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Saniya was born and raised in New York City's Spanish Harlem. She is a wife and mother of 2 teenage girls and 1 toddler boy.  She currently is active duty military and enjoys writing in here spare time.

Imani: Welcome to The Lounge. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker and begin with your story, just who is Saniya Solis?

Saniya: Who am I? In a nut shell, I grew up in the South Bronx and later moved to Spanish Harlem.  At the age of 18, I joined the military and have been all around the world. I'm currently still in the military and retire in 2016. I have an Associate's in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor's in Business Administration and am currently working on my Master's.  I'm a mother of 3 and a wife.

Tell us more about your latest project. What's the inspiration behind this book.

My latest project is called East River Secret.  The inspiration behind this book is my love for the understanding of the dark side of the human mind.  It is completely different from my first book, Karma, which focused on the emotional battles a person endures in their life.  With East River Secret, I focused on the mental battles a person endures in their life.

Briefly, explain what makes your book different from the vast choices in the same genre?

My book is different because though it is listed under Urban, I like to call it Urban Contemporary Suspense.  Most Urban literature is hard core "ghetto" reflecting on drugs, sex, and money, however, my books have a mixture of everything in it while making relevance to the "ghetto" environment and the  struggles those living in this environment face within themselves.  I have my characters question the "why" in their life.  Why am I going through this?  Why wasn't I raised with a silver spoon?  Why do "my people" blame living in the hood for the reasons their dreams never became a reality.

Tell us more about the development of the characters.

First, I want to stress that the foundation of my character development is ensuring that all my characters are realistic and emotionally in tune to the masses.  I like for my readers to know my character as a "regular" person first, a character that will remind my readers of someone they know, including themselves.  I then like to have my character face a BELIEVABLE situation that again, can happen in real life.  I think that is the key to keeping readers to continue turning the pages.  Readers want to know how or what is the character going to do and most importantly, is it an action the reader could see themselves doing as well?

What have you learned (or still learning) since being in the business?

I've learned that this business is not easy.  You really have to market yourself as well as your book in a variety of ways.  Furthermore, you have to diversify the network of people in your circle in order to learn and get your name out there.

What is your dream collaboration? With whom, and why?

My dream collaboration?  Good question.  To be honest, I've thought of this question numerous times and though I've thought of many well-known authors, I would have to say that I would want to collaborate with a new author because they are just as hungry as I am to become known in this industry. 

Finally, share with us something you've never mentioned publicly since being an author; such as, a quirk or a hidden talent. I'm sure readers would like to know.

I have a quirk of always organizing my groceries on the conveyer belt. I will dig through my cart to make sure I get all the items that can be grouped together out and neatly stack them accordingly.  As for a hidden talent, I can sing.

Short Excerpt:

We were friends for about a year and a half before we took it to the next level. It felt awkward at first. Mainly because he was 18 years older than me and I was used to him being my friend. I always felt like an old soul in a young body so I personally didn’t mind the age difference but we chose to keep our relationship on the low to prevent stare...s and bonchinche. When we first kissed, we accidently bumped teeth, laughed, and blamed it on being nervous. We had just come back from the movies when we first had sex. I remembered how eager he seemed to want to please me. For once, I felt what it was like to have a man really take his time with me. Shaun licked every inch of my body, from the scar on my knee to the juicy flesh of my breast. I watched as he slowly parted my legs, licked his lips and slowly placed his tongue on my clit. I could feel the pressure from his tongue as he sized it up. Then he tilted his head and began to lick in a steady and constant motion, occasionally licking and kissing on the lips just outside my pink palace. He was actually pretty good; gotta love those older men. Most men think they know how to get their grub on but they lick on pussy the way a dog licks its ass; carelessly. I had to open my eyes and see what he was doing. The more I watched him indulge himself in my homemade juices the hotter I got. I guess he felt me staring cuz he returned the stare back as he simultaneously thrust his tongue in and out of my sugar walls. It was the most erotic moment. It was like he was telling me “yea, I’m all in your pussy and you like it!” Right then and there I felt the sexual tension in my body. I began to feel a momentary sense of suspension, quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling that began at my clit and swiftly spread throughout my pelvis. It was like this inner body explosion. In one word it was beautiful. He raised his eyebrows and put a grin on his face then kissed my pussy. I took that gesture as if he felt like he was a one man army and had just conquered the Roman Empire. He was getting ready to get on top of me when I put my hand on top of his chest and gently pushed him back. “My turn.” I seductively whispered.


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