Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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There are many overweight people who are healthy and agile. Some can be 40, 50, or 60 pounds overweight with perfect blood pressure (120/80), low cholesterol, and free of diabetes. For me, seven years ago was physically a dark time. Being petite at 52, my weight reached my lifetime maximum nearly 250lbs. There were times that I walked in agony because of the weight overpowering my feet. Also, my heart used to beat so rapidly, there were moments I thought it would halt. Although I faced these life threatening challenges daily, I did nothing to improve my health. I just continued to not eat right and did little exercise. One day, my laziness and ignorance caught up with me, and nearly took my life.

In 1997, on a warm summer night, I began to experience a tingling sensation in my right arm. At first, I thought it could have been poor circulation, but through the night the tingling had turned into numbness. It had spread to my right leg and my right face. Whats going on with me, I asked myself Im only twenty-seven. Im too young to die. Obviously I was facing a situation that I knew it could be fatal. Instead of listening to my conscious to telephone for help, I tried to treat myself by administering ibuprofen. Ill take a little nap, I said, I should feel better when I wake up. So I waddled over to the couch and hoped for a better outcome.

Two hours later, I woke up to discover that I couldnt see out of my right eye. As soon as I stood up, I began to have an excruciating headache. I clearly remember grabbing the side of my head, then suddenly falling to the floor. As I laid there next to the cool floor vent, my oldest son, with compassion in his eyes, asked Mommy, are you okay? I wanted to answer, yet my mind couldnt transfer my words to my mouth. Then suddenly, I pointed to the phone. Phone! I slurred. My son quickly grabbed the phone and handed to me. As my vision nearly diminished I struggled to call my sister. Within twenty minutes, my sister, her fianc, and my father found me lying helplessly on the floor between the T.V. and the floor vent. The only thing I remembered before they took me to the hospital was my father carrying me to the car, and my children saying I love you, Mommy before my sister walked them five houses to my Grandmothers.

Minutes later, we arrived at the Emergency room. I was resting on my fathers shoulder in the waiting area, when out of the blue, a nasally male triage nurse called me to take my vitals. As I sat down, hed asked me question after question, as he took my blood pressure. At that moment, everything and everyone became a big blur. However the only thing I remember was the anesthetic smell, and the cold stethoscope inside my elbow. When the result of my blood pressure came on the monitor, I saw a grave concern on this nurses face. Are you having any numbness? hed asked. I shrugged my left shoulder, and peeped at the reading. It read: 200/118. The next thing I knew, I was wheeled immediately to the triage bed units. The details of this experience are very sketchy after I saw the Emergency room doctors. I can remember taking several tests which includes a CAT scan that did show that I had calcium deposit on my brain.

This particular experience had a tremendous impact on my life. Up until recently, I never learned what happened to me on that terrifying night. It was a mini stroke after all. Shortly after that night, I began to change my diet along with a daily walking plan. I admit changing bad habits isnt easy, but if its pertaining to your life physically and emotionally, its worth it. After two years of faithfully keeping this new commitment, I lost 110 lbs, dropped from a size 26 to a 12, and gained an abundance of self-esteem. I have kept this weight off for five years. Furthermore, going through this life altering experience, not only led me to change my physique, but showed me I could do anything I desire.
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This was before my constant walking, trying to eat RIGHT and suffering a mini-stroke. I had lost weight before. I lost 75lbs.

I wore a size 16. To some women, being a 16 is comfortable. For years, I was very comfortable w/ my body. Being five feet two, some say I was stocky, not obese. But others inside and outside of my family had an ongoing pressure for me to lose some weight.. That led me to some destructive behaviors.

One day at my former employer (the Post Office) a couple of ex co-workers mentioned about my size 16 frame. One explained that she lost all of this weight by eating one meal-a-day and worked out whenever she could. Now remember, I was naïve 20 something year old who thought every elder was right. So I tried her dangerous regimen.

I used my mothers standard bike. I rode the bike every day for 45 minutes. I also used her soloflex for toning and strengthening for 3 days a week. Sounds like I was doing everything right?........right? Nope! When a person is trying is trying to lose weight, although you are supposed to cut calories, you are supposed to eat. Back then, I only consumed one meal a day. Thats it

But I have to say, the pounds melted away like hot butter. Obviously, I was sitting on top of the world and no one could not tell me anything. UNIQUE THOUGHT SHE WAS DA BOMB! Yet, while I was feeling on this high, my joy was quickly exploding.

There was whispers at that job how I was soooooo skinny. There was rumors contagiously flying around the Post Office faster than the electronic mail. The first rumor: I had leukemia. The next rumor: I was doing drugs. But third and biggest and hurtful rumor: I had AIDS. During my breaks was my eating time. And when I did eat, I felt as though I was on stage in front of an audience. I have eyes on the left and right of me watching me what I eat and how I ate it.

But worse of all, the person who I thought love me for me made horrible fun at me. He would talk about my shriveled body during sex (When you lose weight fast like that, there will be hanging skin.). You would think I would be feeling good while we call ourselves having sweet sex, but it was sourer. This bombard of name calling and pressure had waned heavily on my self-esteem.

Some African Americans believes its unheard of that a black woman can become anorexic or bulimic. Well, its possible. I should know because I let unnecessary pressure and my ex-boyfriends infidelity get to me. I occasionally tried to purge most of my meals a year after I lost those 75lbs. That was a dangerous obsession. I didnt realize I was abusing my body until 5 years ago.

After that fraud of losing 75lbs, Greg and I splitting, and losing my job at the Post Office, I moved back w/ my sick mother. Self-pity spread my soul like cancer. I began to eat my ass off! My commitment and my self-esteem had deflated. I hated myself. I went from a dangerous DIEt to gaining all the weight back plus more.

The key to this story is crash diets do not work. NOT AT ALL. Nor trying to lose weight for reasons other than you is just as wrong.

It took me lose those 110lbs for two years and been keeping it off for 5 1/2 years. I may have gained 15lbs, but I refused to crawl under a rock and hide. Im still walking. But I have to re-train myself on portion controls. I will not lose these 15 or 20 lbs fast. I am not a celebrity that is supposed to walk on a red carpet. Not to sound conceited, but I love ME. Anyone who is losing weight, should love themselves too. Anyone can lose the weight on the outside, but take care of mental weight too. I put my body through so much to realize that.
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PART I.....

Young girl, young girl who are you?

You're sitting in the beauty shop while your

kids needs shoes

Young girl, young girl what did you day?

You teach your kids the Bible, but you inhale

sweet plants everyday

Young girl, young girl didn't you hear?

The silent cries of young ones wanting to hold

you dear

Young girl, young girl didn't you know?

Without you their tender mind won't grow

Young girl, young girl stop right now!

You need Christ in your life, so you ought to

kneel down

Young girl, young girl you reap what you sow

So stop right now or you won't get old

You'll die before your time from your one of

great sins

Repent young girl, repent before a horrific end © 1997

PART II.....

Kelly been gone for three days

Disappeared without a trace

Dante' and Dharma her children has a sadden face

At 6 and 4 tending for themselves in a roach infested


So cold, so hungry there just alone

Embracing one another, asking where's my Mommy?

Mommy been out doing her unspeakable hobby

Strung out on the devil drugs

Laying on a dirty mattress crawling with bugs

In a old abandon house on
222 Capitol Avenue

Half naked, veins were purple and bruised

Too high to realize that Dante' and Dharma need her

Those drugs had given her memory a blur

Kelly layed stretch out on the mattress for her next high

While Dante' and Dharma will be alone again tonight



It's Friday night, Dante' and Dharma Mommy body

had been found cold and stiff

Her eyes remained opened apparently she died from a

bad trip

Camera's flashing, people in blue uniforms head slowly shake

They're thinking, such a pretty girl young girl. How could a

life go such a waste?

She was wearing a locket of her children as they placed her

body in a body bag

Meanwhile, the people in blue went to her residence which the

sight made them quite sad

Dante' was eating stale bread on the dirty floor

Dharma was asleep inside the closet door

They were dirty, and oh so hungry

"Mommy? Where's my Mommy?" asked Dante' with a

sparkle in this eyes

The sight was sad it made grown men cry

The law took them to a special home. This time tonight

Dante' and Dharma won't be alone.

Unique ©
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I wanna be kiss as if I'm being kissed for the first time

I wanna feel his soft lips onto mine

I wanna feel that electricity shoot through my spine

And feel a sincere pleasure; enough to make me cry.

One kiss is all that will take for me

That kiss that can make me quiver at my knees.

That kiss that make my body shiver all over me.

That one kiss that can put the world in slow motion.

That one kiss can cause my insides to melt like shimmering lotion.

Yeah, that one kiss that can says it all.

The kiss that cause you to forgive that you're big or small.

I wanna that kind of kiss

A kiss that's hard to miss

Something after first time; I won't ever forget

It's a kiss when I close my eyes I'm in a new realm

And after me kissing him I will not do a "kiss and tell"

Cause I'm not going to share….

This extraordinary tale

It'll just be between my lips and his

It'll be a tale of an extraordinary kiss

I wanna stop imagining this intensity..

And go after what's coming to me

That kiss that comes once in a lifetime

That will be ingeniously passionate and sweet.

And yet, a kiss can lead to other things.

But that don't have to be.

A kiss….oh that sweet kiss, is enough to be desired

Let's take a moment to enjoy this before we take it higher….
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Daniella's Story....



My name is Daniella and I'm seven years old.....

I'm going to tell you something that happened to me a long time ago.....

I was playing with my baby dolls on a rainy April night.....

While my Mommy and Daddy was in a heated fight.....

Using my imagination, as I sat on the living room floor,....

I heard the slaps on my Mommy inside the kitchen door.....

The yelling and screaming did hurt me inside, but I tried so not to cry.....

I was scared Daddy would yell at me too.....

I didn't want to look like Mommy: black and blue.....

What else is new! It's the same old routine.....

Mommy works hard and Daddy comes home mean.....

But that night was different, a tension in the air.....

Never knew it would end in despair.....

He had a terror in his eyes. Mommy became fearful that him thrive.....

Not understanding how could anyone be so mean?....

Filled with so much hate, it's really hard to believe.....

The more they fought, the more I played. Trying to tune them out.....

Didn't want to hear Mommy shout.....

Didn't want to hear Daddy call Mommy names.....

Always says she's the blame, on everything in his life.....

Wishing she wasn't his wife.....

Then Daddy really exploded, went to the hallway closet, then I saw him loaded,....

a gun that he always flashes at Mommy when he gets mad.....

I never saw him load the gun. I knew this was bad.....

I stop playing with my dolls for the first time.....

Then I began to cry as I yelled, "Why".....

But that made things worst. Daddy's anger really burst.....

He told me to shut up or I'll get it too. I wanted to call for help, but I was frozen not knowing what to do.....

Mommy grabbed his hands, told me to leave the room.....

As I began to leave I heard a loud boom.....

Then it was a numbing silence, seemed a lifetime.....

I heard my Mommy scream and cry, before I knew I could turn my head and say I'm O.K......

Everything turned black I fell limp and there I lay.....

I remember Mommy saying, "You shot our baby". She knelled by my side, kissed me on my head.....

Daddy was in shock, there's nothing from him to be said.....

That was the last I remember on that night. Now I can never see earthly light.....

Because one careless event. I've been in heaven where I've spent.....

It's been 10 years, I could've been a senior in high school.....

Because of one fool, I was robbed of my innocence.....

Robbed of Mommy's goodnight tuck-you-in-kiss.....

What I'm saying is guns can change anyone.....

No matter how great the love. My Daddy did love me, but his anger took him over.....

Time stood still for me. I can't get older.....

Think twice about getting a gun. There's times anger can conquer love.....

Especially holding that very thing that took my life.....

So think twice about a gun, think twice!!!!!!!....



Unique ©....

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i am a survivor
from a blanketed
dark past
chards of pain
that cut through
like ridged glass
all the piece shattered
each represent a piece
from rape,
and feeling so

lemme get the broom
of life
and collect the chards
jigaw puzzle 'em
into something worthwhile
turns the frowns
into a joyous smiles
look at the negative like
a chapter
overcoming the tears
and reverse 'em to
empower myself
to be
the woman God
meant for me to

i am a survivor
from my own
years of weighing
me down
with the heaviness
metal's past
i realize i am
with a heart
and it's never too
become my own woman
and stop being
a victim

i am survivor
that's what i am
the hell with the
the hell with the useless
there's a new dawn
over the horizon
i am somebody
a new soul a-risen..

be blessed for the
eyes who read
you may have
felt a temporary
halt in your
and had cried
until your eyes
were puffy
you may feel
there's no ending
in your sight
a desolate road
and no light
you may have
feel darkness
like a quick
and don't know
which is

well, God is with you
my friend...i hope you
get something out
of this...if not, reading
again and again...

much love...

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Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi

I love you are the words

can cure a broken soul

say it loud

say it proud

scream all it around

let the words

radiate from your lips

flying high

soaring like an eagle

in the sky

infectiously spreading

joy to one after another



until love grows

and every living thing knows

that love is pure

like a fresh rain

love is soft

like a dawning of a new


love is acceptance

and has no discrimnation

love is not lust

and yield from temptation

love is what you should find

in you

a facade of the superficial

is no subsitute











Tell someone, even if

the communication has

been lost for years

Saying "I love you" is a therapeutic

potion of calming and

soothing tears.

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pur-fect-shun is a facade
to an existence
no one is perfeck
just a mere fingerprint
of their own
some are fat with
chubby roles
some are skinny from
their big head
to their crooked toes
some are not happy
with their wide nose
some wish
their titties
was smaller
some wish they
would be supermodel
some imagine
having D cups
while some want to
be that pin-up..

we all want to be purrr-feck
because acceptance is desired

is a blind reality

beauty fades like a
permanent eclispe
things sag defeated
by gravity
from your arms to your
like a wobbly jell-o
stretch marks from
dimples on that butt just
won't go

why, oh, why
to some

is it self-image?
or low-self esteem

perkfectshon will drive u
learn from your mistakes
and life will show you the
love yourself, like you meeting you
for the first time
common sense and intelligence
is forever
beauty is temporary and fades

purrfeetion is not purkfect
you will eventually learn how
to put it together
and before you know...
life will make sense, and you will

to understand that no one

is perfect!!!

© Unique, copyrighted 2007

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If love could come my way., I would write an amazing collection of words.

Words that would describe my feelings that burst inside.

Words that can gently brings tears to my eyes.

Words leaving me inhaling and exhale with a quiet sigh.

Words can make a woman go speechless.

Words can make a man go breathless.

I want my words to subtly paint my emotions

But still understand that I'm falling under a hypnotic potion.

I want my words to say it loud.

These are the words that I will shout.

I'm in love.

I adore.

I thank the almighty above.

Mi amore.

My friend.

My soul mate.

And never take for you granted and appreciate.

If love could come my way, I would write a wonderful array of words.

Words that wouldn't make sense.

And yet, anyone can get the gist.

Words that hum with just a warm feeling.

Words that carry a tune leaving me singing.

My words maybe off key,

but these are my words and they are just me.

Words that with no syllables to hear.

And yet it is pleasing to hear.

I want just want these words to adhere.

Although, my words aren't in the dictionary

I will make up words like "lovinary".

I will make up note like "Heeeee"

Because love have found me.

My words will have an exclamation like "Ooooooh"

Because God had led me to you.

If love could come my way, I would write a grand story.

I will collect all of my words into a paragraph.

My words will make you cry and laugh.

My beginning will be the tale.

My middle will be an eye opening loving sale.

But there will be no ending.

My words cannot end there.

The love throughout my words will be a lifetime to share.

These are my words and forget the grammar.

My words should warm you up with grand laughter.

These are my words and they don't have to big words.

My words can be small and enough to be heard.

If love could come my way, I wouldn't stay silent.

My words are the driving force to your heart.

My love is your love no matter if we're apart.

Near or far, I shout it over the mountains, and above the seas.

I will say thank you God for bringing him to me.

unique 2007

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She worked in the field
as tribulation
and perspiration has
become a commonplace.
leered as a second-class
citizen because of her race
skin as rich as a cocoa bean,
working under the brutal sun
diverging her mahogany beauty.
tireless wonder looked up
to the sun
the Lord's Prayer
wanting a miracle breeze
through the air
"Freedom' she prayed,
"Is all I care".

From each passing day
she adapt rigorious challenges
throughout her way
tolerated abhorrent and prejudge
insults instead of her name
tolerated soar bosoms of nursing
the massa's kids
tolerated the thrusting of the
massa's hips
with her coal, black eyes
she looked up at the stars
one night
and sighed
with a whisper,"Freedom is why!"

More passing days
she admired the rain
that falls free
on the grassy nolls and trees
quenching mother earth
one day the rain continued
to her amaze her
she stepped off her porch
with a spin and turn
feeling each water droplets
glisten her black skin
her clothes, her plaits
were soaked and
she raised her arms
to the ominous sky
her eyes welt up
and began to cry,
"Freedom is what
needs to be
give me strength for me
to be me
I may be someones
slave, but freedom will
come for me someday"


© Unique Jaii, 2007, All Rights Reserved

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There was a little boy wearing his angelic wings.

He was roaming in heaven until he noticed a somberly something.

It was a black man sitting on heaven's bench.

He had tears in eyes causing his face to drench.

The little boy noticed and asked as he wiped the man's eye,

"What's the matter?" And then the man sighed

And replies

"I don't know if my dream will ever come alive"

Then the boy frowns and ask, "Why?"

The man look at the boy with his manicured moustache, and slowly

Wipes a tear his eyelash

"Don't you see what went on earth since I died?

I thought my dream will blossom and thrive

Little black girls and boys and little white girls and boys had been learning


I know this had change the complexity of racial lines forever.

I also noticed that equality has progress in many aspects.

I have seen a rainbow people had learn to tolerate and respect.

I remember before '68,

There were barely any black faces that had won political races.

Now it's an overflow all over the United States.

They are on Congress, and Senators

They are Mayors, and Governors,

There's a Secretary of State not only one but two".

Then he slightly chuckled and added, "Who ever knew?"

"More blacks are homeowners with an influx of revenues

And because of that, we were able to go to any college to expand what knew.

The little boy had continue to frown as he scratched his head

"These sounds like great things, so why are you crying?" he said.

The man glanced at the little boy with his bountiful cheeks.

He replied, "Son, my dream wasn't just black and white.

My dream was a rich and colorful sight

And it was beyond just civil but a human right".

"Look" as he pointed below the clouds.

"Look at these people with a weakened disparages frowns.

It's the poor all over the world.

And famine and war that deeply affects little boys and girls.

This beyond the USA.

This is happening all over world everyday.

And in Africa, the Motherland of Motherlands, it's indescribable.

Folks don't know it, but most Africans living conditions are incomparable.

And there are more wars and rumors of wars that threaten earth's rotating globe.

One voice has to stand out, but I don't think anybody knows

……how to establish their voices to be heard

I wish some activist would shy away from cameras and truly put people first.

As the boy intently listens he ask, "But isn't black folks are better off than a long ago".

The man answered, "Oh yes, but they say more things change, the more that stay the same.

We had to overcome through treacherous mountaintops and through the rugged plains.

The black man on earth still gets has it hard that one virtually still remains.

But although there's still that long dream road

I wish someone would voice this because this needs to be told.

We had past that mountaintop, but there are heavy terrains on the way.

Our people need to realize this today.

We can be detrimental to ourselves.

And my people need to pray".

Suddenly the man went silent, there was not another word to say.

Then the black man had got up from heaven's bench still blue.

Then the angelic boy ask, "Mr, who are you?"

The black man had finally cracked an infectious smile.

The boy again said, "Mr, why don't stay awhile?"

The man answered, "Son, I got go, I have already seen what I need to see.

And there's a long way to go, and seeing it is too much for me.

The boy then grabs the man hand and asked, "Can you tell me your name, please?"

The man looked down at the boys eyes, and said, "Son, I'm King, Martin Luther King".


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It was a late chilly night

and a slender man was sitting

near the grassy lawn underneath

the radiant moonlight

He was soaking his latest achievement

a pinnacle in his career, a milestone

for the ages. The man sits in a wonder,

even he could not believe it.

Then from nowhere a stranger walked nearby

A figure that the man could not recognize

The stranger had a curious mystic

classic demeanor with a confident


He walked past the man to stand

five feet away from his side

Then the stranger asked, as he gazed at the stars,

“You’re new here?...I’ve never seen you


The man chuckled with sigh, “Yeah, I’m new

in town”.

The stranger replied, “For someone walking a new

path, you’re sure are down”

“Well, actually, I’ve worked not too far here, but this new job

is vast”

The stranger answered, “There are no jobs big or small,

making difference for all…now that a task”.

The man got quiet as he focused on this tall

and lanky unfamiliar man

all he could see was the stranger’s rich

black hair, and a pipe that he held

close in his hands

“You know what’s worse about all of this?

I was chosen for this tremendous occupation

one slip up and it’s my reputation

I always cared for people since my

days back in the windy city

I want to do well…I want to do


but this is all….

The stranger interrupted, “A bit of a fright?”

The man nodded, as the stranger finally looked

his way

The stranger continued, “Imagine how I felt back

in my day”.

“I inherited a country which was more divided than


And racism….incomparable to the yesteryears of the


there were many civil right leaders since then

called for freedom to last…

…and to some degree it has….

So having the jitters is fine…’re human

Any man have been through those doors

in your new home

and claimed he’s not scared

is a coward

But a man embraces his fears

and carry them along….

will be a man of greatness

The man was impressed at what he heard

He immersed every syllable and every sentence

all to the last word

Then man asked, “You must’ve worked here

for years, and saw many people come and


…what’s your name, I really want to know”

.. ..

“Who I am is not important,” the stranger replied

“You are now the vital organ of the nation’s

symbolic eagle eye

That said, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest

of your life

and have a hurdle of challenges like no other before


The man interrupted, “So where do you think I should start,

What do you think I should do?”

.. ..

The stranger walked past the man as his face hit the


And the man was shock at such sight

He noticed the stranger prominent high cheekbones

and his distinctive eyes

The man sprung from his deck chair, and shouted,

“Oh my God…

He stuttered with excitement, “You’re….”

The stranger grinned, and answered, “I told you

who am I is not important before”

The man said in wonder, “But you’re….how???”

The fellow continued, “I come still come around….

…every then and now…

.. ..

The stranger continue to walk away

But the man shouted and pleaded him to stay

“You’ll be okay” the stranger say

“Remember my words for the next

four years

embrace your fears

and they will

carry you through

Oh, and Mr. President, welcome

to ....Pennsylvania Avenue....…

.. ..

Then a tiny voice asked, “Daddy, who are you

talking to?”

The man notices a little girl wearing a

robe as she rubbed her eyes

and said, Sweetie, look who’s here

but the stranger suddenly disappeared

in the night

.. ..

He walked a few inches to look high and

low for the


but the stranger was gone

He smiled at his daughter, took her hand

and said,

“Just a friend…let’s go to bed in our

new home..

…I’m ready to start my job, the country

will be counting on me…

So let’s go to sleep, and be ready in the


.. ..

Just as the two steps inside

The man noticed the stranger

appearing again outside, as he whispered

long goodbye..

The man smiled with a discreet bow

to his early predecessor

who was an inspirational leader

and a constitutional teacher

The man mentioned the stranger

name with gratitude,

“Thank you Abe…I know exactly what I have

to do”.

.. ..

© Unique, 2009

Editorial note:If you did not support a certain democratic candidate for president, please leave from this blog with an open mind. I'm too sick today to be political
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I was once diving into a swamp of despair....

I waved my hands to the world, and....

Yet no one didn’t see me....

No one did not care....

The more I fought, the more sink....

Like quicksand....

I was fallen deep ....

.. ..

I was once filled with radiant innocence....

From my plaited hair....

To my tiny little feet....

Then someone, something....

Stole something from me....

I can’t ever get it back....

I wish all I can wish....

To reverse the time....

But it happened, and I refuse....

To cry....

.. ..

I was once fearful of my skin....

Contentment of my rolls....

Embarrassed of my lips....

Too shy to be held....

Too shy to give a steamy kiss....

This is what fear cause me ....

To miss....

Afraid of accepting “me”....

Petrified to embrace my abilities....

Then one day, I said “STOP”....

Let me, just be me....

.. ..

I was once frightened of love....

The four letter word was ....

A waste of breath....

Love didn’t love me....

Love stomped on my feelings....

Love used me....

Love abused me....

Love played me....

Love kept away from me....

Then one day, I said “No!!”....

Re-seed your mind, and love ....

Will again…grow....

.. ..

I was once without self....

Trepidation ....



Was all my inner me....

I didn’t love myself....

Cause there was no self esteem....

Self consciousness blinded my vision....

Then one day, I broke out of my cage....

And I elevated my voice....

And say....

I’m a queen!!....

One of God’s children!!....

He didn’t make junk....

I’m not trash....

I’m like Alicia, I’m part of the ....

Superwoman’s class....

.. ..

I was once a non dreamer....

Didn’t believe....

I can achieve....

The American dream....

I didn’t think I had what it took....

To pursue....

The things I can do....

I am a creative....

Love to express myself....

Through the pen....

Through the keys....

Through my philosophical beliefs....

I am a mother....

I can be a lover....

I am “Golden” like Jill’s....

I have “Greatest Love of All” like....


I can “I Feel Good” like Stephanie Mills....

And still,

have the “Fire and Desire” like....

Rick and Teena Marie....

.. ..

I once thought reaching forty....

was it....

the boobs hang....

the libido can’t feel a thang....

and nestled around the hair....

was one lil gray....

I thought my life won’t be the same....

Then one day, a spark of belief....

Rained on my mind....

Optimism is a fountain of youth....

Negativity is blind....

Life is short ....

And open your eyes....

You have one life to live....

So give it all, give it all....

You got to give....

.. ..

I was once could not, will not believe ....

As I’m writing this, I want you…the reader....

Believe in your dreams....

Because you can do anything!....

.. ..

© unique, 2009 ....

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Imagine this you, confessing an undying affection; testify your love; devoting your heart to your signficant other. In the title, instead of "Unique's Ballad", make it (e.g., Yalonda's Ballad).

Favorite Blog #2

your my harmony
to a beautiul note
a tune that hums
softly into my soul

a crescendo escalade
into my heart
rising the scales of
harmonizing subtly
into me

a ballad of desire
streaming closely
tightly against
my body
making love like a slow
picking up intensely
that last so long
making up musical
as you go along
the notes i'm feeling
are good to me

my love is on key
i wanna love
you down
kissing you fiercely
conveying my feelings
to you

symphonize affection
hypnotize my direction
to my freedom
of being of woman

love me strong
hold me all night
connect with me until
sun rise
shimmering rays
kisses our naked
as we are one
loving all night and
waking up to the sun

composing our love
like a fine
lyrically speaking
i love you....

until music
won't ever exist
i love you ....

more than an
ordinary kiss
i love you....

until the end
of time
i love you....

all morning
all night
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you

this is my chorus
before i close
these words

before i wrap
these lyrics

before i close
my eyes
let me reiterate
i will love you
until the end of
© Imani Wisdom..All Rights Are Reserved
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Nearly 25 years ago, my innocence was shattered. As a 10-year-old, I was vibrant and full of spirit. I loved people and life itself. I remembered that I used to smile regardless of any occasion. Unfortunately, my smile and innocence were abruptly taken away by an uncle that I had trusted. Before he emotionally and physically hurt me, my uncle and I were close. I considered him my favorite uncle. But one day things changed horribly. It started from innocent hugs to something more inappropriate. I would never forget his icy cold hands and the stench of musty odor and whiskey on his breath.

Today as an adult, I've been painfully keeping these memories a secret. Since abusing me he has been incarcerated in a Tennessee prison for murdering his wife. Even before his incarceration, I hadn't seen my uncle in years. I knew I needed to face this painful reality. Nevertheless, in the summer of 2005, I had no choice but to face him again.

It was two years ago on a warm summer evening; my Grandmother received an upsetting phone call. I vividly remember the sadness she had on her face. She looked at me as she began to cry and said, "Unique, Arthur Lee has died". When she told me I felt nothing. There was neither pity nor tears; on the contrary, I felt rage and hatred, the same feelings I have been harboring for 23 years towards my uncle. Besides the negative resentment I had for my uncle, I felt sorrow for my grandmother because Arthur Lee was her baby brother. However, at that moment, I was beginning to remember those icy cold hands he had on me. But what was worse were his whispering disgusting moans he did in my ear while he enjoyed his perverted pleasures. Despite my feelings towards my uncle, I knew I needed to face my past. I decided to go to his funeral.

That weekend we arrived nearly 350 miles from Indianapolis to a small town called Pulaski, Tennessee. The following day, my family and I went to a small funeral home near the towns square. When I walked inside, it was a crowd of people standing around his casket. Out of respect, I went to hug his children in the front row. When the crowd slowly dispersed, I saw the man that I've loathed for 23 years. He was lying in his casket, wearing his Sundays best, looking as if he was asleep. I don't think I want to get any closer to view him, I thought. Then an older Aunt of mine, not realizing why I was trying to avoid seeing my uncle took my hand. "Gal, what you standing right here for?" she said in her southern accent," He wont bite. Gawn now!" So without explaining my secret, I walked up to the casket with my aunt. I didn't know whether to be relieved he was stone cold dead or pretend to mourn to please my unsuspecting relatives.

After the services began, there were a few speakers that had some nice sentiments for my uncle; obviously, I couldn't understand what was so great about him. I wanted to get up and shout to everyone that he was a disgusting deviant that prey upon young girls, but something kept me from doing that. An older cousin was singing Precious Lord, Take my Hand. During that time, I heard painful cries from grandmother and Arthur Lees children. It seemed I was the only one in the first few rows not showing any emotion. I was beginning to feel guilty and my emotions were a rollercoaster. Then suddenly, something I didn't expect happened.

The daughter of Arthur Lee's murder victim stood up and clapped. She was rejoicing his death by dancing. "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!" she shouted. Even though most people were trying to stay focused on the solo hymn by my cousin, the daughters claps echoed through the somber funeral home. When I looked back, I saw a shadow of a woman running towards the doors, but the sunlight was difficult to see her face. Then the claps and shouting grew faint: She had left.

At that moment, I realized something I've never thought before. When I was growing up, my grandmother had always told the power of forgiveness. You need to forgive others, otherwise God can not forgive you when you repent, shed said. As I recalled her words, I imagined my uncle dying in prison of a massive heart attack. He didn't have his loved ones at his side when he died. Even the prison didn't contact his family until a week after his death.

He made very costly and painful mistakes that hurt so many people, I thought, as the crowd went in order to view his body for the last time; I should forgive him, so I can go on with my life. When it came time for my row to view his Arthur Lee, I was a little apprehensive. However, when I approached his casket I whispered, "I forgive you, so cross-over in peace". Then my children and I walked out of the funeral home.

Since then, I have found peace and forgiveness towards Arthur Lee. I idolized as a child; then became my personal demon for 23 years. I did feel deep resentment toward him even in his death. Through his sickening pleasures, I lost the most precious commodity I had, which is trust.

To this day, it is hard for me to trust anyone. I have never been in a healthy relationship with a man. Although I've forgiving him, the memories still haunt me. I have been in counseling, and writing poetry; these have helped me through my most difficult times, but most of all, forgiving him was the best thing I've done.

Although I never reported him to the authorities, I always believed that what goes around comes around. Arthurs life led him from a pedophile to a murderer. He went from a man who had his freedom to man who was incarcerated in prison for life. I hope he found peace within himself, like I found within myself.

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My caramelized sweetness is from my gifted crown to my tireless feet. My black skin is nothing to be feared. I am a product of teachers…preachers…and sharecroppers; folks who help shaped this nation….Don’t judge me because my skin is different; darkness maybe defined as an undesirable trepidation, but so is falsehoods and misinterpretations…

My caramelized sweetness is captivating not because of its superficial. It’s the spirit that lives me. From my ancestors removing the sweat from their brow to the accustomed calluses of their hands they use to plow. From being banished from a pubic place to being spat on their smooth black face. Enduring vile treatment time after time and still pleasantly wore their old tired smiles, which gave me an unbreakable chain. Their spirit lives on through me, and that won’t ever, ever change…..

My caramelized sweetness is a GOD given gift, like anybody born with skin from the under rainbow. We shouldn’t tried to be tamed….shamed…and intimidated to believe we are special. Superiority is an iniquity of lies; a deception of a pathway that can lead to calamity of cries. Our tears cleanse deep down our souls. Let it rain; let it fall, as we are the brethren of a collection…..HIS image.

My caramelized sweetness is a lot more to the name. My smile is a forefront to my personality. My eyes are a window to a soulful wonderment. My heart can be a cage of sorrow or cheerfulness, and my soul be can a peaceful blissfulness. I know there one thing that’s true; me, myself, and I is no different than you!....Darkness uttered by lazed lips is vast misinterpretation, my caramelized sweetness is not an undesirable trepidation.

Peace be unto you…..

© Tamara “Unique”, 2009
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