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Janet Monroe lived an average life as a thirty-five year old professional.  She woke every morning on a routine of getting up, going to work, and coming home to an empty house.  Then one day, Janet discovered news that put her life in a major recourse. So she decided to take her dream vacation and headed to paradise south of the Caribbean.  Janet’s amazing venture was taking shape until she met an unexpected person who shown her there were more to life than meets the eye.

Will Janet’s discovery change her life forever?  Or, she will allow fear to take its course?  Find out more in the short story, SEVEN MONTHS, a part of a collection in the novella, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS, coming December 2011.

In Imani’s Words…

Before writing this short story, I knew I wanted to write about a person literally finding their footsteps.  I think anyone who is reading this post is trying to find their own.  We walk on the path life, and quickly, a sand storm blows its earthly grain on our way.  While it’s frustrating, we must learn not to give up.   And in Janet’s case, she had no choice to go on.  

I knew writing this story I wanted to convey a message of hope.  Times are hard in this country and around the world.  People need a break from their hardship to hear a good narrative. 

In the meantime, time awaits for no one. Not for you, or me, or even Janet Monroe's in this world.

Unexpected things in life can force us to stand still and notice how time can become an enemy. And sometimes, the last rose petal is simply not enough.
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My First Time Being Made Love To...

By Tamyara Brown

Every one can recall the first time you have sex. The first person to pop your cherry and it set’s the precedence that you are now a woman hear your kitten purr. Now usually we are just experiencing sex and it’s basically that for some. Do you remember the first time a man made love to you? It is a difference between the two. Yet the most beautiful moment that any woman can experience is when a man makes love to you for the very first time. He is in love and you are the only person he wants to be with. The gaze in his eyes, his touch soft and gentle. The sound of your voice makes him erect. He has anticipated making love to you all day long. You are on his mind until that evening approaches and there is no place he rather be but in your arms. Well here’s my story

I open the door and immediately the scent of vanilla awakens my senses, the room illuminated with only the flicker of the flames. My Nubian King stood with his arms open he kissed and hugged me. His voice deep and seductive whispered,
“ I thought about you all day long. I miss you so much.” His warm embrace took the chill off my body from the cold of the weather.
“I miss you too.” I whispered.
He stood and looked at me as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world.  There in the middle of the living room he undressed me removing my coat, my funny fuzzy hat and my gloves he placed them on the hook. He kissed me again and I knew what he desired of me. To take our relationship to the next level he had waited the ninety plus days. He wined, dined and catered to my every need. We where friends before we was lovers.
“I have fallen in love with you Baby. I want to make love to your mind, your body and soul. Can I do that please?”
That request was answered as I held his face in my hands and kiss his lips. My breast expose to this beautiful man of caramel hue, his body only in his boxers and his hairy chest. He held me close his lips savor the flavor of my neck, my shoulders as his hands began to caress my breast. His voice again began to speak.
“ I knew that you was the woman for me the first time I laid eyes on you. That I wanted you to be my wife, the mother of my children and live the rest of my life with you. It took me one day to realize that and ninety days to confirm the woman before me was meant for me.”
I wanted to speak but could only manage to purr as his mouth caressed my breasts and his hand slid down my belly.  He opened the button and slid my jeans and panties off my full hips. I step out of my jeans showing my kitty perfectly waxed with only the letter of his name. He smiled and touched it ever so gently. His finger traced the letter and then he kneels before me. I held my breath as he kissed it. He pulled me down gently and lay me on the floor.
He spread my legs and stuck out his tongue licking his lips preparing to taste me. He licked my kitty until she and I purred and purred. I needed to touch this man that I fallen in like and in love with. My hands grasp his erection stroking him until I decided I needed to taste him. I lifted up and push him back the smell of him, the sight of his length and girth became my aphrodisiac. The feel of his rigged erection inside my mouth turned me on more than he realized. He swallowed; he moaned and grabbed a hand full of my braids as I took him deeper into my mouth. His eyes close and his mouth in the form of an O. 
“ Ooh shit baby. You was so worth the damn wait.” He grunted.
He stopped me because his sense of urgency was to be inside of me. I laid back and he stood there for a moment staring at me. I never saw love in man eyes until I looked into his. He ran his hands over my body once again follow by kisses.  I finally spoke the words I held on to for ninety plus days.
“ I love you.”
“I waited so long for you to say those words. You have no clue how much I love you too.”
The tears that touch my face, which came from his eyes, I then kiss them away. He then entered me and overwhelms me with passion. As he deeply strokes and releases my first orgasm. I shout and know the neighbors know his name. I hold on and the wave of passion spilling from him takes over my whole body. Earthquakes and thunderstorms happen all at once as he and I reach our peak together. As we come down from our love high. He and I hold and caress one another.  I look and hope that same vision of love in his eyes hasn’t disappeared. He looks at me and thank God it hasn’t. He whispers,

“Go to sleep baby your man isn't going anywhere. I’m yours forever”

© Tamyara Brown-Tamluvstowrite, 2011

Author Tamyara Brown, "The love of writing came when I was eleven-years old and I went to the library and pick up three books that change my life. The first was Alice Walker's Color Purple, Toni Morrison The Bluest Eyes and lastly Donald Goines Black Girl lost. At that point and time I felt lost and it was when I wrote my first story. From that moment I fell in love with reading and writing. My debut novel will be out this coming winter FAT GIRL Vigilante."

Visit her Facebook page (here)
Follow her blog (here)

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Michael Jackson’s character from the 1978’s cult classic, The Wiz, said it best—success, fame, and fortune, they're all illusions.

You may be frowning right now at this quote and asking, “Be who wouldn’t want to be successful, famous, and rich?  That’s like the American dream!”

Still, they’re illusions when you don’t have that support system in your corner.  Trying to pursue any endeavor alone is overwhelming.  You’re going to need a good cheerleading section in your corner.  Do you have your own handful people shaking their pom-poms for you?

I can safely say I have at least five people who are in my corner: my sister, two long-time friends, an aunt, and a good friend from Facebook.  These five individuals have become my “groupies”, who are willing to help me at any given moment that involves with promoting and selling my book, sport around my t-shirts, or just keeping it “real”.  These ladies are a blessing. 

Though, the point to this blog is more than cheerleaders cheering in your corner.  It’s when you have to rely on your number one cheerleader which is, YOU.

I have been driving myself crazy with promoting my short story collection entitled, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS, working on this blog, and taking care of my personal life.  Everything but everything came at me like fastballs pitches.  I realized something had to give.  No, it’s not giving up my writing career. I have to be either drunk, high, or insane, or really all three to do something asinine.  Nope. I’m taking a vacation…mental vacation.

What’s a mental vacation?

Since my pockets are too light for a real vacation.  I’m taking a break from the craziness of the internet to rejuvenate my mind. The hot of bed of my creativity is moving in slow motion. So I’m unwinding mentally by redefining myself offline.  People, believe it or not, there’s a life outside our computer screens.  You know life before there was ever a Myspace, Facebook, or, Twitter? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking them.  As a matter of fact, Facebook and Twitter are the place to be to promote your work.  It’s just “I” need this, or I’ll lose myself in the process of the hustling and bustling of author and entrepreneurship. Otherwise, I won’t be any good for my cheerleaders, this blog, or my writing. 

Okay, it’s time for me go and enjoy this week of tranquility.  Before I sign off, I want to let you know that Tamyara Brown will be contributing to this Friday’s post. She’s a beast with her erotica.  Y’all be sure to show her some love and to visit and follow her blog (here).  Not only she’s talented writer, but has a beautiful soul.

See ya, pretty people...*Blowing kisses*

Next destination: Sitting on a cabana on a warm beach to wherever, shaking my pom-poms. I’ll happen...sooner or later. :)

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I've read it all on the internet from those same survey bulletins, to political blogs, and to someone's interesting life that you and I can learn a valuable lesson.  Yet there’s something I’ve read as of lately that has got me wondering.  Ready? Since this is Erotic Friday, I feel I can let loose and say this.

B*** JOBS!

Now please don't freak out because I’ve typed a word the majority of men get a giddy when they think about wanting, dreaming, and visualizing.  They even go as far to Vaseline themselves up to do—the do.

After reading a few blogs about this matter, I felt as a woman I need to express of what women have asked themselves since the beginning of time, why can't the tables be turned?...Purrrrr, my kitten...Make my cat go, meow

Its some men out there, somewhere, that is willing and able to lay some sweet satisfaction without expecting to get done first.

What’s wrong with exploring the womanhood that attributes the canal of life? We are hardworking mothers, college students, lawyers, doctors, politicians, nurses, blue collar workers—and yeah, even teachers need some revitalization. You know, it should be national day of it, National Please Kitty Kats Day.  I know guys who are reading this thinks if woman have a day, then men should have one too.  What are you going to call that day, National Blow Job Day? Ewww, that whole phrase sounds ucky—our just sounds better.

Ladies close your eyes and think about when the last time a man left you feeling, wow, zow, and kapowed—good enough to put you in tears for the right reasons. Honestly, I remembered feeling like that once.  Then later my ex became a taker and not a giver. When he did play with Miss Jenkies, he pecked like some broken-neck chicken.  I think I accidentally dozed off that night.  He couldn’t tame the kitty!

So on this note before I close out, sexploring (foreplay) is underrated. I wish more men would take the time to satisfy a woman needs.  I also understand why some guys are apprehensive to travel down south if there a lingering odor of fish—trust me, I understand. So ladies if you want purring satisfaction, then keep the kitty clean.

Yes, I know this is an unusual blog, but it's a blog that needs address this purrrrr-ing issue.  It's a woman turn to get empowered with their miss soing-so's. There's nothing wrong with giving pleasure with your special someone, but be sure to tell your man to give back.  After all it's the American way!

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He’s not the ordinary face of shattered innocence…


Elijah Baker suffered a dark past as a child growing up on the Northwest side of Indianapolis.  The oldest along with his twin sister, Elisha and two younger brothers, Elijah long nights in his bedroom was grim by the hands of a trusting individual. Fear was his emotional bondage for several years until he left home at the age of fifteen to live with his Aunt.  Two years later, after constant encouragement by his Aunt, Elijah decided to move to New York to pursue his dream in the music industry.  He went from squatting from apartment to apartment into an international music and entrepreneur mogul. 

Above his fame and fortune, Elijah had to face another challenge—a shattered past.  Will he learn to put the past behind and move on?  And could the distance between he and family ever be resolve?  Find out this December with his story, THE SHATTERED MOGUL and four other narratives in the short story collection, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS.

In Imani’s Words…

On a cold February morning I finally had typed the last sentence to this near 10,000 word tale with relief.  It wasn't the type of sigh meaning I finished of what I had started, but sighed that I finished this story for a purpose. 

There are so many people—men, women, and children—are walking this earth with heavy burdens.  I lived with the burden of my innocence being shattered.  It had taken me years to realize his actions did not define of who I am.

That’s why I find this story important for all to read. Not just for survivors, but to educate who had never experience the kind of shame and guilt that ones feels. 

I feel so strongly of this storyline that I’ve converted this into a play. I hope I can start the ball rolling in early 2012.  THE SHATTERED MOGUL needs to go beyond the pages of the book onto a stage. This is one of my quiet endeavors.  I’m praying more will come out of this project.

As I say all the time, this is only the beginning.
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