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A Brand New Courtney- A Shero's Journey From Being Broken to Being Blessed!

“The “make up” of Courtney M. Hawkins is that of one, who through sheer strength of will, finds a way to live through it all! From brokenness to blessedness, Courtney’s testimony is nothing short of a miracle. She has reached a place in her  healing process to be a blessing to someone else.” -Pastor Darrell L. Fairer Faith Bible Tabernacle, Buffalo, NY
Courtney Hawkins

We all are on a life journey, and Courtney takes us on one of healing, redemption and growing from being Broken to Being Blessed. “Dr. Courtney" new memoir, The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty is one every woman going through the journey of rebirthing and unmasking oneself should read. She shares how she healed with the grace of God and his mercy. She broke from the the bondage of self-hatred, guilt, self-hatred, guilt, shame, incompetence, depression, anxiety and thoughts about suicide. Her words will inspire you, encourage and motivate you to love yourself.

1.      Courtney, I would first like to thank you for allowing me to the opportunity to write an article about you. Could you give the readers the make-up of Courtney?

“Dr. Courtney” is a woman of passion, perseverance and vision. Her purpose is to coach and assist the broken hearted through their delivery and healing process. She is a Minister, Author, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Life Coach and Public Speaker.
“Dr. Courtney” is admired for her strength, courage and willingness to be very transparent about her flaws with hopes others may feel freed to embrace their own.  Her very straight forward and straightforward approach has her dubbed as the Dr. who’s “A tough pill to swallow”.

1.      What spark the idea to write a memoir and share your life story?
As an overcomer who has endured same-sex molestation, rape and a survivor of a fatal car accident that claimed another’s life, I understand how it feels to be broken. As a result, of these events, I was filled with self-hatred, guilt, shame, incompetence, depression, anxiety and thoughts about suicide.
Tired of hiding and determined to break free of mental and emotional bondage, I chose to surrender my fears and do the work necessary to live an abundant life. I selected to accept the transformational power of forgiveness, grace and mercy for my life which is legally bestowed to me as a child of God, and now I continually practice self-love while embracing my flaws and all.
This book is an eye into my diary of healing. I wanted to chronicle my life through my memoir while being optimistic that others would read it and uncover vital insights that will guide the reader into embracing their natural beauty. Also, with hopes that the reader will discover within the pages the written keys that will unlock their truth that can support them in setting themselves free.

2.      Share a little about The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty and why you chose that title?

Generally speaking “Makeup” has been used for countless generations to make oneself more attractive by masking their imperfections and flaws.  Flaws and blemishes can be an embarrassment to many people.  Because many of us lack the courage and confidence needed to accept and embrace our flaws we misrepresent ourselves by covering them with masks.
I chose to name the book “The Makeup of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty” because I wanted to remove my mask and expose myself so that others who witnessed my trials and tribulations would also know of God’s healing power.  I wanted to share my story so that others would be freed to embrace their flaws and share their own stories. 
3.       4. What words of encouragement would you like to share with women who are in the rut of life and feel like they will never recover?”
Here’s an excerpt from her Memoir The Make-up of Me: Embrace Your Natural Beauty and why you chose that title and Chapter “EMBRACELET.”

“Embracing the truth and letting go of the lies that I told myself was a process for me and remains a practice that I continue on a daily basis.  Just as I accept brand new mercies and grace for myself daily, I also make a conscious effort to embrace something positive and let go of something negative.   What lies are you telling yourself that you should let go of?  What truths do you need to embrace?”- Courtney M. Hawkins
Here are a few to consider…

Embrace                                                                Let go of
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made                  I’m flawed and imperfect 
I’m more than a conqueror                                I’m not enough
I’m unconditionally loved by the King                No one loves me

4.      What have you learned (or still learning) since being in the business of self-publishing?
 I’ve learned to trust myself and believe in my abilities. That with God’s guidance I can accomplish things that I didn’t know I was capable of doing on my own.

5.       Tell me a little about your company Broken Branches, Inc.?

 Broken Branches Inc. Provides a wide range of programming that pertain to an individual’s mental health.  Our Mission is to comfort those who mourn, restore healthy relationships, and increase mental health awareness in our communities with the hope that individuals live a more healthy, abundant and productive life.  Our Motto: Lean on us for your Life, Health, and Strength!

6.      Lastly, if you had to choose one person living or dead who would you like to have a dinner with?

I would love to have dinner with Karyn Washington. Karyn was the beautiful visionary behind the encouraging and uplifting website,   She created the forum to celebrate the beauty of darker shades of brown skin, to encourage women to embrace the skin they’re in. At just the age of 22, while finding it difficult to grieve the loss of her mother Karyn committed suicide.
I wish I were able to comfort her during her time of grieving.  I wish I could’ve told her that she can lean on me for her Life, Health and Strength. 

 You can follow her on FaceBook:

Thank you for allowing me as well as so many women share in your journey tragedy but teaching us to see that each struggle, each life changing journey is God's road map to your true purpose.  

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