Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.


Thank you for your interest in “The Pink Noire Lounge to be a part of your blog tour journey. We strive to create a platform for all artists, including authors. Everyone deserves a right to have their art heard. So, we’re honored you’ve chosen (considering choosing) Pink Noire to showcase your talent. 

Before you proceed with the registration, we want to share an outline of ideas for your posts. Having a blog post of just your synopsis, book cover, and sometimes, the excerpt is great to pull in readers; but what about elevating it to unique choices?

Here are a few options:

Character Interview: You, the author, can create a character interview with the main or sub-character in your book. This is fun to do, and it may express interest in the reader on wanting to know more about your work. 

Guest Blog: As an author, I love to rant about people, places, and things. It’s what we do. And it’s the same for the guest blogger. You may write about why you write, who your characters are, and social topics related to your book. The floor is yours! However, we ask you not to use bigoted, racist, and homophobic/transphobic speech against an individual or a group of people. Pink Noire believes in free speech but we’re for equality, as well. 

Basic Q&A: This is a pre-written query, asking seven basic questions about your release. Your synopsis, book cover, and excerpt will be a part of the post. 

Deadline for all inquiries will end Friday, November 16, 2018.

Visit here to register. 

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