Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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Rain droplets dance against the window as he wraps my eyes with a pink blindfold. Engross with darkness, he’s taken me by the hand to a mysterious subtle breeze.  I can feel him guiding me carefully among the outdoor shower.  Tepid water dances on my naked body.  Then the touch of his lips rejuvenates my inner slumber.  I’m caressing his dampen stubble, following by a deep and rich kiss.  He’s lifting me against his destiny, thrusting his ego inside my Venetian dream.  I’m proudly in his arms with his hips moving like a ferocious earthquake. Swaying like a wondrous dream, my blindfold slips off and notices curious eyes on me.  She’s peering through her curtains with her gray tresses.  I close my eyes not because our escapade is now a prying exhibition. It’s just his ego is getting me high. The motion of his physique pounds my heart. There are no words at the moment, only a harmony of breathless passion.  My peripheral catches her again while I’m sinking my nails into his skin.  He bows to nourish my mammary pillows, tasting the Alpha of life.  Panting breathlessly, I’m looking her way again and she’s clinching firm to the corner of her curtain.  Maybe she wishes he can turn her back in time.  But for now my Mocha Breeze is MINE!  As his hips propels deeper into my walls, he grabs my jaws to give me a quick glance and smiles.  I reciprocate the feeling by biting his lips.  Then Mount Breezy erupts as the rain showers on our naked bodies.  Erotic sounds echoes beyond the heavenly thunder.  And now I’m complete,mutual satisfaction.  I glance at the woman and place a single finger to my lips and mouth carefully, “Don’t tell my husband this!”


©2011, Imani Wisdom


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