could feel his manhood rise through what was left of my high-neckline dress. Then Arthur clenched his fist and punched into my warm flesh. With each stingin’ blow, I wished those blows would just kill me.
He stopped.
“I’m sorry,” I wept. “Please don’t hurt me no more. I tried to do better.”
He said nothing, but reached in his trouser pocket and pulled out a bottle of whiskey to take a quick swig. Lookin’ down at me with his devilish grin, he leaned closer to see my tears blended with my beaten face.
In one swift motion, my hands became his bondage on the bed, as he roughly kissed me. He moved his lips down to my breast, suckin’ hard, as if he was tryin’ to regain the milk. With my flesh against my homemade quilt, he did his dirty thing.
“Why do you like me hurtin’ you?” he whispered, as he kept kissin’ me, his breath drenched with whiskey. “You know I hate hurtin’ you.”
I couldn’t reply to his false regrets. He always pretended to feel bad when he’d beaten and violated me. Sometimes I sensed he wanted to cry. If he felt bad, then why did his love had to hurt?
Lettin’ him do his business, I just lay like a corpse in a casket. Abruptly, he flipped me over like a ragdoll. It was the first time he’d done this and I didn’t know what to expect. I was shiverin’ with panic when he ripped off the rest of my dress and undergarments. I was stark naked, with my titties pressin’ against the quilt. His manhood went into an unnatural hole that wasn’t fit for a person to take.
I screamed loud enough for God to hear me.
“You act like a stupid bitch, you gonna get treated like one!” He was pantin’ like an old raggedy dog.
While he moved in and out of my behind, I became numb. In front of me, I stared at the wall and then gazed at my Bible on the nightstand. When is God goin’ to take me away? Death has to be better than this. Anythin’, mighty Lord, has to be!
That happened an hour ago, when Arthur came home angry, takin’ out his aggression on me. I should be used to it after twelve years of marriage, but each day don’t get any easier. It gets worse.
“By the time I come back from the barn, you have my suppa on the table,” he angrily reminded me, slammin’ the front door.
I stood in front of that mirror, sobbin’ and starin’ at my beaten reflection. Then I placed my hands on top of my stomach. I don’t know why I would do that each time he left after beatin’ me. Maybe I hoped his violation would create another baby. Bein’ with child was the only time I had peace. He would say horrible things to me—like his favorite: stupid bitch—or complain how I’m a lousy wife, or remind me that after I give birth he’ll teach me some respect. Nonetheless, ev’rytime I got pregnant was more than a gift from God. I lived nine months free without bein’ punched or kicked.
Yet, Arthur still violated me. I would be tendin’ to a chore while the babies were nappin’, and he’d force me to do wifely relations. One time, I lied, tellin’ him I was with child. In the back of my mind, I knew I was gon’ get it. I wanted to do anythin’ to make him stop, even lie. Still, it didn’t matter. Arthur violated me durin’ my cycle. Once he found out I lied, he beat me so bad I thought for sure he killed me. That same day, while lyin’ on the kitchen floor beaten and bruised, I thought I saw a glowin’ woman standin’ above me. Maybe she’s my guardian angel to take me away from this bondage, I thought. The woman didn’t say anythin’; she only shook her head with a smile. I quickly realized later that it was the effect of Arthur’s blows. I had to been seein’ things ‘cause if she was my angel, she would’ve taken me away from that Hell.
From an opened window in the bedroom, I heard my girls approachin’ up the grass. I hurried to compose myself by findin’ somethin’ quick to wear. “There!” I said, fumblin’ through my closet. It was an old dress I made a couple of years of ago that was supposed to be for the Mayor’s wife, but she didn’t take a likin’ to it so it became mine.
“Momma, we’s home,”announced my middle child, Florence. Her ten-year-old voice echoed down the hallway from the front door to the bedroom.
I scampered to put on the sky blue dress with a high neckline, as well as prayin’ that my girls wouldn’t walk in to see my hair a mess and the cuts along my face. I wasn’t sure if they knew the truth of what went on when they weren’t around, well except my oldest girl, Gladys. She discovered the truth a year ago when he forced me outside in the darkness of the night. He’d finished his business on me, and thought it would be fun to drag my naked behind to the barn. Luckily, I made a quick move by duckin’ and runnin’ before he could land a right hook. My legs ran as fast as they could back to the house. But before I made it to the door, I saw my twelve-year-old daughter, Gladys, peekin’ through her bedroom window. The look of disgust covered her caramel-face; her mouth opened wide in shock, her breath foggin’ the window. My cold, naked behind stopped to let her know her momma was okay. By then, I nearly forgot who was chasin’ me; all I cared about was lettin’ my baby girl know I was all right. All of that changed when I heard his hard footsteps through the fall leaves. I think he’d seen Gladys lookin’ through the window ‘cause he didn’t take a swing at me. Instead, he pretended he was a lovin’ husband and waved at our daughter. “Your momma is fine. She just got delirious and ran out here,” he shouted. By the look on Gladys’s face, I could tell she didn’t believe him, and knew that ev’rythin’ she thought of her daddy had changed.
I came out of the bedroom, as if nothin’ had happened an hour ago. Wasn’t sure if they’re daddy was drinkin’ in the barn or went back to sharecroppin’. Either way, I was glad he wasn’t around. Actin’ like ev’rythin’ was all right at that point was gettin’ pretty old. Sooner or later, I suspected Florence and Mattie Jean would see through the lies, too.
I treaded fast in the small kitchen to start suppa while my girls sat by the fireplace to get their studyin’.
“It ain’t gonna take no time to get this soup ready, girls, okay?”
My girls replied,“Yes’sum,” in unity, while I filled the big, black kettle pot with water, onions, carrots, celery, salt and peppa and leftover chicken meat. I know I’m a good cook ‘cause I used to see my momma cook ev’rythin’. My daddy loved her cookin’, too. The folks at church loved her cookin’. So ev’rythin’ I saw my momma do in the kitchen, I do the same exact thing! Arthur had to been lyin’ when he said he hated my cookin’. If he hated it, why he ate seconds and sometimes thirds?
In the meantime,while I sprinkled a little cayenne peppa in the suppa, Gladys quietly approached me with her usual look of concern.
“Momma, he did it again, didn’t he?”
I didn’t say a word. My swollen, bluish-black eye was enough for her to know that her daddy’s been here. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw her examinin’ my fresh bruises and the cuts I’d tended to with some black salve. Her average height leaned in closer, without touchin’ the wood burner stove, to see if he caused any more damage.
My child’s curiosity made my heart pound with nervousness. She already knew too much, so I quickly blurted, “Child, you need to go back and do your studyin’. Suppa will be on in a few minutes.”
“But, Momma, why do you let him do this?”
“Child, you hear me? Get back to your studyin’!”
“Yes’sum.” She sighed in frustration.
I hated to yell at my girls, and I didn’t whoop ‘em either. There was already enough whoopin goin’ on in our house. I’d rather take the brunt of it from Arthur, instead of my girls. It wasn’t that I was scared Arthur would someday beat on ‘em, or worse, doing things a father shouldn’t do with his girls. He loved those girls. He used to tell me he would give his life for his daughters. And for some reason, I believed him.
Still sore and achy, I asked the girls to help me set the table. The soup still needed more seasonin’, salt, peppa, and cayenne peppa wasn’t doin’ it. I looked in the cupboard for some other spices. To my surprise, I found somethin’ else, a brown box with red letters that read: RAT POISON. I became fixated with those huge letters starin’ back at me. This shoulda been thrown out weeks ago, I thought. The only reason why it was there was ‘cause of a pesky rat runnin’ on the floor in the shack. That poison was potent. It killed that nasty critter within’ a day. So I wondered why a dangerous box of poison was still sittin’ in the cupboard. Arthur should’ve thrown it out a while ago.
Smellin’ like old whiskey and stale barn animals, he hobbled inside, staggerin’. “Suppa ready yet?” he grumbled.
I didn’t say a word to him. I pretended he wasn’t there. Usually, if I didn’t answer him that would’ve given him a good reason to knock me out. But thank God, our girls were sittin’ at the table for their suppa. He wouldn’t dare strike me in front of ‘em.
By then, our girls had their chicken soup in front ‘em, patiently waitin’ for me to join ‘em.
“Damnit, woman, ain’t my soup ready yet?”
“Yes, suh. It’s on its way!”
As I poured his soup in the bowl, the cupboard door was still open with the box of rat poison glarin’ at me. My mind told me to season his soup with the white powdery stuff that kills four-legged, furry creatures, but my heart wasn’t sure otherwise. I wanted twelve years of Hell to end. I was tired of him punchin’ on me and violatin’ me like a dog. I knew eventually God would forgive me, ‘cause He don’t like his chil’ren gettin’ mistreated. But, what if it doesn’t kill him? What if he found out I poured rat poison in his soup? For sure, I was as good as dead. So, what will it be, death for him or death for me?
© Imani Wisdom, 2012
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The Journey of Ruthie Belle

The meek, Ruthie Belle dreams of one day being free from her husband’s constant mental and physical torment, until one day she finds the courage to break free from his bondage. Even though the plan goes without a hitch, Ruthie spends the rest of her life riddled in guilt and shame. Later at the ripe age of 103, Ruthie discovers forgiveness and redemption are a part of everyday journeys.
During her pilgrimage, she meets people from her past and makes new and important friends to help her heal and to find understanding. Yet the further into her journey, the darker it gets. Ruthie discovers things aren’t the way it seems when her shame comes back for his revenge – her husband. Will new revelations keep her from her pursuit to redemption? Or will the haunting of her past stop her cold in her tracks?

To read the excerpt, visit
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A Brand New Courtney- A Shero's Journey From Being Broken to Being Blessed!

“The “make up” of Courtney M. Hawkins is that of one, who through sheer strength of will, finds a way to live through it all! From brokenness to blessedness, Courtney’s testimony is nothing short of a miracle. She has reached a place in her  healing process to be a blessing to someone else.” -Pastor Darrell L. Fairer Faith Bible Tabernacle, Buffalo, NY
Courtney Hawkins

We all are on a life journey, and Courtney takes us on one of healing, redemption and growing from being Broken to Being Blessed. “Dr. Courtney" new memoir, The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty is one every woman going through the journey of rebirthing and unmasking oneself should read. She shares how she healed with the grace of God and his mercy. She broke from the the bondage of self-hatred, guilt, self-hatred, guilt, shame, incompetence, depression, anxiety and thoughts about suicide. Her words will inspire you, encourage and motivate you to love yourself.

1.      Courtney, I would first like to thank you for allowing me to the opportunity to write an article about you. Could you give the readers the make-up of Courtney?

“Dr. Courtney” is a woman of passion, perseverance and vision. Her purpose is to coach and assist the broken hearted through their delivery and healing process. She is a Minister, Author, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Life Coach and Public Speaker.
“Dr. Courtney” is admired for her strength, courage and willingness to be very transparent about her flaws with hopes others may feel freed to embrace their own.  Her very straight forward and straightforward approach has her dubbed as the Dr. who’s “A tough pill to swallow”.

1.      What spark the idea to write a memoir and share your life story?
As an overcomer who has endured same-sex molestation, rape and a survivor of a fatal car accident that claimed another’s life, I understand how it feels to be broken. As a result, of these events, I was filled with self-hatred, guilt, shame, incompetence, depression, anxiety and thoughts about suicide.
Tired of hiding and determined to break free of mental and emotional bondage, I chose to surrender my fears and do the work necessary to live an abundant life. I selected to accept the transformational power of forgiveness, grace and mercy for my life which is legally bestowed to me as a child of God, and now I continually practice self-love while embracing my flaws and all.
This book is an eye into my diary of healing. I wanted to chronicle my life through my memoir while being optimistic that others would read it and uncover vital insights that will guide the reader into embracing their natural beauty. Also, with hopes that the reader will discover within the pages the written keys that will unlock their truth that can support them in setting themselves free.

2.      Share a little about The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty and why you chose that title?

Generally speaking “Makeup” has been used for countless generations to make oneself more attractive by masking their imperfections and flaws.  Flaws and blemishes can be an embarrassment to many people.  Because many of us lack the courage and confidence needed to accept and embrace our flaws we misrepresent ourselves by covering them with masks.
I chose to name the book “The Makeup of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty” because I wanted to remove my mask and expose myself so that others who witnessed my trials and tribulations would also know of God’s healing power.  I wanted to share my story so that others would be freed to embrace their flaws and share their own stories. 
3.       4. What words of encouragement would you like to share with women who are in the rut of life and feel like they will never recover?”
Here’s an excerpt from her Memoir The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty and why you chose that title and Chapter “EMBRACELET.”

“Embracing the truth and letting go of the lies that I told myself was a process for me and remains a practice that I continue on a daily basis.  Just as I accept brand new mercies and grace for myself daily, I also make a conscious effort to embrace something positive and let go of something negative.   What lies are you telling yourself that you should let go of?  What truths do you need to embrace?”- Courtney M. Hawkins
Here are a few to consider…

Embrace                                                                Let go of
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made                  I’m flawed and imperfect 
I’m more than a conqueror                                I’m not enough
I’m unconditionally loved by the King                No one loves me

4.      What have you learned (or still learning) since being in the business of self-publishing?
 I’ve learned to trust myself and believe in my abilities. That with God’s guidance I can accomplish things that I didn’t know I was capable of doing on my own.

5.       Tell me a little about your company Broken Branches, Inc.?

 Broken Branches Inc. Provides a wide range of programming that pertain to an individual’s mental health.  Our Mission is to comfort those who mourn, restore healthy relationships, and increase mental health awareness in our communities with the hope that individuals live a more healthy, abundant and productive life.  Our Motto: Lean on us for your Life, Health, and Strength!

6.      Lastly, if you had to choose one person living or dead who would you like to have a dinner with?

I would love to have dinner with Karyn Washington. Karyn was the beautiful visionary behind the encouraging and uplifting website,   She created the forum to celebrate the beauty of darker shades of brown skin, to encourage women to embrace the skin they’re in. At just the age of 22, while finding it difficult to grieve the loss of her mother Karyn committed suicide.
I wish I were able to comfort her during her time of grieving.  I wish I could’ve told her that she can lean on me for her Life, Health and Strength. 

 You can follow her on FaceBook:

Thank you for allowing me as well as so many women share in your journey tragedy but teaching us to see that each struggle, each life changing journey is God's road map to your true purpose.  

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Starting in January 2016, the Pink Noire Lounge will go into hiatus – well, kind of. Authors, Jamesina Green and Tamyara Brown, will continue to feature talented people every month, and on occasion, I will throw in a few posts on healthy living and empowerment, and updates on my debut novel, THE JOURNEY OF RUTHIE BELLE.

Why the change?

As visionaries, we all have to grow; and sometimes, growth means taking on endeavors to help expand our ideas and dreams. So the Lounge will not stop bringing you great stories on gifted people, just not as many in one month.  

What about the Urban Ebook Fair?

In the final weekend of January is the fair’s first anniversary, and after that it will go from a monthly event to every quarter. This means the #UEBFair will be held every three months. Also, there will be major changes as far as the length of the fair. PN wants to be more inclusive when it comes to International authors and readers, and certain genres; so expanding the time is a must.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to write to us:

Merry Christmas,

Imani Wisdom and the Pink Noire family

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By Jami Greene

Pink Noire contributor, Jami Greene, was gracious to share an interview she did with Gospel singer and winner of season three,  BET's Sunday's Best, Le'Andria Johnson. 


So, it's my privilege and honor to also announce, Ms. Johnson, is Pink Noire's Artist of the Month. 

I couldn't let this one slip by and not award her with PN's honor. 

"On September 25, 2013, I was honored to be among a select group of Bloggers who were privileged to speak with Grammy and Stellar Award Winner, Le’Andria Johnson.  As most of the world knows, Le’Andria Johnson was the Season 3 Winner of the Sunday’s Best.  Since achieving that life changing milestone, Le’Andria continues to show us exactly what perseverance and faith can do.  Below are some of the questions and answers that were shared during this call.  Take a moment to receive insight into the heart and soul of this phenomenal woman.  Be blessed!"

Jami:  After all of the adversity you have faced in life, why do you think that you are still here?  How are you still standing?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I am still here because I want to be.  I am still here because I want to see change for myself and for others.

What was the toughest part for you of ministering while you were pregnant with a child out of wedlock?

The toughest part for me was trying to reach women who were in a similar situation.  I wanted to encourage them that their life was not over because of this particular situation.  Please understand that the toughest part was NOT be concerned about what the Bishops, or Pastors, even my record label thought of me.  We are all human and we all make mistakes or make bad choices.  That’s life.

What advice would you give to other young woman who find themselves single and pregnant in the Church?

To have that baby and find a place where they are not judged and condemned.  To have that baby and find a place where they will be loved and supported as they continue to strengthen their personal relationship with God.

How do you keep from falling apart during your trials?

I keep from falling apart by appreciating the process.  I know that everything I go through has a purpose and it’s not just about me.  I also remember that He’s the same God in every situation.  Just like He brought me through before, He will do it again.

At what age did you become aware of your calling to ministry?

I have always known that I would minister in some way.  I also knew that elevations in ministry would come and that I just needed to be ready and willing to follow His lead.

As a PK (Preacher’s Kid), did you ever resent the requirements of ministry on your parents?

Heck yeah.  There was always something going on the required their time and attention.  Whether it was a 50 night revival, shut-in or something else.  There was no balance and I definitely grew to resent that.  Church was our WHOLE life.  I believe that growing up that way both protected and crippled me.  It crippled me regarding “life.”  That is one reason why I have done some of the things that I have done such as my relationships with men, my style of dress, etc.  I couldn’t wait to do the things that I had not been allowed to do.  However, in my process, I found God for myself!

What is the greatest life lesson you have learned since winning Sunday’s Best?

To trust God and NOT man!

What encouraged you to begin Pastoring?

I followed the leading of God.  I also followed my desire to look in the face of a Le’Andria Johnson and them them hope.  I want to speak life into them.  I want them to understand that they are so much more than their current situation.

Why do you sing Gospel Music?        

I sing Gospel Music because it provides a stream of life to people.  Gospel Music has historically inspired other types of music and continues to provide people with a connection to God.  Gospel Music changes lives.

Pastor Le’Andria Johnson unselfishly allowed us to look into her heart and hear her love for people.  She was very “real” and did not leave me feeling that I was speaking with an untouchable “celebrity.”  She is a woman who is secure in who God made her to be.  A wife, mother, daughter, sister, singer and pastor, she is one of a kind.  I was truly blessed by this opportunity and pray for continual manifested favor in her life.
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Here's a special early Halloween treat from Pink Noire and Imani Wisdom. Enjoy!

I woke to a darkened room as my eyes met to an empty ceiling. The traffic lights from a nearby window temporarily brightened the room from each passing car.  “What happened?” I asked myself while lying on the floor near the bed. I carefully got up, holding the side of the head as if I was trying to control the room from spinning.
After shaking the grogginess, my eyes adjusted to a disheveled room.  Clothes were spilled from the closet, leaving a trail of dysfunction to the dresser, the nightstand, and bed.  While tiptoeing over the pile, I saw broken glass shattered into fine pieces as another passing car light created a minute shimmering reflection. “What the…” I gasped. 
I sat on the bed in befuddlement, trying to figure what could have caused this mess.  Then I stared at the cracks of the broken mirror on the dresser as another car headlight passed and I quickly saw my image.  My appearance seemed as if I let life defeat me.  The teal blouse I bought a few years ago still remained crisp, except for a few wrinkles.  Then another set of headlights drove pass, and I caught a glimpse of my eye makeup smudged with lingering black tears of mascara.  Something had happened in this room, but what?
With growing curiosity, I widen my eyes among the darkness to help conjure a memory to this mystery.  The darkened gloom obscured my vision, but I knew where everything stood—the simple paintings, the plasma television, and even the alarm clock, which surprisingly was not working. It was dark just like the room. The only thing felt tangible was a cute pink chain that sat around my wrist with dangling trinkets. I cracked a smile with a sudden memory. It was given to me by my twelve year old daughter, Renee. “I will wear this forever, sweetie” I remembered.
After thinking of my babygirl, I got up to feel my way through the murky room toward the hallway.  It was just as dark as my bedroom.  As a matter of fact, the whole house was in total darkness.  Unlike anything I’ve seen.  We always kept at least one light on downstairs, and another one upstairs. “Maybe the power is out” I wondered as I made my way to Renee’s door. I creped the door open to discover the first light I’ve seen since waking up.  It came from outdoors of a street light blaring through the blinds. The neighboring light echoed beautifully against Renee’s mahogany round face, sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. I couldn’t disturb her slumber, so I tiptoed back to the hallway and stood on top of the stairs to force a new memory. “Let’s see” I carefully thought. “I woke up next to the bed to a ransacked room.  Maybe I misplaced something that could be why the clothes are scattered everywhere”.  Yet, I couldn’t explain the broken mirror. 
To ease this odd situation, I marched to the door of my bedroom to get answers. My hand felt around the wall near the door frame to find the light switch—but before my fingers touched the outlet—I heard the door slamming shut downstairs. Then a face had instantly had came to pass.  The only person who could have come home at that hour was my husband, Jerry.
“Ashley” he shouted. “I’m home”.
Out of the seven years of our marriage, I’ve never been so happy to hear the sound of his voice. I ran down the stairs hoping to rush in his arms.  “Baby, you’re home” I cheered.
The mystery of the lights were finally solved, they were on shining on top of his low faded haircut.  Jerry sat inside the kitchen at our three seat dining table, resting his scruffy five-o’clock shadow against the palm of hand. He sighed as if his day were long and tiring. “Ashley” he called out again. “You hear me…I’m home”.
“Jerry, I’m here” I answered with a reliving smile.  I couldn’t help but to smile with glee as I noticed how handsome he looked. It seemed as if he never lost his bedazzling charm since the night we’ve met at an off-school college party. My husband set his eyes on being an Architect, and I was this young, ambitious nursing student. He said to this date that it was love at first sight—and I believe it.  I fell hard in love with him too. This man wasn’t the best looking one among the party-goers, but it was something about him that had put a spring in my heart.  He knew how to make me laugh when that night, I didn’t care to laugh. I remembered I had stacks of homework to study for my nursing exams, and attending to any party wasn’t on the schedule.  Though, thanks to a friend, she convinced me I needed to relax and be around other people. Even though she and I lost contact, I thank her for bringing this man into my life. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without him.
Meanwhile as Jerry remained quiet at the table still wearing his gray hoodie jacket, I walked closer to see the sadness in his eyes.  It looked as though as he’d been crying. Yet a sudden feeling overtook me—something wasn’t right. The smile I had minutes ago, fell to into doubts. Still, the uncertainty since I woke beside my bed gnawed at the pit of my stomach. This helpless feeling needed to stop.
“Baby” I sighed while standing in front of table. “I don’t know what happened an hour ago, but whatever I did I’m sorry…at least I think I did something wrong. I’m not sure. I know I woke to a dark room next to our bed, and don’t have any knowledge of what happened before then”. I sighed once more and turned reaching toward the cabinet to grab a couple of cups to brew some coffee.  “Are you hungry?” I continued.
Then suddenly Jerry leaned back in the chair to release a heaving a sigh. “Ashley, what are we going to do?”
His question quickly stopped my quest to enter the cabinet. I turned to him in shock to wonder why he would ask me such a random query. “Baby, what are talking about?”
“How can you ask me something like that?” I asked him. “I mean, I know we had problems in the past, but we always got past them. Look, Jerry, I love you more than the day I said I do. If you feel we need more counseling, then I’m all for it, okay?”
Jerry eyes floated in my direction, and then wandered around the kitchen like he was trying to regain his thoughts. He knelled his face back inside of his palms and grunted, “I don’t know”, and quickly slamming them to the table and stormed upstairs.
I was speechless and didn’t know whether to follow him or stay put in the kitchen. The demeanor he had carried was unusual. The only time when he exhibited that much tension was after our heated fights.  Though it never became physical, our arguments got so heated that the police were called to the house a couple of times.
While standing in the kitchen to sort out our martial problems, Jerry voice echoed downstairs with a terrifying scream. “ASHLEY…OH MY GOD…ASHLEY” he cried.
I ran upstairs to our lighted bedroom to find him on the side of the bed where I woke an hour ago. He was on his knees crying hysterically with his hands covering his mouth. “ASHLEY” he tearfully muttered. “WHY…”
“Jerry, I’m here—what is it” I pondered.
For the first time, I went to the side of the bed where I woke in the darkness to discover a surreal sight. It was me, lying in my pool of blood with a gun clutching in my left hand. My eyes were frozen in stone silence as blood drooled from the side of my head from the opened temple wound, drenching onto my lovely teal blouse.
I felt as though as I woke to a nightmare. I’m witnessing my husband sobbing over my lifeless body, pleading for me wake up. “Oh Ashley, why” he screamed.
“Jerry, I’m here…I’m here!”
“Ashley, why did you have to go and kill yourself” he spoke to my corpse. “We could’ve worked it out”.
“Jerry, I’m sorry—but you didn’t leave me any choice” I sobbed.
Then it hit me.  I remembered everything before I pulled that trigger to side of my skull. We were arguing in the bedroom about the usual—finances. I never thought we had a problem with money, but Jerry would say I was spending too much on unnecessary things. So we fought over it. Actually, I knew he was using money as an excuse of the real issue.
After he bitched of what how I was draining our life savings, he blurted out he didn’t love me anymore and wanted a divorce without remorse.  It seemed to him our marriage was shit to him. I recall the same sinking feeling I had in my gut earlier.  Now I know how the room became a mess, it’s because I’ve thrown all of his clothes demanding him to get out. I yanked all of his best suits, belts, and sweaters. I even tossed the alarm clock toward his ass, breaking the mirror. “This is thanks I get, Jerry” I remembered angrily shouting. “You want a divorce after seven years of marriage. What it is…another woman?
“No” he replied.
“You’re bored”
“Really, what is it?” I asked him.
He pierced his eyes without blinking and confirmed he didn’t love him anymore. “What’s the point of being in a marriage, if it’s no love” he continued.
My world went from sixty to zero within seconds. Everything I thought I had didn’t exist anymore: a marriage, a good man by my side, and a great life. It became apparent according to Jerry that our marriage was lie as well. He left the room and not bothering to ask if I was okay. When the door to our bedroom closed it signified was our marriage over. 
Meanwhile, Jerry was sobbing over my dead body as he kept crying, “Why Ashley”. I was speechless, and all I could do was to stand there weeping at the scene. The disarrayed room and the broken glass all showed how much pain he’d afflicted on me. The more I watched him cry, the angrier I became. ‘Things can go just like that, Jerry’ I sarcastically muttered. Suddenly, I heard a soft voice speaking, “What’s going on?”
It was Renee and she stood groggy inside the doorframe, rubbing her eyes. “Daddy, I had this strange dream” she said. While she proceeded to explain, I remained on the bed gazing at the blood oozing from my remains. “And momma was in it” I heard her continued.
All of the sudden, Jerry eyes grew wide with shock. “Oh my God, Renee!” he gasped.
He ran through the Renee’s image, straight to her bedroom. It had taken him no time to discover our daughter’s dead body. As I said earlier, Renee laid peacefully like a sleeping angel. She died in a respectful manner, unlike me. All it took was one pillow.
“Renee” screamed Jerry, “Oh my God, Ashley what have you done?”
“Momma, why is Daddy crying?” puzzled our daughter as she joined me on the bed. She had peered to my lifeless body, and then shrieking with fright, “What’s going on here?”
“Baby, momma had to do what had she had to. That’ll teach Daddy not leave me!”
“But Momma, does that mean…we’re…”
I looked to her and smile as if I had hoped she understood what I had taken place. “Yes, baby” I replied. “Yes we are”.

©2011, Imani Wisdom.

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By Jami Greene

Pink Noire has a special treat: Former guest of The Lounge and now a contributor, Author and Motivational Speaker, Jamesina Greene will take the interview realms for today's guest: Author L.A. Lewis. 

I'm so excited to share with you this powerful interview. And remember, please follow Ms. Lewis on her social networking sites. The support of all artists means a lot. 

What is your name?
L.A. Lewis
What is your BUSINESS name?
L.C.L. Publishing
What is your PASSION?
Motivating others
What is your PURPOSE?
To be an example of God’s love
In what way(s) are you fulfilling your PURPOSE and using your PASSION?
I’m an author and a teacher. Through my writing I encourage others to live life to the fullest. It’s a gift that should be cherished and treated as such. When I’m teaching I’m constantly motivating my students to go above and beyond and to be the best that they can be. In my writing and my teaching I express love and encourage others to do the same.
Do you feel that your “voice” is just for a “specific” group(s)?  Why or why not?
My voice is for anyone who’ll listen. Young or old, big or small.
The message of love and life goes for everyone. The teacher in me and the creative part of me allows me to do that for all people. My delivery to a child would be different from an adults, but the message would be the same.
How long have you been using your “voice” in this manner? For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a need to encourage others. It wasn’t until I wrote my daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life” that I really knew it was time to reach out to more people. That book forced me to study the Bible and I was able to really internalize all the promises of God. That was eye opening and I have to share it with others.
Was there a “specific” life event that pushed you to use your voice in this manner? If so, what was it?
There really wasn’t a specific event that caused me to use it. My dad did give me a Bible. It was a contemporary English version. It just all made sense to me once I started reading it. The writer and teacher in me had to share what I was getting from the scriptures and how we’re to apply them in our lives.
What CURRENT events/endeavors are you pursuing?
Right now I’m focusing on getting my books out there to more people. A part of me feel that I’m supposed to be a motivational speaker, but an even bigger part of me is so afraid of that :)
What UPCOMING events/endeavors are on your horizon?
I’ll be in New Orleans,La on July 3rd at the Writers and Readers Conference. I’m also planning my very first Love and Laughter Marriage Conference here in Baton Rouge, La. in February.
Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work, projects, etc, that I did not ask?
I currently have three published books “Dirty Little Secrets” which is about a school teacher and her husband. This story shows how lack of communication could cause some very serious secrets to be formed in the marriage. I also have the daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life,” and I have a book on parenting titled “Things You Never Thought You’d Have to Teach Your Child.” This book reminds parents the importance of teaching the child how to have a positive attitude, time management, how to socialize, and other life skills they need to be successful now and as adults.
How can my readers contact you?
My website is and my Facebook page is Books By LA Lewis, and on Twitter @AuthorLAlewis
Get to know #PinkNoire's Jami Greene as she joined Imani Wisdom in The Lounge last year. It was an insightful interview. Visit here
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