Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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Remember this name: TyLeishia Douglass 


Maybe the fact she's emerging as an up and coming online radio host, interviewing the newest talent and the hottest celebrities to this day. Perhaps, this Baltimore native has a true gift for words, crediting several titles to her resume. Or simply she has an innate, never-quit persona; an attribute she carried since a young girl. 

The beauty behind this high-spirit goes beyond her infectious smile, but convey an unwavering support to her peers. Douglass is a prime example of how building a network creates multiple success -- not just with her dreams but with others. It's an attitude of a true leader.

Imani: Pink Noire is proud to welcome, Author, Promoter, and Radio Host, TyLeishia Douglass in The Lounge. I'm so excited you're here! Before we proceed: Tell us what makes "TyLeishia Douglass" the woman she is today? 

TyLeishia: Let me take this time to thank you Imani Wisdom for having me, you’re an amazing soul.  What makes me the woman I am today comes from a lengthy line of mishaps, some tragedies, plenty of prayer and finding the power and strength to heal where I was and allow the growth in me to simmer over time and become a prime servant and learning always which keeps all the quintessential essence of what I display and live in my life today. What is that? A soul of light that triumphed through the darkness and demonstrates the light as it grows in my soul.  I remain humble which many have kept me by seeing them succeed, flourish and being helpers one to another.  If you can work together we all become better, this is what makes me the woman I am today.

When was that moment in your life you knew you were a writer?

This may sound strange but I still am not sure what that moment was. I have had some mentors who were very helpful and encouraged me to embrace myself as a writer but, you ever had something else inside you that you know is bigger or different from writing? Perhaps not if you are a diehard author LOL! I have not cancelled writing out as of yet but I was close to it! Ask me this question again after I belt out the few more books I have been trying to work on lol! I guess this one is a to be continued.

Whether on your radio show or in your books, you exude positive energy and inspiration. Where do you find this innate ability? Inspiration from others? Or from yesterdays life lessons?

Since I was a little girl anything dealing with television, plays, TV. I mimicked and was good at it lol! However my mother wasn’t fortunate to put me in music, acting, or any school for the arts.  I find the innate ability to exude positive energy through being told I was nothing if I did not succeed in anything I dreamed; I was told my name meant nothing so, I knew it was time to look inside myself and move away from the negative practice that surround me and sty on the heels of those who are positive and didn’t mind taking the time to reach out because I wasn’t the “elite”

My inspiration from others was a huge help yes and each day I learn something new it’s a life lesson for me to gain more, learn and apply what I have gotten from that lesson and never forget to practice daily in my life to breath in and continue and be as my good friend Rhona Bennett so awesomely says “Be In A State Of Allowance” when life lessons happen. I allow it to grow me and to share this positive energy, one must eat, sleep and breathe feeling good about their decision to live a positive life that works inside out.

It was this these things that I knew I mustn’t hold  the joy and peace that I found but share my life and what I have learned and many that can relate to life itself drove me towards being a radio host. I am currently in a Community College now to earn my AA degree in Mass Communication & Publication. I am ready to take the show to a higher level in hopes that I will have a live television show in the future.

I've read somewhere you've endured a Cancer scare? Share with us how you have overcome that moment, and how are you feeling today?

Yes, I had been taunted since the age of 14 years of age. They have found 3 lumps on my breast that miraculously moved and disappeared. Then when I was 23 they found several small cysts in the both areas of my breast and through prayer from churches and my belief in God, I knew that He had so much more for me to do and my time was not up yet. Then again it pops up this time was being followed for 2 years. It was this time I worked my faith though I can admit I was a bit nervous.  It’s called being human and we all have feelings.

I had put my energy into knowing that miracles do exists and they have on me plenty times before so I placed it in the capable hands on God and after 2 years there was no re-growth. I do have at times where I have to be tested for joint issues which they say have been contributed to what they call “Traveling Cysts”. But putting yourself in a position to keep healthy and stay fit and be good to your body will be good to you and even if you have to work through what is present, you are not your condition.  So, I say I am alive and well and I am presently in the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

"I allow it to grow me and to share this positive energy, one must eat, sleep and breathe feeling good about their decision to live a positive life that works inside out."

I want to talk about the titles of two of many your books: My Scars Are My Tattoos and My Words Are Going On A Diet. Explain how you came up with these titles and a brief description of their stories. 

My Scars Are My Tattoos came from my life experience which left marks. This short is stories about looking past what’s on the surface. Don’t want to give the mystery away ha!ha!

My Words Are Going on a Diet comes from learning when to speak and knowing that words make an impact on the soul good and not so good. This one is a story about words are food that feed the mind, body, soul and spirit. What proteins does your tongue house?

I like that! So while we're the subject about your writing. What's your methodology of a solid storyline?

Wow, that one is kind of hard for me to answer but I would have to say as soon as something happens, I weigh in on how to pick and choose the battle on an intriguing situation, fiction or non-fiction events.

If you were to invite one of your characters on your radio show, who would they be and why?

I would have to say LaViese because she is not afraid to speak about her life story and she prides herself on breaking her silence.

Speaking of your radio show, tell us more about "Jewels of the Universe and G.E.M.S. Online Radio Show". 

Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters (JOTU & GEMS) is a web based radio talk show on #BlogTalkRadio where I created a platform for ALL ARTS.

It's not enough to let awesome supportive beings just settle on social media alone, so I expanded us from a group I created back in 2010 made up of positive members who  were not afraid to spread their wings such as entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, etc. They are active, supportive and have a passion in creatively sharing their God given talents locally and on the airways worldwide.  I have a quote inspired by those who don’t allow fear to hold and bind their goals and not afraid to dream, “There is a million somewhere out there and your name is written in that space in the air. The world is painted in blue until they hear about you. So then let your light shine because it’s your time.”~ TyLeishia L.Douglass copyrighted material all rights reserved 2014.

JOTU & GEMS “Soul Light Supporters” (SLS) is what I call you when I invite you in my house, your home. You can join us on Thursday’s @6pmEST. Or call in to say hello to (SLS) and me your host that toasts to your success yours truly at 646.378.1552 we love to hear from you.

Of all of your guests, which one you would say is your most memorable one?

That is a hard one ha! I know I only have one choice so I can’t answer this one unless I can say ALL OF THEM.

“There is a million somewhere out there and your name is written in that space in the air. The world is painted in blue until they hear about you. So then let your light shine because it’s your time.”~ ©TyLeishia L.Douglass 

Now, what does "TyLeishia Douglass" have in store for 2015?

I am pursuing my AA Degree for Mass Productions and Communications at a Community College; I am trying to work on a few other manuscripts that I hope to get out at least 1 this year. I am working on a project with some really great partners but I can’t tell you about it just yet (wink) but it will be loved by all ages. I am in the gym to stay fit and working on expanding the show to help provide even more opportunities for promotions, connections and at some point having the show on more than once a week.

Finally, as an artist, we have muse(s) or person(s) we admire that help shape our craft. So, who is your inspiration and if they were here right now, what would you say to them?

I would say, “Imani Wisdom, you have inspired me to hold on and I have watched you grow almost overnight. After you were on my show I have learned how much more beautiful your soul truly is and I want to take this time to tell you thank you and encourage you to continue to reach as high as you are destined to go.”

“Rhona Bennett, you have taught me so much and I truly thank you for being the example of what and how to bring the true champion out in us all. I am blessed to have you as my friend, mentor and my biggest inspiration. With all you give it’s not in vein and its obvious by so many you have made a positive impact in the lives all across the globe. Thank you my Inspo Rhoney!”

“B. Alexander you have been my besty for over 14 years and counting and not once have you broken any trust or promises that you only spoke of  and not come through. If walls could talk you are one of them or that fly on the wall ha! For this I am truly blessed to have you in my life for ALL you do I love you very much for being a friend, sister, mom and just being you! No words can say just how much you mean to me in my life. Forever a power team XOXO!”

S. Wilson I appreciate how you were fitted into my life as a teen and will never forget you making some of my dreams come true. I love you and thank you for helping exercise positivity, believing, achieving, do right and treat others kind. You have been very instrumental to me and I won’t forget. XOXO!”

“JOTU & GEMS Community and those who have contributed in one way or another, I have learned from each and every one of you and appreciate all those who have and are supporters who believe in me. Some of you I watched you come through some very challenging moment whether it was losing a loved one, not feeling well and work through some hard times. You haven’t given up and so for this I have learned the strength in sharing, having the passion and drive to sacrifice to stay on point and I can go on and on but, I must and love as you all know my favorite 2 words, I have to say, “THANK YOU” you all have made an impact in my life and you are all so much appreciated.”

Thank you, TyLeishia. This has been a great interview. Tell the readers where they can purchase your work, as well as find you on the web?

I enjoyed it Imani! Thank you so much for having me! Readers can find my work on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, B&N, Nook. You can visit my website at it’s been a pleasure Imani! God Bless!

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