Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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A Contemporary Romance: Reminiscing, by Tierra Cox

Tierra Cox is a poet and a writer who has been writing for public audiences for the past three years on her blog on Tumblr. She crafts tales with elements of fantasy and the paranormal and mixes in multicultural love. Tierra is fueled by the idea of blending the two, specifically for black women and POCs. With an educational background in creative writing, she will be graduating this fall with a Bachelors in English Literature. When she isn't writing, and that isn't often, she can be found in her Texas home catching up on new Sci-fi movies.

In this raw, emotional, and beautiful debut, Tierra Cox brings readers a quaint bwam, contemporary romance about love and fame, and how at the base of it all, we're simply humans looking for a special connection with another soul.

KyuBeom Yoon is known as the ice prince of the renowned K-pop group, C4. All he wanted was to get away from it all—the lights, the cameras, and the fame that comes with being an idol. And all he wants is Maya Campoy. With Maya, he gets the chance to feel normal, to be loved, to be happy... 

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Years later, he finds himself on a radio show reliving a tale of love and heartbreak, wondering if, at the end of it all, she’ll give him another chance.

Read the Excerpt Now:

KyuBeom listened to the host talk nonchalantly after that. The show was winding up for the night, and he let the thoughts of her drift in and out of his head as he listened to callers and took questions. He’d known this would pop up, some women telling him of their love and asking if he could fall in love again. Others complained he had gone to America and found love. “What was wrong with Korea?”

At the end, he stood up and thanked the MC for his time. 

The older man smiled at him. “I’m really interested in hearing this. My whole show is based around lost love, love newly found, and missed connections. Your story sounds like all three! Same time tomorrow? Should I call your manager?”

KyuBeom shook his head. “I mostly do my own thing now. I’ll be here.” 

He exited the building, pulling his coat once more around his neck. The car was here this time, and he walked the short distance to the door as ice crystals stung his cheeks. She would have loved this. She liked snow. 

He placed his hand on the door handle and heard her soft laugh in his ear.

Get to Know the Author:

When did you start writing? 
I wrote my first story when I was eleven years old. It was about a girl who was sent to her people’s goddess in an attempt to save their village. The story ends with the goddess becoming her mother and the destruction of her town. I was quite proud of it and have since revamped it from my eleven-year-old storytelling self. 

What inspires you to write?
A need to tell a story I have not heard before. There’s nothing more difficult. I read and watch a lot of fantasy and paranormal fiction, and there’s a plethora of characters and themes to work with. I want to tell a great story that immerses someone in a different world. I would say that and because my grandfather told me writing was my gift. “Not everyone can weave a great tale,” he would say to me.

What inspired you to write, Reminiscing?
You always hear stories about a man falling in love with a woman, and it's his family who never accepts her because she’s poor or uneducated. Sometimes, it’s simply because she’s black!  I thought, “Okay, but what if she’s black and it’s her family who doesn’t want him around?” Now let’s make this interesting and add a K-pop twist!

Who are your favorite writers/poets?
Authors: Anne Rice, Barbara Kingsolver, Beatrix Potter, Octavia Butler, and Toni Morrison. My favorite poets are Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Robert Frost.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My grandfather and my sisters. My Pop-pop died about five years ago, but his influence is still heavily around me. I write because he believed in me. He sealed my love of literature, and I know that from where he is, he’s very proud of me. 
My sisters are my best friends—I have three younger sisters who are a constant source of inspiration. I can have an idea, pitch it to them, and they’ll hype me up, give me advice and keep me on it until it’s done. My sister, TaBryn, was heavily involved with Reminiscing

Why do you write, or prefer to write, paranormal/fantasy literature?
I hardly ever see black women as protagonists and love interests in this genre. They have been sidekicks and antagonists, but hardly ever the one running the show. On a personal level, I love everything that has to do with the metaphysical. I’m heavily involved in that arena. There are so many things to talk about—energy levels, moon phases, candle magick. Many of these aspects are actually integral parts of African-American culture. If you look back at our history, no matter where you stand with religion, you know someone who is a root worker, who does a little hoodoo. I think the fun aspect is combining all these truths with just a little, What if?

Where do you see yourself going with your writing? What upcoming works should we be looking forward to?
A Netflix special (lol). Really, that’s all I want. I don’t care if I never get a huge following and my name isn’t known in households. I would be just as happy to have a small, cult following. I can be a Donnie Darko type of writer instead of Twilight massive. As long as there are people who are excited to have my latest thing, I’ll be happy to pump out my many, many ideas. What I’m most excited about is this Faustian pact, Christian mythology novel I’m working with. It’s called He Calls Himself Veles and sometimes it gives me Anne Rice vibes, so I hope it’s as good as I think it is.

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Queen of Beasts: Breaking Mika, By Phoenix Williams

Phoenix Williams, as seen in Sheen Magazine, is a CEO, screenwriter, bestselling, award-nominated author, and a public speaker, she credits her success to standing in her truth, obsessing over anime, owning who she is, and giving her fears the bird. In her own words, "I write books and talk shit." From her erotic romance series, Sex, Lies, and Friendship, to her paranormal series, Queens of Beasts, this self-proclaimed smutty, smutty princess has captured the attention of readers and industry leaders alike.   

Plagued by secrets, haunted by memories, and tortured by inner demons, Mika Mashall is a woman not to be trifled with. Returning to Hell Fire Valley after thirteen years, she is put in charge of finding who wanted her beloved grandmother murdered. Add on the fact that she was Turned into a shifter against her will and it's no wonder she's having a hard time controlling her bloodlust.
Suffering from Hell Fire Valley's Alpha curse, Andrew Bayer is more animal than man. With the weight of one of the few Bear clans on his shoulders and a past that has him seeing ghosts around every corner, Drew finally finds his salvation in the form of one woman: Mika Mashall.
With danger lurking in the shadows and secrets brewing just beneath the surface, Mika and Andrew learn that love and destiny cannot solve everything but death can. What else would you expect when Drew The Destroyer and Mika The Berserker team up?

Read the excerpt now.
Eight Years Ago...
The old Jeep bounced and rocked on the unpaved road. The scent of soil, plants, and sleeping predators filled my senses. The sun peeked through the canopy of trees, warming my skin.
This was paradise.
This was sanctuary.
This was home.
Five years in the Amazon and I was starting to feel like I kinda belonged. That was all thanks to Mikael and Amande. In their own way, they loved me like the child they never had. When I was eleven years old, they finally set me down and told me everything. From why I was brought here to what my parents really did for the government, nothing was off-limits. Including, the fact that I was now expected to continue in the line of business Mikael and Amande were in. From the wars in wilds of Africa to assassinations on Mafia bosses, the three of us were who you called.
Human weapons.
Angels of the underground.
And I was the star.
For as far back as I could remember, I was always physically stronger than everyone else around me. With Mikael and Amande’s training, I was able to harness that strength and make more money than most people saw in a lifetime.
Even with their love and companionship, I felt like a piece of me was missing.
Four pieces to be exact. My sisters. I needed them like I needed the air in my lungs. We had an unshakable bond, and I missed them terribly. The loneliness slowly turning into a rage that bubbled inside of me. Good thing my job was killing otherwise I’d go crazy.
Even in the soft nosiness of the Amazon, a tiny voice in the back of my head kept urging me to fight everything.
No wonder they call me a beast.
“You’re quiet, kostbaar,” Amande said, making a sharp turn. “Thinking about your sisters?”
Smiling as I leaned back against the worn leather seat, I turned my head in her direction. I loved it when she called me her love or sweetheart. It made me feel more like a real member of her and Mikael’s family instead of an assassin-in-training.
Truth be told, I wished that Amande and Mikael were my real parents. This woman knew me better than my own mother. According to her, I may not have been the daughter of her body, but I was the daughter of her heart.
“Yeah,” I sighed. “I wonder when we’ll hear something.”
“No worries, dochter. Mikael and his friends are the best trackers, they’ll find them for you.”
She said it with such conviction that I had no choice but to believe her as the Jeep bounced on the unpaved road. Fifteen minutes later, we were pulling up to the base of our home in the trees. Amande parked in front of the garage that Mikael had built for her a few years back.
Stepping out of the car, I stopped dead in my tracks. Breathing deeply, my stomach roiled as my lungs filled with the scents I was now intimately familiar with: malice, deceit, and blood. A quick glance to Amande told me that she smelled it too. As much as I wanted to rush up the stairs to see what the fuck was going on, the training that had been ingrained in me wouldn’t allow it.
With silent steps, we quickly made our way up the long set of stairs that led to our front porch. This was the one time that I hated living in an actual treehouse. Drops of blood coated the glossy wood, and I sent up a prayer to whoever lived in the sky that Mikael was alive. Following closely behind Amande, it was her scream that let me know my prayer hadn’t been answered. Shoving her out the way, I collapsed at the sight before me. Mikael.
Father of my heart.
Lying in a puddle of his own blood.
His chest rattling with each breath.
Looking around frantically, my eyes landed on the front door. Amande’s screams of horror were quiet compared to the thundering of my own heart. Something deep inside of me was clawing to get out. The tiny voice in my head became a bit louder as I read the note written on our door in Mikael’s own blood, his eyeballs hanging from our doorknob.
Stop looking for the Mashall sisters ~ MarcelloMikael’s own best friend, the man I called uncle, had done this to him and he wanted me to know. Wanted me to come find him. Wanted me to end his fucking life. That was the only reason he would leave his name. He was challenging me. Well, challenge fucking accepted.
Amande was on the satellite phone speaking rapid Dutch. The sound of engines was drawing closer. Her family would be here soon. They would save Mikael. I, on the other hand, had shit to do. Racing down the stairs, I ran through the jungle, daring any predator to fuck with me right now.
Two miles later, I was running up to Marcello’s treehouse. He waited for me on the porch, eyes filled with pain and resignation. There would be no victors in this battle.
One of us would die, and the other would live, the blood of a loved one on their hands.
With a roar that I didn’t know I could produce, I lunged for him, and the world went dark.
When I came to, I was standing in a pool of blood and body parts. Marcello’s wife weeping as she held what was left of his crushed skull between her hands.
Later, they would tell me that I tore Marcello’s body limb from limb. Later, they would tell me that I wouldn’t stop until my bloodlust was sated. Later, they would tell me that I behaved like the beast everyone accused me of being. Later, that battle would become one of legend.
All I knew for sure was that night changed me.
That night I learned my parents were more powerful than I could have ever
That night I learned my sisters and I were worth more than two men’s lives.
That night I learned to trust no one.
That night I learned that asking for help resulted in death.
That night something inside of me broke.
That night I became Mika The Berserker.

Get to Know the Author:
  • How did you get started?
    • In my last year of college, right before I went to law school, I decided to drop out. Of course, my parents were pissed but I had I had to take that leap of faith and I follow my dreams. So, I decided to believe in myself and start writing. I've been blessed to find success in something I love to do.
  • You've written in the genres of Street Lit, Erotic Romance, and Paranormal. Which is your favorite?
    • I love them each for different reasons. Street Lit has that gritty feel. Erotic Romance allows me to showcase my inner smutty, smutty princess. Paranormal lets me create fantastical worlds. I can't pick just one. It would be like picking your favorite child.
  • Now, your readers of your erotic romances have dubbed you the smutty, smutty, princess. What does that mean and can we all be one?
    • A smutty, smutty princess is a woman that is unashamed of who she is and what she wants. She owns everything about herself from her flaws to her sexuality. We can all be a smutty, smutty princess. All you have to do is let go of your inhibitions and the perceptions of society.
  • Queens of Beasts is your paranormal series that is taking readers by storm. What was the inspiration behind this epic tale?
    • Honestly, it was my love/obsession with anime and manga lol. I wanted to create the worlds that I've grown up with in that medium. I also wanted to make sure that the main characters were badass females.
  • What can readers expect from the third installment? The first book, Queens of Beasts: The Life, Love, and Death of Adara Mashall, had us all going crazy. Queens of Beasts: Breaking Mika has been hyped up for a year. So, you know we are expecting great things.
    • With Breaking Mika, you can expect a deep dive into the lore and mystery of Hell Fire Valley. In book two, Taming Revy, there were decisions made that have a direct effect on situations in Breaking Mika. I'm giving you lore, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and, of course, a love story.
  • What advice would you give to up and coming authors?
    • Stay humble and understand your position. You are new, not known. You can't expect to start on Monday and be a star by Friday. You have to put in the work. You have to pay your dues.
  • What's up next for you?
    • Several series lol. We have the Club Sugar series, the rest of the Queens of Beasts series, and the anniversary special of Sex, Love, and Other Drugs.

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All 4 Love, by Sharain Hemingway

Sharain Hemingway always had a passion for the written word. As a young girl, she discovered writing as a form of therapy and self-expression and believes it fuels her ability to shift thinking, behavior, and culture in both her personal and professional life. Through poetry, novels, and short-stories, Sharain aims to bridge generational gaps and create lasting ties that bind. A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she is an advocate for empowering women, shaping young minds, and encouraging individuals to be the very best version of themselves. As Sharain continues to set the pace, she hopes her imagination and writing style will be sure to Activate Your Inner Desires. Sharain is a native of Myrtle Beach, SC, and a graduate of Winthrop University.

All 4 Love” details the individual and combined journey of four lifelong girlfriends. Whether it’s finding a soulmate or finding herself, all four women are seeking to experience their very own version of "Happily Ever After.”

Read the excerpt now. 

What happens when four friends discover that life after college isn't the fairytale they once dreamed it would be?
Brooklyn James, the wild card, desires fine dining, seducing men, and an unwavering appetite for adventure. When she falls for an unexpected suitor, it forces her to take a hard look in the mirror as she suffers the consequences of her reckless way of living.
Riley Harper, the cautious one, swore off men after giving birth to her daughter as a teenager. With her daughter preparing to leave for college, Riley is finally allowing her heart to heal and is opening up to the idea of allowing love back into her life.
Michele Peterson, the moral compass of the group, has to balance her career, being a full-time mother of twins, and a devoted wife. While doing all of this, she is determined to continue being a supportive and loyal friend.
Candice Montgomery, the focus driven friend, has only wanted two things her entire life--a successful marriage and a family to call her own. When both are put to the test, she has to fight not to lose herself and everything she stands for.
Transitioning from being best friends in college to successful women, All 4 Love depicts the story of lifelong friends committed to maintaining their sisterhood despite the unexpected obstacles that come. Whether it's finding your soulmate or finding yourself, all four women are seeking to experience their very own version of "Happily Ever After."

Get to Know the Author:
What made you think of the plot for this book?
      • All 4 Love takes you on a journey through the eyes of 4 amazing women as they embark on this quest to find their versions of “Happily Ever After”. For some that means finding love again, finding their purpose or passion, and for others “Happily Ever After” simply means finding themselves. I wanted to write the kind of book that I would enjoy reading and challenged myself to write a story that I haven’t read before, making it unique and digging deeper into emotions and experiences. Eventually, I had developed this strong, phenomenal, perfectly imperfect group of women and intentionally wrote this book in a way that puts you right alongside them in situations where you begin to see a little piece of yourself in them as you journey through All 4 Love. 

Do you see yourself in any of these women?
      • I think there is a little piece of Sharain in each and every one of the characters. I developed them in a way that illustrates who I was, who I am, and who I am aspiring to be in my journey of growth. I think currently, I relate more to Brooklyn James. She is career driven, fearless, and has traveled to more places than most people have ever dreamed. As you connect with her in the book, you’ll see how she has to relive a major crossroad from her past and question if she made the right decision back then. If she had chosen differently would she be living in her “Happily Ever After” instead of still searching for someone to build a future with her? I think that is where I am today. I have so many amazing things going in my life with this new project that I would love to have someone by my side to share this with.

In your book summary you mention all four women are seeking to experience their very own version of "Happily Ever After." What does your happily ever after look like for you?
      • To me, “Happily Ever After” is a combination of things. It’s falling in love and starting a family but it’s also continuing to live in my truth and protecting my peace. To Never again remove jewels out of my crown so that someone else can shine in my life, to water friendships that are healthy and to remove any and all toxic relationships that present themselves, and ultimately to just keep being the very best version of myself. 

Can you tell us about the characters in your book?
      • All 4 Love navigates life, love, and womanhood through the eyes of 4 amazing women as they embark on this quest to find their versions of “Happily Ever After.” Candice, Brooklyn, Riley, and Michele all meet in college and form a pure and beautiful friendship that blossoms into this amazing sisterhood. I really wanted to capture the essence of childhood and younger friendships that have the ability to grow and continuously pour into you if you are willing to put the work in. It’s something that I have learned first-hand in my journey of growth. I believe friendships are a lot like dating. If you meet someone 10 years ago and the relationship hasn’t matured, that’s not someone you want the spend the rest of your life with. I don’t think we hold friendships to the same standard. If your relationship or friendship never matures past partying, then it’s not a friendship that you can sustain when the music stops, and you enter into a storm. This is a hard lesson that what we learn from the women in All 4 Love.
Is there anything you want readers to learn from reading All 4 Love?
      • The book shines light on 2 subjects that we all live and battle with on a daily basis. The first one: Falling victim to allowing likes on social media posts to replace calling and checking on a friend. One of the realizations that this group of ladies shine light on is the fact that some of them went months without speaking or physically seeing each other even though they constantly liked a picture or sent the occasional funny meme. Not knowing that one of them was hurting. This book really does speak to the importance of “checking on your friends” 
      • The second one: We live in the world of the now. You see everything you desire NOW! Even if you haven’t yet attained it. If you desire to get married, have a family, or a career, you begin to see everyone doing all the things you desire except for you. You want to be happy for these people, but you can’t help but pose the question “When it is my turn?” This book speaks to trying your hardest to not compare your life to someone else’s and know that in due time you will get your “Happily Ever After.” 

Can you tell the viewers a little bit more about yourself and how you became interested in writing?
      • In additional to being a published author and poet, I am a software engineer, proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and I come from large family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In a way I guess I have always been interested in writing. I was an astute child who always had a book in my hand. I didn’t travel a lot growing up, so books were my escape to experience the world through the eyes of some of my favorite characters. I started writing poetry as a form of therapy to express myself and that has transformed into writing novels to continue expressing my desires. My debut novel is a result of me challenging myself and pouring my heart out on 300 pages. I made the decision to invest in yourself by working with Mynd Matters Publishing in Atlanta, GA and published my first book that I get to share with the world.

Do you write any other genres?
      • Yes. I still actively write and publish poems. I recently launched “Activate Your Inner Desires” Blog on Which gives you an up-close and personal experience with my poetry as well as my travel journey. Over the last year, I’ve sort of continent hopped and I created this blog as a cool journal to capture my journeys.

Find the Book and the Author:
Instagram: @SharainHemingway
Twitter: @All4LoveAuthor
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Bold Self-Reflection Know Thyself, by Terri M. Bolds

Terri Bolds is a Licensed Therapist, Author, member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, Public Speaker and the Creator of Bold Visions Consulting; a business created to educate the community on mental health, emphasizing on self-esteem and self-empowerment.

Receiving a BA in Psychology and Masters in 2006 from Wright State University; she worked as a therapist for a short period of time before taking positions as an Associate Professor, Mental Health Specialist and substitute teacher over the years.

In 2015, Terri founded her business Bold Visions Consulting focusing on esteem, and empowerment as if she were addressing her younger self. With Bold Visions, Terri has been able to conduct and facilitate workshops, speak and educate on mental health in schools and churches with youth participants; and have been featured in printed publications.

Having a passion for writing, Terri released her first self-published booked “Bold Love-A Letter To My Young Sister in 2016, and Bold Choices-They Say I'm Bad to follow summer of 2017 and Bold Me I AM Worthy in 2018

In partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools, businesses, churches, etc, she is helping implement the importance of mental wellness and practices of anti-bullying, not only by teaching and literature but also using visuals, interactive activities, and experiences.

With more to come, Terri will continue to empower and encourage by traveling and speaking to the masses about the importance of mental health and wellness.

Bold Self-Reflection; Know Thyself will take the reader on a journey down a path of uncovering hard truths. The pages are filled with creative and realistic ways to help the reader uncover the deceptions they subconsciously and consciously live with and learn how they have affected their lives. Through the journey of self-exploration, the reader will also begin to lay down a foundation of truth-telling that will begin to shift their path on a direction of freedom from of unwanted baggage.

Read the Excerpt Now: 

Many times, people walk around, living their lives, not knowing why or how they ended up the way they are. Have you ever met someone whose complaining is endless, whose unhappiness for others is never-ending, who’s in constant failed relationships, or just can’t seem to get it right? There is a reason behind that person’s behaviors and attitudes. When we see a person, we see the physical shell, but don’t consider that we are also meeting their past, hurts, trauma, ups, downs, joys, and pains. As a therapist, I look beyond the shell. My focus is from a cognitive-behavioral approach. I want people to understand how their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes are all connected.

Get to Know the Author:

What inspires you?
Life. I am inspired by life and everything it encompasses.
Where did the idea come from for this book?
My life experiences and just over time I wanted to expand my brand and after releasing my children's books, and felt it was time to speak to a different audience.
How long have you been writing?
I have been writing since I was a child.
How do you use your books with your business?
My books are an extension or bonus to what I speak about.
Do you plan on writing more books?
Yes, definitely.
What will be your next literary release?
My goal is to release a fiction book for middle school.
How do you want to be remembered?
A child of God living a life to serve and assist others.
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