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       By Imani Wisdom


Entangle me with your inhibition. Kissing me softly in places only reserve for you. With the warmness of your breath as it touches my skin, I shiver with enticement and move my hands slowly down to my body to where you lay. An uncontrollable passion yearns deeply in the forefront of desires, it’s where life begins and womanhood emerges from the shadows. It’s where the nectarous river stream is a rich white satin, gently cascading on the tip of his tongue. I dig deeper within the threads of the sheet, grasping it with fanatical fury. Cries of my pleasure climb to an octave, and I grab around the lining of his fade. It didn’t matter if a bead of sweat is falling like tears. I’m living in an infinite possibility where fantasy meets reality. Then his eyes rise above the bed of my lips to connect with mine. Mutual satisfaction quietly roars. This is only the first phase.


I’m in an orgasmic escapade of his sensual essence. Enamoring by his silky cocoa skin, it’s soft and luscious like a tantalizing dessert. I’m nibbling slowly around the most delicate of delicates, kissing him on the strongest of his regions until I fade away like a sunset. Minutes have become a lifetime as he squirms from instant gratification. There are no words uttering from his sweet lips, only replying with a slow and endearing sigh. The sound of his excitement is causing me to delve further into my indulgence. He loves it and I’m untamed for it! By the tickling of his veins warmly kissing me inside the beast of my cocoon, I’m devouring into his masculinity. Aggressively grasping to his gateway of life and gently shuddering while his falsetto rises to beautiful music. Nectarous rivers flows once again to a satisfaction galore. And once more….my job is done. It’s time for phase three.

To be continued...

©2010, Imani Wisdom

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