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Trapped in darkness with my eyes wide open
Feeling around like a lost little girl
in the vast, emptiness of this cruel world

Sadness is not defined by my blank stare
or the tears streaming down my face
staining my curly black hair
or the anxiety I feel in my heart
numbing paralysis
feeling like my soul is drifting apart

It’s an indescribable emotion
that some may not understand
They tell you to snap out of it
or just to bow your head with
praying hands

Unrealistic effortless emotion
is surreal is like a purple sun
Metastasize like a tumor
from your mind to your tongue

A whirlwind spinning out of control
falling rapidly in a deep black hole
You fight for every breath
even though your soul is alive
Suffocating intently
as you began to panic and cry

Wanting break free from this
Spiritual cancer
Shackling me down
where I can’t see the answer
Fearing of what lies ahead
through the darkness of
Needing to move on,
Needing to break free
Needing to once again to be

Trapped with my eyes wide open
Squirming away from the spiritual
adversary hold
Lingering for a new day
for this bruised and
tattered soul

Speculation is an old innovation
of trapped mines
Desolation is mere dust
envelop by the cruel hand
of time

My steps are as valiant
as lavender spring flowers
Revitalization is my essential

Sometimes the somberness
will always be apart me
Yet, the darkness….
will never, ever, defeat

© Tamara Wisdom, 2010
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