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President Bush, after a long....very long eight years, I am glad it's nearing the end. No more of the constant lies that came from your administration. No more of the shadiness. No more hearing your definition of torture. No more hearing your definition of "our civil liberties". I am glad I won't hear your justification of invading Iraq. Or watching you play dumb when the press core ask about "the fumbled intelligence"of invading Iraq.

And I am thrilled not to see Cheney, with his devilish grin, snoozing at your press conferences. Although, I do admire Condolezza Rice, as a strong black woman, I cannot agree with her politics. When she return back to Stanford, I hope she will come to her senses and speak the truth.

Believe or not, Mr. President, I was beginning to feel sorry for you. The most powerful man in the world that is the most polarized man the world. Maybe polarized is not strong enough...maybe hated. As of right now, your legacy is tarnished. From the debacle election in 2000 when you was selected to become the 43 president of the United States to Iraq to Katrina and the economy.

In Thursday night's farewell address the nation, you said, and paraphrasing, that some of your decisions you've made may not have been popular, but you felt it was the right choice for our nation. Also, it seemed you was trying to sell what you did the nation. I'm Mr. President, but I don't buy it. Especially what you've said in your last press conference. That was when my pity for you was merely a temporary.
I had hoped you had some regrets during your presidency especially with Katrina. Like many last week, I was pissed of what you said about the handling of Katrina. The federal government came in a timely manner? Mr. President, if only you show some more regrets, besides hanging that "Mission Accomplished" banner prematurely, you could have left from office with the little respect you have.

So now, this Tuesday will be the last day. My parting words for you.....BYE, BYE...don't let the door hit your ass, toodles, and good riddens.
I hope you can live your days in peace because over 4000+ soliders and their families cannot.

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