Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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PurpleBarbi is a single mother of three.  One son and two daughters.  Currently residing in Goose Creek, South Carolina she is the youngest of six children.   Although this is her first published work she has been writing since her high school years and before and plans to release additional works.

Imani: Welcome to The Lounge. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker and begin with your story, just who is PurpleBarbi?

Purplebarbi: Purplebarbi? Well she is a combination of a nick name and my favorite color. An author, mother, entrepreneur and a woman who thought she found love and lived to write about it.

Tell us more about your latest project. What's the inspiration behind this book.

The book is the first of 3 novellas from the "The Vagina Chronicles" don't be fooled by the title it is not a sex book, it details a character after a failed relationship. Inspiration? I ask what was the revelation? I had ended a failed marriage, and a failed relationship after another and was in the midst of another and was having an argument and literally had a flashback of the very same argument I had with a ex. The same words, the same feelings were playing out in front of me, and I had to stop and ask myself ..."haven't I already been here?" I then realized I was stuck in anger, bitterness and any other negative emotion that I entertained. I hadn't realized that I hadn't let go of my past hurts and was taking it out on whoever was in my life, not just the ones in my love life, but friends family, coworkers anyone who dared entered my realm. So from then on I was set on healing myself and want to share my journey.

Briefly, explain what makes your book different from the vast choices in the same genre?

My book is unique in that i only give the character a name. Her race, age, where she lives is given. I want the reader to be able to relate to the issue that she is having and to experience her reaction and learn from it instead of visualizing what the character looks like and prejudge the message. The cover doesn't depict a woman of any specific race I chose the color to represent ever woman....I'll let you figure that out..(wink)

Tell us more about the development of the characters.

 I believe we start writing our story from the day we were born, so I'll say my development started then. The character was not just based on my relationships with men but every relationship I've ever had, with my parents, siblings, every friendship, working relationship and conversation and questions from other women as well. I had the experiences good and bad so I can share them at this moment.

What have you learned (or still learning) since being in the business?

Be still...simple be still stay the course and then bam! It'll happen. God's timing is perfect. I'm still learning that too! Don't rush, when it's your time, it'll happen.

What is your dream collaboration? With whom, and why?

Taraji P. Henson (this is my favorite question!) Why? Because she is gorgeous and humble and so real! The character of "V" fits her perfectly so when this comes to the big screen she is my "V". (Not literally..) Already claimed is done..

Finally, share with us something you've never mentioned publicly since being an author; such as, a quirk or a hidden talent. I'm sure readers would like to know,

My name Purplebarbi...... is representative of my favorite color.... But I don't wear it, I own nothing purple? Go figure?

Check out the new trailer: This Is Your Vagina!


Remember Me?

“Monday again” Junivicus said to herself as she enjoyed the last few minutes of her shower.  Clearing the steam from the mirrored medicine cabinet, she looked at herself and thought.  “I need a facelift” as she pulled at the skin under her eyes.
“I wonder if my mom felt like this when she was my age.”  She observed the few gray hairs forming around her hairline. “Isn’t that a song or something?” She said to herself.  “Watching the days go by, or something to that extent?”
Humming along to her own remix of that particular song that she couldn’t remember the title or words to, she made her way to her daughters room and awakened them for the day.
“Get up, Get up whomever you are?” she said aloud.   “I think that’s the right way to say it whoever? Whomever, well whatever!” Shrugging her shoulders she carried on with her sermon.  “My fair ladies! it’s time to go, Lady Jasymn!, Lady Jenevah!  Your highnesses!  I bring you tidings of good morning and dew!  Rise and face the day!  Arise I say! 
There was no movement  as she stood there in deep curtsy.
“Alright! remember I tell you once because it’s required, twice because I feel your pain, three times…… that’s an ass kicking!  Let’s go!
Finally, there was movement.
“This is going to be a good day.” Junivicus said to herself, “In the name of Jesus I declare a good day!”
She turned on the car radio just in time to hear her favorite morning show “The Daily Bagel".

“Listen up ladies! Ladies listen to me!”  Said the smooth sounding Terry Apple.  “Where will you and your partner be in the next year?  Will you be married? In a committed relationship? Or still Dating?  And what will be the deciding factor?  Cause some brothers” He said with a short pause before he finished his sentence.  “Some brothers not all, but some say they’re going to leave you behind because while you’re trying to decide…….you ain’t giving “it” up.  I mean the goodies and naw I’m not going to play that song in the background.” He stammered with a little laugh.  “Leave me alone Brodie.” He said to his side kick as laughter erupted from the all-male cast except for Delilah who was about the only female that could hold her own with the crude bunch.  

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Rain droplets dance against the window as he wraps my eyes with a pink blindfold. Engross with darkness, he’s taken me by the hand to a mysterious subtle breeze.  I can feel him guiding me carefully among the outdoor shower.  Tepid water dances on my naked body.  Then the touch of his lips rejuvenates my inner slumber.  I’m caressing his dampen stubble, following by a deep and rich kiss.  He’s lifting me against his destiny, thrusting his ego inside my Venetian dream.  I’m proudly in his arms with his hips moving like a ferocious earthquake. Swaying like a wondrous dream, my blindfold slips off and notices curious eyes on me.  She’s peering through her curtains with her gray tresses.  I close my eyes not because our escapade is now a prying exhibition. It’s just his ego is getting me high. The motion of his physique pounds my heart. There are no words at the moment, only a harmony of breathless passion.  My peripheral catches her again while I’m sinking my nails into his skin.  He bows to nourish my mammary pillows, tasting the Alpha of life.  Panting breathlessly, I’m looking her way again and she’s clinching firm to the corner of her curtain.  Maybe she wishes he can turn her back in time.  But for now my Mocha Breeze is MINE!  As his hips propels deeper into my walls, he grabs my jaws to give me a quick glance and smiles.  I reciprocate the feeling by biting his lips.  Then Mount Breezy erupts as the rain showers on our naked bodies.  Erotic sounds echoes beyond the heavenly thunder.  And now I’m complete,mutual satisfaction.  I glance at the woman and place a single finger to my lips and mouth carefully, “Don’t tell my husband this!”


©2011, Imani Wisdom

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Gracious. Gritty. Gifted. 

The three-G's that fits this Bronx resident. 

Michelle Cuttino is no stranger to the literary world. She's a blogger; a book reviewer for the popular African American on the Move Book Club (AAMBC), a columnist for several magazines, including Proud Times Magazine; a CEO of Big Body Publishing; an Executive Producer for Big Body Broadcasting, which owns three shows under her belt -- and from the looks of it, Michelle is not slowing down. 

Affectionately known as "The Queen of Plus-Size Fiction", Cuttino has become a role model to many women. The belief she carries, which hold true to her heart, is to use her storytelling ability to represent the "underrepresented" portion of this country -- the size 14 and up. 

For someone like Cuttino, her infectious personality will rub off on you. A smile will gleam from her natural humor, or find yourself inspired from her words of encouragement; that's just who she is: the woman with the "unapologetic strength"

Imani: Pink Noire is proud to present, "The Queen of Plus-Size Fiction", columnist, and radio show host, Michelle Cuttino to The Lounge -- welcome. Before we proceed, tell us what makes "Michelle Cuttino" the woman who she is today?

Michelle: Thank you for having me. I was raised by strong matriarchs who led by example. They taught me the importance of education, generosity, and humility. Growing up, I was too fat to be skinny and too skinny to be fat. I learned from a young age I was beautiful no matter what, and I could not let my size define me.On the outside, I was one of the cool kids, who talked back to her teachers and cut classes. On the inside, I was a bookworm and nerd who played the viola, violin, and cello. I was confident and clever enough to never let my two worlds collide, and I am pretty much the same today. No one anticipates the level of professionalism and knowledge I possess, so I keep them guessing. With me, you never know what to expect.

 I love the name "Queen of Plus-Size Fiction". To me, it represents unapologetic strength. So what's the story behind it?

My parents taught me the key to success is doing something you love, and getting paid for it. My passion is writing. With writing, I was told you must write what you know. Incorporating the two concepts, I decided to write fiction geared towards the plus-size population. I am a full-figured woman, who loves the skin I’m in. My characters personify me as well as those I encounter in my daily surroundings. I always felt if I was going to do anything, I needed to do it bigger and better than the competition.  In order to reign effectively, rulers assume a title. My title is the Queen of Plus-Size Fiction.

Your latest title, "Love and Happiness", has received favorable reviews since its release in October. And from what I read, your character conveys the realism of today's African American woman. So tell us of Roxanne Linden. What's the inspiration behind the character?

Roxanne Linden is my alter ego. She is bold and sassy, with just a hint of tramp. My goal was to write a character who is aware of herself, and is not afraid to be exactly who she is. Everyone faces moments of uncertainty, or finds themself in compromising situations. Roxanne is no different. Strong black women are often negatively stereotyped. With Roxanne, my mission was to show the vulnerable side of a woman who appears to have it all together on the outside.

How much research did you have to conduct before writing the book?

I didn’t have to conduct any research, because I wrote what I knew. I kept the storyline and the characters within my own reality, so they would be believable and likeable. In my opinion, if you write from a place of authenticity, there is no need tostudy.

During the writing process, do you outline by chapters or you go with the flow?

I’m somewhat of a free spirit, and it is mirrored in my writing. I wouldn’t begin to know how to write by an outline; that’s not the way stories come to me. When I sit down to write, it’s like an out-of-body experience. My body is the vessel my characters use to tell their stories. They talk, and I type. I have no say so in the matter.

That cliche, You learn something new everyday. While writing this book, what self-discovery have you learned about yourself?

I learned I am a great storyteller. More importantly, I learned I can spin a tale about a plus-size woman without emphasizing the obvious, and have readers relate to her just as they do the skinny heroines of other novels. One’s physical makeup should not be their defining quality. I know plenty of ugly “beautiful” people. A person can easily camouflage their flaws, so you should judge them for what’s behind the mask.

Let's switch gears and talk about your other gifts. You are a successful radio host for the blog talk, bi-monthly show, "The Q-Spot with Big Body" and you co-host another show with Stephanie "Big Sexy" Adkins called, "The My Big Girl Panties Show, and you're an Executive Producer for the monthly show, "A Different Kind of Love" hosted by, J'son M. Lee. You are one busy woman; and yet a woman with a vision. Explain to the readers how your vision for these shows came to pass.

Each show is unique in its own way. The Q-Spot with Big Body began under Julia Press Simmons’ QMBX Radio. When she cancelled QMBX Radio, I decided to revamp my show and bring my followers to my own network, Big Body Broadcasting. Like my brand, the network caters to niche audiences.

The Q-Spot with Big Body is for authors and entrepreneurs looking to gain additional promotion for their products and new releases. A Different Kind Of Love is a monthly show that affirms the diversity and universality of love. Hosted by J'son M. Lee, the show serves to nurture and honor LGBT persons and their significance within their families and communities.The My Big Girl Panties Show is my baby, and its mission is to embrace, enlighten, and empower the plus-size population.

Your eBook series, "Me and Mrs. Jones" was an adaptation from a screenplay optioned for legendary rapper, actress, and former talk show host, Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Films. How did this opportunity fall into your lap?

What many don’t know is I started out writing screenplays. I have ten completed manuscripts in my library, in addition to Me& Mrs. Jones. Back then, Latifah had just started her Flavor Unit Films production company, and was in search of scripts. I queried, and the rest is history. They optioned the screenplay twice, but the story never made it to the big screen. Since I believed it in so much, I decided to turn it into an eBook series.

You are a woman that stays on her mission, so I'm sure you have plenty in store for 2015. However, you have an erotic anthology set to release this year under a high-profile author. Tell the readers more about this venture.

First, I am super excited to be part of the anthology, which will be released under Zane’s Strebor/Simon & Schuster imprint. Initially, bestselling author N’Tyse was looking for entries for an anthology she was going to release under her own A Million Thoughts Publishing imprint. I entered the contest, and my short was one of those selected. Months later it was revealed she had submitted the anthology to Zane, and again, the rest is history.

Okay...I, on occasion, have read some of your posts online. Some are truly inspirational and some are thought-provoking, but most of them are humorous. I all ways wanted to ask this: Is comedy one of your hidden talents?

Comedy is more like my therapy. I come from a comedic family. When we get together, we crack jokes, relay funny stories, and do impersonations. I am quick-witted and will tell a joke, or give a sarcastic response at the drop of a dime. For me, there are only two options in life. You can cry and wallow in self-pity, or you can laugh and make the most of a bad situation. I choose to laugh. I keep a positive attitude, and the comedy comes naturally.

If you knew then what you know now as a seasoned author and you go back in time to meet your novice self, what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself not to stop. There was a point in my life when writing was all I did. I ate, slept, and drank it, and I was beginning to garner a buzz and make a name for myself. Then all of a sudden, I just stopped. Someone stole my joy, and I let go of my passion. A few years ago, I lost my seven-year-old niece, who was like a daughter to me. Her death inspired me to live life to the fullest, and do what I love. In writing her obituary and eulogy, my love for storytelling was rekindled. I’ve been on a mission ever since. This time I refuse to quit.

Finally, if you were to interview a legendary figure (living or not) on your radio show, who would it be, and why?

I’m going to give an obvious answer, for a self-gratifying reason. The person I would like to interview on my show would be Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey came from modest beginnings, and an abusive past. She was the plus-size talk show host who struggled publicly with her love life as well as her weight. She was typecast, misjudged,and mocked. Today, she is the Queen of all media, a self-made billionaire, and one of the most influential people in the world. Being a full-figured, African American woman is the cherry on top. Oprah Winfrey is proof that size doesn’t matter; as long as you believe it, you can achieve it!

Thank you, Michelle. This has been a fascinating interview. Please know, the doors to The Lounge are all ways open for you.

You’re welcome. Thank you for letting me share a little of myself with you and your audience. It’s truly appreciated. Big Body hugs and kisses to you.

If you want to learn more about Michelle and her work, visit her socially. She'll love to meet you:

Twitter @MichelleCuttino

Facebook: /MichelleCuttino

Instagram/Pinterest: @BigBodyPub

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What does it mean when someone has passion? According to Webster’s Dictionary, this word known for powerful emotions; such as joy, hatred, or anger, also has several meanings: ardent love, strong sexual desire; lust, and the object of such love and desire, just to name a few. But what does it exactly mean for someone like you or me to keep a flame that is burning inside our hearts to reach a specific goal(s)?

My thoughts—as I sit here typing away at five twenty-one in the morning—wonder how do we continue that desire toward whatever it may be without waning from our dreams or goals? I’ve seen too often people sprint from their starting blocks like an Olympic Track and Field event; putting their hearts and souls into their desire but only months later the sprint turns into a run, and then a jog, and eventually quits before reaching the finish line.

Speaking from experience I have several theories as to why this happens. One, we don’t create a plan and put it to use. When jumping out of the starting block, we want to hurdle over the smaller things to improve our profession or craft and race to the yellow ribbon instead of taking the necessary baby steps. You don’t see any medical professionals pulling this—at least I pray they don’t for the sake of their patients. Look, any goal you want to achieve will have some sort of competition; whether it’s getting a promotion on the job, buying a new house, or wanting to become a better person. Achieving success requires a detail itinerary to help navigate toward your goal. Even corporations, big or small or just a sole proprietor, need a business plan. If you want to move up, organize your thoughts on paper.

Secondly, we tend to lack self confidence. Instead of trusting our gifts and/or talents, we constantly have a need to seek validation from others. Its one thing to join certain groups or organizations to gain insight on your field of interest while listening and taking their constructive criticism, but it’s entirely different when you ask someone over and over if you’re good enough. If you’re having this quench for instant justification every five minutes, then you need to step back and reevaluate your goals. Perhaps you might be achieving your ambition for the wrong reasons.

And thirdly, this happens all too often and it’s pretty sad too. We give up when the going gets tough. There is no such thing as an easy road; there will be stumbling blocks, rough terrains, treacherous streams, and let’s not forget, a huge mountain before seeing your hard work pay off. I bet you your favorite celebrity or mentor had to experience a rough road before achieving their success.

Six months ago, a friend of mine (and close to his own breakthrough) listened patiently while I ranted on the phone about a recent stumble. I whined to the point of my voice breaking, complaining of how hard the publishing business has been. So after a few I-don’t-know-why-I’m-still-trying-to-do-this-at-my-age rants, he paused for a moment and told me in a calm voice, did you really think it was going to be easy, Mani? Not a yeah, I feel you type of response or relayed some encouraging words—he spoke to me as a friend and got real with the situation. And he was right.

More importantly to sum up this entire post, if you are working toward a goal and you are not seeing any results; don’t give in to that whisper telling you it’s not worth it because breaking any barriers is an accomplishment itself. Remember what I said about baby steps? That little pitter-patter is better than no movement at all. And if you are worried if the world hasn’t taken notice of your hard work, as Tyler Perry said—sometimes you’re meant to be hidden. I say all the time there is no such thing as an overnight success. It’s a word the media likes to hype up to sell papers. What they’re actually saying is after their ups and downs the world is finally taken notice. So for all of you go-getters, this could be you. Don’t give up. And oh, by the way, don’t forget your passion. You’ll need it.
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When the name Jamesina (Jami) Greene comes to mind, I think of strength, compassion, and grace. I'm honored to share her story of triumph, overcoming the obstacles that many would succumb to its challenge. Though this Ordained Minister still has a lot of fight; she's a warrior not only in her faith, but for the voiceless who think their past hurts are a definition of who they are. 

Minister Greene was like many who have suffered abuse and lived in the shame. She also can relate to grief, because she understands the pain of losing loved ones. Most people assume ministers, or a person of Faith, live the perfect lives; they live by the Word while gleaming a smile, give time to the less fortunate, and, of course, give inspiration. 

If only it's that simple.

Minister Greene storms were tumultuous, a monsoon of heartache. Truthfully, it's human nature. No matter who the person is, or the background they come from, or how big they're bank account, the pain of depression does not discriminate --even for the person of God. 

And yet this talented author and Blog Talk Host and Producer to her show "Voices of Triumph" has proven her journey is far from over. 

Imani: Pink Noire is proud to welcome Author and Motivational Speaker, Minister Jamesina (Jami) Greene. Before we go further, tell us something yourself.

Jami: I would like to begin by saying that I am truly honored to be a Guest of Pink Noire.  I am grateful for this opportunity to share my heart and my voice with your Readers.  I am a Mother of two Princes and the Grandmother of four Princes.  I am an Ordained Minister, Published Author, Radio Show Host, Entrepreneur and Advocate for loving those who feel unloved.  I am a Voice that has been developed from much pain and loss.

Let's begin with a topic you're so passionate about -- depression. The number of diagnosed cases in this country is staggering. So could you share with the readers your personal struggle with the illness?

You are absolutely correct.  I am extremely passionate about the topic of Depression.  I have struggled with Depression for most of my life, but I was not diagnosed until age 32.  For the majority of my life, I suffered silently.  Wearing the mask that was required of the Preachers' daughter; the Minister/Teacher and a multitude of other roles.  Then in one day, all of the pretense was uncovered.  I hit a that wall, that life event where your reality demolishes your fantasy.  The real me was exposed to me and to others and I was forced to make a choice.  I had to choose to be real and get healed or keep pretending that everything was OK.  I chose to get real and heal.  

I've been diagnosed with Clinical Depression and didn't quite understand the symptoms until my thirties. So what are the signs a "sufferer" should recognize?

The Life Journey itself, comes with days of feeling down and blue.  However, if an individual experiences long periods of feeling down, overwhelmed, hopeless and helpless, I highly recommend that they seek Professional help.  Sometimes things occur in our life, over which we have no control and these things effect our total being to the point that they control us.  If you have experienced great loss, molestation, etc. and everything in your life has changed to the point that you no longer feel in control, then you should definitely talk to someone about it.  I personally believe that the stigma attached to Depression, hinders many people from acknowledging that they suffer with it.  Especially, if you are a Christian.  It has been my experience that too often we are taught how to be fake in the Church.  We often teach that anything that has happened in your past, should stay in the past.  The reality of life is that whoever you are today, is a sum total of all that has brought you to this place on your Journey.  Acknowledge that and then you can move forward.

I've read in another interview that you're a survivor of sexual abuse. I won't ask you to relive that painful part from your life. But I would like to ask had the abuse contributed toward the depression?

My experience with sexual abuse as a child AND as an adult, definitely correlate with the Depression.   The childhood sexual abuse began around age 8 and continued for many years.  It taught me that I was useless and invaluable.  These feelings were carried with me into adulthood and by keeping the abuse to myself, it further pushed me into a depressive state.  This is one of the main reasons that I "go hard" for individuals who have suffered sexual abuse.  It effects every area of your life.

"We often teach that anything that has happened in your past, should stay in the past.  The reality of life is that whoever you are today, is a sum total of all that has brought you to this place on your Journey.  Acknowledge that and then you can move forward"

In your bio on Amazon you wrote, "I am a Voice rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes. I am a Voice for ALL generations developed from pain and loss, mixed with unbridled love and compassion for all who know pain." Very well said, Minister. So is it fair to say, you write not just healing for yourself, but for all who needs to be healed from their own pain?

Yes Ma'am.  To say that "I am a Voice for all..." is the perfect summation for why I write.  After being diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety Disorder, I was encouraged by my Therapist to write, daily, in a Journal.  Those writings became the basis for my book, 'Help, I Don't Like Myself!" and the more I shared my feelings and experiences, the more I became aware that there are so many people going through the same thing.  By writing from this very real place, I show them that they are NOT alone and that there is hope for deliverance and peace.  It is my desire to write for as long as I have breath in my body.  Praying that my Story is my Gift to the world, and that lives will be changed by my sharing my Gift.

To make a great inspirational book, which do you prefer: Outlining by chapter, or let it go with the flow?

To make a great Inspiration Book, I personally prefer to go with the flow.  It is my experience with writing, that Inspiration often comes from unexpected place and unexpected times.  Inspiration is like a water flow.  It should be unbridled and allowed to set its own course.  However, I am currently in the process of writing an Inspiration book which contains specific and varied topics.  With this book, I will allow the flow to happen within said topic.

Recently, you've collaborated with the great ReShonda Tate Billingsley, for the book, The Motherhood Diaries. How did the collaboration happen? And will there be another collaboration in the future?

Wow!  What an honor it was to collaborate with the amazing ReShonda Tate Billingsley.  I still break out in a smile every time I think about the connection I have made with her and the other phenomenal Sisterwriters that participated in that project.  The collaboration happened as a result of a Submission Request sent out by ReShonda and her Publisher.  It is my understanding that they received over 300 submissions for the book, but only 21 were chosen.  I was truly blessed to be one of the 21.

I would LOVE to do another collaboration with ReShonda Tate Billingsley.  She is one of my all-time favorite Authors and has become a genuine friend.  We have remained in touch and when I went through major surgery, she personally called me to check on me and has stayed in touch during my recovery.

"Inspiration is like a water flow.  It should be unbridled and allowed to set its own course."

Is there another author you would like to work with -- perhaps another dream collaboration?

Yes!  I would absolutely adore the opportunity to collaborate with Author extraordinaire, Tina McElroy Ansa.  Her writing speaks to my spiritual side and reminds me that I am a spiritual being whose stories must be told.

I know you've experienced the loss of your beloved parents in recent years. You have my deepest sympathy. Yet I'm sure they are smiling down at your accomplishments. What do you they'll say about everything you've achieved?

*Sigh* My parents are my roots.  Even though they have transitioned from their earthly bodies, they still provide me with daily strength.  When I approach obstacles in my Life Journey, I often find myself asking, "What would Daddy and Mom want me to do?  How would they handle this?"  Since their deaths, I hear more and more how much I look and act like them.  (smile).  Sometimes, I actually believe that they speak through me.  I have suffered great loss and change since their deaths, yet, I truly believe that I am much stronger because I am being force to walk out my own Journey.  I now they are proud of me.

 Let me say while writing this interview, you've become my new Shero. That said, with all of your successes and positive spirit, have you ever forgiven the person who abused you? And if so, explain the why the power of forgiveness is important?

Awww.  I'm your Shero. You're gonna make me cry (smile). The power of forgiveness is mandatory for a successful Journey.  Following the death of my parents I really, really had to learn this lesson.  There were many negative, dishonest and downright nasty things that happened to my family after they died.  The Church that they founded and pastored for 40 years, was taken from us and I became extremely bitter.  Then one day, while in prayer, I heard Holy Spirit say, "The essence of your parents cannot be contained in a building.  That building is not who they were.  YOU are the Legacy that they left behind."  At that moment, I began to pray for forgiveness for the bitterness, etc. and have continued to move forward in the freedom that forgiving others provides.

"The essence of your parents cannot be contained in a building.  That building is not who they were.  YOU are the Legacy that they left behind."

Do you have any projects planned for 2015?

Yes Ma'am.  For 2015, it is my desire to complete the book manuscript that my Father and I began together before his death.  I am currently working on my first Children's book and a Daily Inspirational Journal.  I have been conferring with a Music Producer to go in the Studio and record a music demo of a song that I have written.  As a creative being, my mind is constantly filled with ideas.  The challenge I face with my physical health, etc., has slowed me down quite a bit.  But I refuse to give up.

Finally, if you were to have a dinner party and guest list are three legendary figures (living or not), who would they be, and what one question you would ask them?

If I were to have a dinner party with three legendary figures, they would probably be:  1)  Mother Teresa; 2) Gladys Knight and 3)  Toni Morrison.  I would ask Mother Teresa to share with me her personal motivation for loving the unloved.  I would ask Gladys Knight how it felt to break through and maintain a career during a time when it wasn't very easy for women to do so.  I would ask Toni Morrison about her strength to write unpopular stories, while facing such public backlash.

Thank you, Minister Greene. This interview has been a moving experience for me. I truly appreciate you. Could you share with the readers where they can purchase your work, as well as finding you on the web?

It has been a overwhelming pleasure for me to talk with you.  I feel such a spirit of peace and acceptance here.  The readers can feel free to contact me on the following:  Facebook (Jamesina Greene);  Twitter (SheInspires61);  LinkedIn (Jamesina Greene) and email:  At this time I do not have a website.  It's on my "Step up my Game List".  LOL
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This Wednesday in The Lounge, my special guest, Minister Jami Greene, will open up a host of issues, including the painful topic, sexual abuse. 

As one of my most candid interviews thus far, I, too, wanted to be as forthcoming about my past struggles. And by the grace of God, He pulled me through those tumultuous times, knowing it had affected my relationships and my precious, self-esteem. 

In today's post, I'm opening up in a way that reveals my defining moment of control. I had to find my peace; otherwise, "they" would have continued to have my joy.

So, whether you're a woman or a man, and lived with any forms of abuse, I hope you take at least one thing from my open letter, and that forgiveness is a powerful thing because it's not for their benefit but for yours. 

Dear Sad and Unfortunate Ones,

After going through years of counseling and prayers, I've come to terms as to why every relationship I've been in went awry; or why I end up in inappropriate affairs, or why I accepted being the second option, the backup, and the two a.m. booty-call. Every relational decision I've made, every tear I've cried, every how-did-I-get-into-this-situation rant, every self-loathing, suicidal thought and guilt, all stems back to you—the cowardly attacker.

However, I won’t give you the satisfaction of placing all of my bad choices firmly on you because the key word in this sentence is CHOICE. The backbone I should’ve grown to end that madness was a part of me. The only thing I place squarely on you is most likely you've been abused yourself—either sexually, physically, or suffered some type of neglect—but it doesn't matter. 

"I've chosen the free will God gave me to use my gift as awareness for lost souls like you—and more importantly, I’m choosing not to be the victim or just surviving but to thrive. I’m holding the keys now and not you."

What you've endured on me, I didn't inflict on someone’s child—I didn't continue an ugly cycle of lifetime pain and mistrust. I'd chose to move on with my life the best way I knew how, despite carrying that shame and guilt. My personal hell was mine alone, but that was less I can say about you. Your choice was based on selfishness, and didn't give a flying fuck about the consequences.

But that wasn't what it was about, wasn't it? Rather, it was a few minutes of lust to sooth your pleasure. To make you feel superior next to my vulnerability. Just because you suffered abuse with the images of whomever had hurt you playing your head, you chose to inflict that same hurt on the defenseless. Releasing your anger and rage by fondling my sacred parts or elevating it by penetrating deep into my innocence--you flat out didn't care as long as you got it. Then after you reached your shameful point, you knew how much you've hurt me—the window to my soul was transparent. You went your way and I went mine, as if nothing had happened.

The salutation in this letter, however, is plural, and yet I’m treating this as one act because the guilt and shame I wore for years. At the tender age of eight I was confused with her inappropriate touch that left me wondering, this is wrong but why does it feel good? Then my confusion turned into fear two years later when he crushed any trust I had in men—and then that mistrust turned into self-hatred when I was sixteen…I became the train at a party.

"To make you feel superior next to my vulnerability. Just because you suffered abuse with the images of whomever had hurt you playing your head, you chose to inflict that same hurt on the defenseless."

So to you, Sad and Unfortunate people, please don’t take this open letter as pity. My words are my strength. Your few minutes of perversion only gave me temporary grief. I chose not to swim in your bullshit but gathered any strength I had to not let the past define me—or you define me. I chose to wake every morning and rejoice on the future; I chose writing as my therapy to blossom into something more; I’ve chosen happiness; I’ve chosen the free will God gave me to use my gift as awareness for lost souls like you—and more importantly, I’m choosing not to be the victim or just surviving but to thrive. I’m holding the keys now and not you.

Sad and Unfortunate one, this may come as a shock to you but I do forgive you. Though, I’m not doing this for your benefit but for mine. I have to free myself from your psychological bondage to love myself the way I should’ve done years ago. You, however, need to do the same to whoever hurt you. That person had planted your seed of a pedophiliac life. So I’ll ask you this, when will it ever stop? When will you fight those personal demons and stop the cycle? Although you cannot go back in time and return my innocence, you should rectify the wrongs by opening your eyes at you've created. At least facing them is a start and to understand what you've become.

As an author of Zion’s Road I do believe in second chances—everyone no matter how much they have screwed their lives or to others—they, too, deserves a chance to get their life right. So, I’m going to leave it up to you with your thoughts and the past. There’s nothing you can do to me. I’m too empowered to even worry about the yesterdays because your selfishness didn't break me; it only strengthened me.

You see, I’m still standing.

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       By Imani Wisdom


Entangle me with your inhibition. Kissing me softly in places only reserve for you. With the warmness of your breath as it touches my skin, I shiver with enticement and move my hands slowly down to my body to where you lay. An uncontrollable passion yearns deeply in the forefront of desires, it’s where life begins and womanhood emerges from the shadows. It’s where the nectarous river stream is a rich white satin, gently cascading on the tip of his tongue. I dig deeper within the threads of the sheet, grasping it with fanatical fury. Cries of my pleasure climb to an octave, and I grab around the lining of his fade. It didn’t matter if a bead of sweat is falling like tears. I’m living in an infinite possibility where fantasy meets reality. Then his eyes rise above the bed of my lips to connect with mine. Mutual satisfaction quietly roars. This is only the first phase.


I’m in an orgasmic escapade of his sensual essence. Enamoring by his silky cocoa skin, it’s soft and luscious like a tantalizing dessert. I’m nibbling slowly around the most delicate of delicates, kissing him on the strongest of his regions until I fade away like a sunset. Minutes have become a lifetime as he squirms from instant gratification. There are no words uttering from his sweet lips, only replying with a slow and endearing sigh. The sound of his excitement is causing me to delve further into my indulgence. He loves it and I’m untamed for it! By the tickling of his veins warmly kissing me inside the beast of my cocoon, I’m devouring into his masculinity. Aggressively grasping to his gateway of life and gently shuddering while his falsetto rises to beautiful music. Nectarous rivers flows once again to a satisfaction galore. And once more….my job is done. It’s time for phase three.

To be continued...

©2010, Imani Wisdom
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Remember this name: TyLeishia Douglass 


Maybe the fact she's emerging as an up and coming online radio host, interviewing the newest talent and the hottest celebrities to this day. Perhaps, this Baltimore native has a true gift for words, crediting several titles to her resume. Or simply she has an innate, never-quit persona; an attribute she carried since a young girl. 

The beauty behind this high-spirit goes beyond her infectious smile, but convey an unwavering support to her peers. Douglass is a prime example of how building a network creates multiple success -- not just with her dreams but with others. It's an attitude of a true leader.

Imani: Pink Noire is proud to welcome, Author, Promoter, and Radio Host, TyLeishia Douglass in The Lounge. I'm so excited you're here! Before we proceed: Tell us what makes "TyLeishia Douglass" the woman she is today? 

TyLeishia: Let me take this time to thank you Imani Wisdom for having me, you’re an amazing soul.  What makes me the woman I am today comes from a lengthy line of mishaps, some tragedies, plenty of prayer and finding the power and strength to heal where I was and allow the growth in me to simmer over time and become a prime servant and learning always which keeps all the quintessential essence of what I display and live in my life today. What is that? A soul of light that triumphed through the darkness and demonstrates the light as it grows in my soul.  I remain humble which many have kept me by seeing them succeed, flourish and being helpers one to another.  If you can work together we all become better, this is what makes me the woman I am today.

When was that moment in your life you knew you were a writer?

This may sound strange but I still am not sure what that moment was. I have had some mentors who were very helpful and encouraged me to embrace myself as a writer but, you ever had something else inside you that you know is bigger or different from writing? Perhaps not if you are a diehard author LOL! I have not cancelled writing out as of yet but I was close to it! Ask me this question again after I belt out the few more books I have been trying to work on lol! I guess this one is a to be continued.

Whether on your radio show or in your books, you exude positive energy and inspiration. Where do you find this innate ability? Inspiration from others? Or from yesterdays life lessons?

Since I was a little girl anything dealing with television, plays, TV. I mimicked and was good at it lol! However my mother wasn’t fortunate to put me in music, acting, or any school for the arts.  I find the innate ability to exude positive energy through being told I was nothing if I did not succeed in anything I dreamed; I was told my name meant nothing so, I knew it was time to look inside myself and move away from the negative practice that surround me and sty on the heels of those who are positive and didn’t mind taking the time to reach out because I wasn’t the “elite”

My inspiration from others was a huge help yes and each day I learn something new it’s a life lesson for me to gain more, learn and apply what I have gotten from that lesson and never forget to practice daily in my life to breath in and continue and be as my good friend Rhona Bennett so awesomely says “Be In A State Of Allowance” when life lessons happen. I allow it to grow me and to share this positive energy, one must eat, sleep and breathe feeling good about their decision to live a positive life that works inside out.

It was this these things that I knew I mustn’t hold  the joy and peace that I found but share my life and what I have learned and many that can relate to life itself drove me towards being a radio host. I am currently in a Community College now to earn my AA degree in Mass Communication & Publication. I am ready to take the show to a higher level in hopes that I will have a live television show in the future.

I've read somewhere you've endured a Cancer scare? Share with us how you have overcome that moment, and how are you feeling today?

Yes, I had been taunted since the age of 14 years of age. They have found 3 lumps on my breast that miraculously moved and disappeared. Then when I was 23 they found several small cysts in the both areas of my breast and through prayer from churches and my belief in God, I knew that He had so much more for me to do and my time was not up yet. Then again it pops up this time was being followed for 2 years. It was this time I worked my faith though I can admit I was a bit nervous.  It’s called being human and we all have feelings.

I had put my energy into knowing that miracles do exists and they have on me plenty times before so I placed it in the capable hands on God and after 2 years there was no re-growth. I do have at times where I have to be tested for joint issues which they say have been contributed to what they call “Traveling Cysts”. But putting yourself in a position to keep healthy and stay fit and be good to your body will be good to you and even if you have to work through what is present, you are not your condition.  So, I say I am alive and well and I am presently in the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

"I allow it to grow me and to share this positive energy, one must eat, sleep and breathe feeling good about their decision to live a positive life that works inside out."

I want to talk about the titles of two of many your books: My Scars Are My Tattoos and My Words Are Going On A Diet. Explain how you came up with these titles and a brief description of their stories. 

My Scars Are My Tattoos came from my life experience which left marks. This short is stories about looking past what’s on the surface. Don’t want to give the mystery away ha!ha!

My Words Are Going on a Diet comes from learning when to speak and knowing that words make an impact on the soul good and not so good. This one is a story about words are food that feed the mind, body, soul and spirit. What proteins does your tongue house?

I like that! So while we're the subject about your writing. What's your methodology of a solid storyline?

Wow, that one is kind of hard for me to answer but I would have to say as soon as something happens, I weigh in on how to pick and choose the battle on an intriguing situation, fiction or non-fiction events.

If you were to invite one of your characters on your radio show, who would they be and why?

I would have to say LaViese because she is not afraid to speak about her life story and she prides herself on breaking her silence.

Speaking of your radio show, tell us more about "Jewels of the Universe and G.E.M.S. Online Radio Show". 

Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters (JOTU & GEMS) is a web based radio talk show on #BlogTalkRadio where I created a platform for ALL ARTS.

It's not enough to let awesome supportive beings just settle on social media alone, so I expanded us from a group I created back in 2010 made up of positive members who  were not afraid to spread their wings such as entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, etc. They are active, supportive and have a passion in creatively sharing their God given talents locally and on the airways worldwide.  I have a quote inspired by those who don’t allow fear to hold and bind their goals and not afraid to dream, “There is a million somewhere out there and your name is written in that space in the air. The world is painted in blue until they hear about you. So then let your light shine because it’s your time.”~ TyLeishia L.Douglass copyrighted material all rights reserved 2014.

JOTU & GEMS “Soul Light Supporters” (SLS) is what I call you when I invite you in my house, your home. You can join us on Thursday’s @6pmEST. Or call in to say hello to (SLS) and me your host that toasts to your success yours truly at 646.378.1552 we love to hear from you.

Of all of your guests, which one you would say is your most memorable one?

That is a hard one ha! I know I only have one choice so I can’t answer this one unless I can say ALL OF THEM.

“There is a million somewhere out there and your name is written in that space in the air. The world is painted in blue until they hear about you. So then let your light shine because it’s your time.”~ ©TyLeishia L.Douglass 

Now, what does "TyLeishia Douglass" have in store for 2015?

I am pursuing my AA Degree for Mass Productions and Communications at a Community College; I am trying to work on a few other manuscripts that I hope to get out at least 1 this year. I am working on a project with some really great partners but I can’t tell you about it just yet (wink) but it will be loved by all ages. I am in the gym to stay fit and working on expanding the show to help provide even more opportunities for promotions, connections and at some point having the show on more than once a week.

Finally, as an artist, we have muse(s) or person(s) we admire that help shape our craft. So, who is your inspiration and if they were here right now, what would you say to them?

I would say, “Imani Wisdom, you have inspired me to hold on and I have watched you grow almost overnight. After you were on my show I have learned how much more beautiful your soul truly is and I want to take this time to tell you thank you and encourage you to continue to reach as high as you are destined to go.”

“Rhona Bennett, you have taught me so much and I truly thank you for being the example of what and how to bring the true champion out in us all. I am blessed to have you as my friend, mentor and my biggest inspiration. With all you give it’s not in vein and its obvious by so many you have made a positive impact in the lives all across the globe. Thank you my Inspo Rhoney!”

“B. Alexander you have been my besty for over 14 years and counting and not once have you broken any trust or promises that you only spoke of  and not come through. If walls could talk you are one of them or that fly on the wall ha! For this I am truly blessed to have you in my life for ALL you do I love you very much for being a friend, sister, mom and just being you! No words can say just how much you mean to me in my life. Forever a power team XOXO!”

S. Wilson I appreciate how you were fitted into my life as a teen and will never forget you making some of my dreams come true. I love you and thank you for helping exercise positivity, believing, achieving, do right and treat others kind. You have been very instrumental to me and I won’t forget. XOXO!”

“JOTU & GEMS Community and those who have contributed in one way or another, I have learned from each and every one of you and appreciate all those who have and are supporters who believe in me. Some of you I watched you come through some very challenging moment whether it was losing a loved one, not feeling well and work through some hard times. You haven’t given up and so for this I have learned the strength in sharing, having the passion and drive to sacrifice to stay on point and I can go on and on but, I must and love as you all know my favorite 2 words, I have to say, “THANK YOU” you all have made an impact in my life and you are all so much appreciated.”

Thank you, TyLeishia. This has been a great interview. Tell the readers where they can purchase your work, as well as find you on the web?

I enjoyed it Imani! Thank you so much for having me! Readers can find my work on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, B&N, Nook. You can visit my website at it’s been a pleasure Imani! God Bless!
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