Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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You might not have heard of Kandise Carlisle but I guarantee after reading this interview, you'll want to know more about her. 

This Alabama native developed her love of writing at a young age. In fact, her imagination grew strong enough to author her first novel, Open Heart with Closed Eyes, receiving outstanding reviews on Amazon. But this mother of two have many layers to her talent -- playwright, fashion designer, praise dancer, and businesswoman. Fortunately for Carlisle, the God-given gifts she been bestowed are only the beginning; 2015 will be full of surprises in the literary world. 

Kandise's sheer will should be an inspiration for "dreamers", proving it's never too late to grow up and be what you want to be. 

Imani: Today, The Lounge has a special New Year's treat. Joining me is author, playwright, and fashion expert, Kandise Carlisle for this one-on-one interview. Welcome Kandise, tell the readers about yourself?

Kandise: Thank You so much for giving me the opportunity of having this interview with you it's an honor. Well...Imani, who is Kandise? Kandise is a daughter, mother of two beautiful daughters, a sister, aunt mother-in-law and great friend. Humble, love God and family, a go-getter when I put my mind to something I go hard at it making sure that it's complete the way it should be. A writer, dancer, fashion lover and love to encourage others to go after what ever it is that they want to do.

When was that "ah-ha" moment you knew you were a writer?

I found my nitch for writing as a young child in the third grade. I would take a pen and begin writhing out plays I would let my teacher look at what I wrote she loved it. We begin to act out the play that I wrote so I would say it started with me in elementary school.

What's your writing process? Do you outline by chapter, or just go with the flow and write?

I just go with the flow Imani. Once I see the characters in my head and have that visualization of what's going on I get that paper and pen and begin to write.

From what I read of your work, you are immensely talented. Where do you find the inspiration to write such eloquence?

I find inspiration from personal experience, pain, joy and being a survivor. Each day driving in and outside of Alabama I see, hear and meet so many people with all types of issues. I can't help but be inspired to change a life through my writing.

Tell us more about your book, "Open Heart with Closed Eyes". What's the inspiration behind the story and its characters?

Open Heart with Closed Eyes was very touching to me. Even though it was six characters all having their own personal issues Sharon and Darryl were the main characters. Sharon, feel in love with a marry man not only did this successful woman fall in love with this man she became pregnant by him. These six characters had to go through something, but what happen God coms in and take place in their lives. What inspired the readers is that God reveal his self in this story. They all had to go and repent asking for understanding and help. The had to go back to a place where they left and that was the church. This book starts out hot, juicy and messes, but in the end God got the glory.
"Each day driving in and outside of Alabama I see, hear and meet so many people with all types of issues. I can't help but be inspired to change a life through my writing."
Now I understand one of your goals are to open a boutique for petite women, tell us more about that.

WOW!! this was nothing but God. KUBBS Fashion was create in March 2014 and in November 2014 God open a door of opportunity for me to be able to put my cloths in a beauty shop. I now not only shop and sell to petite woman but plus size women as well. Right now I share space in the beauty shop with another young lady that does jewelry and I do the cloths and shoes. But with Faith and continually prayer God will allow me to have a building of my own. I feel that all woman of size should feel and look beautiful in their clothing. If KUBBS could touch one petite or plus size woman and make them feel good and walk with confidence KUBBS have done her job. Just to let you know KUBBS stands or Kandise Unique Books and Boutiques.

Your faith is first and foremost in your life, and it shows in your work. But I'm fascinated with your other gift -- praise dancing. How did you discover this craft, or did it discover you?

Yes!! My love for dancing is like a high. I love it dearly it started with my mom she was a dancer she loves it and at the age of 88 she stills likes to dance. It plays a big part in my family. I was a dancer in high school in the band so that's something that I have in me dancing on all types of level to music. But praise dance is something more of a love to me the church that I belongs to I visit it one Sunday twelve years ago. They had these young ladies to come out and praise dance I was in awww when I saw up there dancing. I visit three more times and on the fourth time I join the church became a part of the dance ministry. As of March of this year I became the leader working under me I have to co-leaders and about thirty dancers ranging from 4-50 I have five different groups so I'm putting dances together just about every week except for the mimes dancer.
"I feel that all woman of size should feel and look
beautiful in their clothing. If KUBBS could touch one petite or plus size woman and make them feel good and walk with confidence KUBBS have done her job. Just to let you know KUBBS stands or Kandise Unique Books and Boutiques."

Where do you see your writing career going in five years?

See my writing career going to another whole level of being all over. Not only will you be able to purchase my book from my website, but stores even in my clothing store you will be able to purchase my book. I will be connecting with two other ladies getting our business going to you will be able to get books from there as well. I not only see it selling in the states but outside of the states as well.

What are "Kandise Carlisle's" literary plans for 2015?

My writing goal is to reach a broader audience. As an author I want to appear to all readers from various cultures, background and race. Writing is universal and my goal is to touch various souls.

On a relaxed note, if you were to plan a dinner party and invited three distinguished guests (living or not), who would they be and what one question you would ask of them?

Cicely Tyson- How do you prepare yourself for the roles that you play in movies?

Luther Vandross- Would you still be writing and singing love songs are retired from it now?

Thank You again Imani for having me.

Thank you, Kandise. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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What if I were to tell you a magnificent story of a woman who grew up in the New York foster care system, and then persisted through life to establish an award-winning and respectable publishing business. Lishone' Genovese -- author, editor, public speaker, and a mentor to many -- is that very woman. 

Just like the blushing heroine in a novel, Genovese had to walk her path to discover her calling. She worked various positions until she used her passion for books and created Zls Publishing in 2007. As CEO and author of several books, this New York native had set out a mission to serve self-published and traditonal authors on their literary dreams. Later as her business grew, so had her vision. The city where her own dreams began in Albany, New York had expanded to Los Angeles and Houston, Texas -- and she's far from finished. 

Lishone' is the epitome of the American dream, the swan from a time ago into a powerhouse Chief Executive Officer. The story she's creating everyday is the type you can't write without a gripping ending. Fortunately for Genovese, she's not ready to have one, because her narrative is not over. 

Imani: This is a big deal for The Lounge, because this week, Lishone' Genovese of ZLS Publishing is our guest. First off, welcome and it's truly an honor. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker. Share with us your impressive background, as well as the woman behind the award-winning publishing business?

Lishone’: I've been in book publishing since 1997. I got started in publishing after winning a writing contest for a small book publisher in New York City.  Part of my prize was writing for a national magazine they published. It was that defining moment that started it all. I wrote for that magazine for 10 years. I also worked for them and learned a lot about publishing, editing, and business. In addition to publishing, I worked as a Chief of Staff within the New York State Assembly. Although, I was great at writing, it wasn't what I initially wanted to do in my adult life. In my childhood, I had wanted to be a writer, but then again, I wanted to be a lot of things. In my adult life, I wanted to be a Supreme Court Judge. I initially worked with the law field and loved it. I have a passion for justice. I then went to work within the political arena and hated it. It was my stint at the Assembly that told me that this was not the career I was meant to have. I started at the Assembly as an Fellow, moved up to Committee Assistant. It was my second boss while a Committee Assistant who gave me issues. She was new, as my old boss who had hired me retired right after hiring me. My new boss came in and made sure to tell me she wouldn't have hired me, even though I was highly qualified. I was also the only minority in the whole department and she made it clear that she wasn't a fan of me because of that. She did think I was qualified enough though that she made me a trainer of the new people she hired. After training them and she promoting them for the third time, I was beyond pissed and was ready to quit. She called me into her office, told me I was smart, did a great job, knew this business, but if I wanted to get promoted I'd have to change my personality. My personality was good enough to train people, but it wasn't good enough to be promoted. In other words, she was telling me, I need to kiss ass, her ass if I wanted to get promoted. I grew up in the New York City Foster Care System. I don't know now, and didn't know then how to kiss anybody's ass. I worked hard to get where I was at and it didn't happen because I kissed ass, it happened most likely because of the opposite of that. I went back to my desk and prayed to show me my calling. I heard publishing. I said okay to myself, started looking for publishing companies, found none in my area at the time and decided to create my own. As for my boss, I showed her what changing my personality looked like. After I got my answer about publishing, I went for a walk. I ran into an Assemblymember who needed a Chief of Staff. I spoke with her and she hired me on the spot. The next day, I came into work and went straight to my new job. My old boss was pissed. I didn't stay too much longer because I opened my company. It was because of this drama I went on to my calling. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Tell us more about ZLS Publishing and its mission.

ZLS Publishing opened for business May 2007. The mission of ZLS is to help writers and authors. We are committed to the success of books, and the authors who write them. Our publishing model is designed to help all authors be as successful as they desire to be, regardless of whether we publish them or not. We have a traditional publishing division, and we provide self-publishing services to authors who desire to go the self-publishing route and need editing, cover design, interior book design, ebook formatting, etc. The traditional publishing division has five imprints. The imprints include the genres in which we publish traditionally, which include: Children and Teen/Tweens, Women's Lit and Contemporary Fiction, Paranormal/Paranormal Romance, Non-fiction, and Sci-fi/Fantasy/Thriller.  We are a publishing company that speaks openly and honestly to authors and aspiring authors. We don't believe in lying to authors because they'll find out the truth their experiences anyway, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed. So if we can answer their questions, give them some heads up, and just give them some tips, we believe we can help keep them from going through a lot of unnecessary things in publishing, especially if they listen to us.

I'm a fan of your articles on LinkedIn; they're informative for new and seasoned authors alike. One of the articles that had stood out titled, It's Great Time to Write a Book. Explain why that is so.

I am so glad you read my posts on LinkedIn. That's awesome to know. Thank you for that. This article was originally written in celebration of National Novel Writing Month in November, and even though this celebration is over, it is still a great time to write a book. Anytime you have a book inside of you itching to get out, it is a great time to write a book. There are also these benefits: 1)  It makes a great gift. With it being the holiday season, what better gift to give than your book. There are also anniversaries and birthdays, 2) Use your book to show what stands you out from the "rest of the pack." Show your uniqueness. 3) Use your book to create brand recognition. Write your book, tell your story, get noticed, and stay remembered. 4) Use it to start making different products behind it. Don't just write the book, but create spin-offs from them. Create audio books, home study kits, tele-seminars, coaching programs, DVD's, CD's, etc. to easily generate more money, and 5) Use the book to start going around to speak your message. Think back of the room sales.

They say that 80% of people believe they have a book in them. If you are one of those 80% don't keep the book in you, get it out. If you don't, it will hound you until you do.

What is the common mistake new authors make when it comes to self-publishing?

 Looking to get everything done for free or dirt cheap. With places like CreateSpace publishing for "free" and these so-called editors charging $1-$2 a page for editing, new authors go looking to get their book done cheap or for free. The problem with that is, that nothing of quality comes free or cheap. Apple products are not cheap or free, neither is Samsung. Why? Because they are quality products and so they cost. Anything made of quality is going to cost. It has been proven time and time again that cheap and free comes at a cost. Time and time again, we've seen authors pay double, triple, and even sometimes quadruple in pricing for everything from editing to formatting because they wanted cheap. They go cheap with one, that one messes them up, and instead of searching for quality and experience, they go to another cheap person, and keep repeating the same asinine habit until they've depleted their bank account, and can no longer afford to correct their book. Had they done their research, went with the right person from the jump, and spent their money wisely the first time, they could have avoided this always costly mistake.

 "Anytime you have a book inside of you itching to get out, it is a great time to write a book." - Lishone' Genovese

Since you're a developmental editor, what's your methodology of a solid storyline?

My methodology includes two things: whether or not the storyline makes any sense, and whether or not it evokes some sort of emotion. I've read some flatlined stories that are so methodical, they read like text books. I've read some story lines that made no sense at all logically or because they were too far-fetched to make any sense. Readers are intelligent, they are analytical, they are methodical. When they read, it has to resonate with them, it has to make some sort of sense. The moment they read something and is like, "Wait! What?" there is something wrong with the story. They will put it down and they might right a bad review on it. Too many authors underestimate readers, which is the worst thing to do. A story has to have a compelling storyline. It has to evoke emotion and it has to make some sort of sense, even if it's fictional.

Besides a solid storyline is its characters -- what makes a compelling character?

A compelling character is one who can invoke emotion from the reader. Your character needs to have some type of personality. They need to either be liked or hated, but they have to have something work liking or hating. They cannot be dry and have no personality. Those that do are disliked and written about badly in reviews. The time should be taken to draw out the character. That is vital. Just like in real life, people don't like people with no personality, the same goes when reading a book. You'd rather have a character that is disliked because of their personality, than have a character that is disliked because they have no personality.

From the writing process to a subject some authors would cringe, and that's marketing. Explain the difference between marketing and public relations.

Book marketing is the process of getting your book in front of the reader. It is also the combination of advertising, publicity, and distribution that gets the word out about your book. It is more than bookmarks and posters. It is more than book trailers and book tours. It is about building relationships using these three tools that get your book sold, and if the inside and outside is done well, (professional cover design, professional editing) you give your book a better chance of making the bestseller list. Book marketing focuses on encouraging people to buy the book. The goal of book marketing is to get sales. Book marketing is an entire plan that gets you and your book noticed. Public relations is just one tool used to market your book. It includes generating and crafting headlines for your book, planting stories about you or your book, finding a variety of placements, helping with creating content-hungry blog posts, accompaniment on tours, and creating social media campaigns to build buzz.

When we hear the word "branding", we may think of companies like, Coca Cola or Verizon; but what about authors? Why is it important to have a brand, and more of importantly, why is there a need to stay consistent? 

My hope is that when authors here the word branding they think of Zane, Maya Angelou, George Martin. While Coca Cola or Verizon are great brands, they are not the type of brands authors need to be focused on. Authors need to focus on author brands and learn from them. Your brand is what you are remembered for. Zane is remembered as an erotica brand. Maya Angelou is remembered for her poetic brand, and George Martin is remembered for his fantasy/sci-fi brand. It is imperative you get known for something. You can change things up. James Patterson started off writing crime thrillers for adults and ended up doing crime thrillers for teens. The author of Harry Potter did something similar. She started with teen books and switched to writing adult books. You can be successful at these things if you have a brand to begin with. Get known for something. Make people flock to you for something. Then they will buy anything you write, regardless of the genre or the target audience.

If a new or an aspiring author is reading this, how does one build a platform?

The first thing they need to do is get a plan. Like building a house, you cannot build one without a plan. You must have a plan! You cannot throw your dream at the publishing wall and hope it sticks. It's NOT! I'm telling you it's not, and it never will. If you think that you can stand out from the crowd and make it stick just because you threw something at it, you will see how disappointed you'll be. You have to have a plan. You have to have a thoroughly written out plan. Every author who has ever won an award, been nominated for an award, made the bestseller list of some sort did so because they had a plan. Having a plan works in publishing. You have a plan and you work on that plan. It is not enough just to write it down, you have to implement it. If you can't, you hire someone to help you implement it, like you hire a contractor to build your house. You want to get known, there are steps that have to be taken to do that. No one, unless they win the lottery gets known overnight. You create a plan, get a team and build from there.

Now let's talk about you -- Lishone' Genovese, which is a beautiful name by the way. You've published six books and have written for several magazines. Do you have plans to publish another book anytime soon?

I've actually published 8 books and have indeed written for several magazines. Right now, I'm focused on marketing my current book which is a step-by-step marketing guide for struggling authors and aspiring authors. It's that plan on building a platform I was just talking about.  It is a step by step guide on how to do that. In addition to the step-by-step guide on book marketing, it includes resources for authors on where to go to find readers for their books. I'm focused on marketing that and teaching authors and aspiring authors what's in that book.

Lishone' to the left
"Every author who has ever won an award, been nominated for an award, made the bestseller list of some sort did so because they had a plan. Having a plan works in publishing. You have a plan and you work on that plan. It is not enough just to write it down, you have to implement it."

I stand corrected: It's 8 books. Now, your colleagues and clients know of your honesty and professionalism. So when you're not wearing your CEO hat, what do you do to wind down?

When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my friends, being a mom to my daughter and working on my spirituality. I have one child, and she is 10, and she is into a lot of activities, and so that keeps me pretty busy. I'm hanging out with friends doing stuff like movies, playing spades, cooking with them and just overall relaxing. I am very much into the metaphysical and my religion is Santerian, and I spend a lot of time focused on keeping myself spiritually grounded. My friends and my daughter keep me physically grounded, and my religion keeps me spiritually grounded, and the combination of both helps me to wind down.

We all have that person(s) who have helped shape our craft. If that person(s) were here right now, what would you say to them?

My answer is going to surprise you. As I stated earlier, I grew up in the New York City Foster Care system where I had several foster mothers. One in particular would beat me every time she caught me writing or found something I wrote. She would tear up my bed or my room in her house looking for something I wrote, and when she found it, I would get beat. She had wanted to be an English teacher. She went to college but got pregnant and had to marry the father of her child, so she couldn't complete her degree and realize her dream. I came into her house writing everything. Writing was therapeutic for me, so I wrote. The fact that I could write drove her nuts. The fact that I would write, drove her nuts. It was her beating me that made me realize that I had a talent. No one puts that much effort into someone who they aren't jealous of in some sort of way. If I could see her again, I'd thank her. Her abuse made me want to be a writer. Her abuse was one of the reasons I hate injustices and was attracted to the field of law. She thought she was breaking me, when in fact she was helping to make me. So I'd thank her.

It's not surprising at all. Some time in our lives we consider as our worst, created us to be our best. I can vouch for that, as well.

So, what's in store for ZLSPublishing in 2015?

To grow it into a multi-million dollar company. I'm serious too. I have a New York office, and now I have a Southern California office. My goal is to continue to grow those offices.  I have a few authors with books coming out in 2015, which are great, and I have no doubts will be like my other authors who have been nominated for awards and made bestseller lists. The goal is to keep ZLS Publishing up to date with the latest happenings in publishing and to keep trends of that. The goal for 2015 is growth. That's the focus. Growing my authors, growing their brands, growing my company, growing my brand. It's the year of growth.

Thank you, Lishone' for this insightful interview. If anyone is in need for your services, where should they find you online, along with your contact information?

You can find us on our website, first and foremost-which is: You can then find us on twitter and our hashtag is: @zlspub. You can find us on Pinterest: and on Facebook. Facebook is:
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Tanisha Pettiford is the most fascinating interview since The Lounge opened its doors. This creative mind and owner of her graphic artist business, "Kreative Solutions by Mahogani" have impressed the literary world. Pettiford's ability to create original artistry without formal training is truly God-given -- and that's not her only talent.

This Maryland resident also uses the pen name as "Eboni Chase". She has already penned a couple of titles, including her anticipated future release, "Voices in the Dark" -- a powerful story about mental illness. 

But what impress me is Tanisha's passion on societal issues. Few authors would stray from controversial topics, but not her. She speaks her mind, and wishes for everyone to take change seriously and not just talk the talk, or walk the walk; but rather, be it.

Imani: Before we begin the interview, let me say how excited I am that you're in The Lounge. Now without further ado, tell the readers a little background of yourself -- who is Tanisha Pettiford? 

Tanisha: Thank you so much for having me and giving me the opportunity for this interview. Hmm, Tanisha Pettiford. Who is she? Well, she’s a Mother. A Wife. A self-learner. Sensitive yet strong. She’s a team player. She loves to motivate and inspire others to go after their dreams. She’s a go-getter. Loves to educate those willing to learn. She loves to create things from inspiration and loves to write.

Besides being a gifted author, you are also a talented graphic artist, along with a business called, "Kreative Solutions by Mahogani", tell us more about that -- what is its mission?

Kreative Solutions by Mahogani was established to assist Authors and Business owners on a budget. I didn’t set out to be a graphic designer, but I love to create. I love to put colors and themes together. The goal is to create brands for individuals that represent their brand or vision but don’t break their pockets.

So, how did you fall into the craft as graphic designer?

I designed my first book cover and everyone loved it. I learn something new everyday, designing came easy for me so I just learned more and more everyday.

Since I've known you, I've come to respect and admire your innovative spirit. With that said, your pen name fit you like a glove; it goes well with your personality. What made you decide to use "Eboni Chase" as a pen name?

First thank you so much. I originally had “Mahogani” as a pen name, and as life would have it, after enduring some hardships, betrayals, and a layoff, I grew. Not only as a person but as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a writer and a business woman. Eboni Chase just spoke to me. It stuck. The name screams, “Here I am.” She has so much to say and so much to share.

Now let's talk about your writing. Your upcoming novel, Voices in the Dark, talks of an issue many know too well, which is mental illness. Admittedly, the subject hits close to home as I've been diagnosed with clinical depression years ago. So, share with readers what inspired you to write this book?

Voices in The Dark was inspired by abuse my mom went through growing up. Though, she never suffered from mental illness, the emotional part of it effected her later on in life. Also things I’ve witnessed while living in North Carolina also inspired this book. So it covers a lot about physical abuse, emotional abuse, and abandonment between a mother and a daughter.

I want to go further with this topic, because mental illness has become a mere taboo in the Black community. Why do think that's so? Is it fear of being ostracized? Or, relying too heavily on religion instead of trusting the mental health community?

I think it has a lot to do with fear of being ostracized. I don’t think it’s about religion at all. But the fear of being excluded from your own community or even family can be frightening. Surprisingly, there are more help and resources about domestic violence than there is mental illness and until we speak up, this will continue.

This is a question I ask to most of my guest: Are you character or plot driven, and why?

I am character driven. I used to be plot driven until I realized that I myself am always changing. I love writing stories about overcoming and learning to live again.

"But the fear of being excluded from your own community or even family can be frightening. Surprisingly, there are more help and resources about domestic violence then there is mental illness and until we speak up, this will continue."

What's your methodology of a solid character?

I will study and list all attributes of my characters before actually starting my novel. Something I learned to do with my second book.  It helps with my character development. In order to have a solid character, you must have some real attributes.

Please share with us a brief description of your titles and their main characters.

My first book “The Soul of Toya Daniels” main character is Toya Daniels. She is strong, confident, loves her family and has a business sense that can beat any man in the boardroom.  My second book which is a short story, is “Sweet Revenge” where the main character Lacey moved to a new state, new place and new position to get over her ex in which he never gotten over her.

Of all of your characters, which one you would like to give a one-on-one interview and why?

Toya Daniels! Hands down! She is a woman after my own heart. She takes no mess from anyone yet she is the most giving. She’s intriguing, sexy and well educated. She would be fun to interview.

Okay, I have to ask you the next couple of questions because you're very opinionated when it comes to social issues, like me, which is good; I love the honesty. So I won't ask your initial response when Ferguson's prosecutor read the grand jury's response. I'm sure you have had thousands of emotions swimming inside of you. I would like to know where do we go as a community? How can we bridge the gap between the police and its citizens?  

Use your voice. Your voice is your power. Unless we are united in one voice and speak collectively on the real issues at hand, nothing will change. Protest peacefully if that’s what helps. But be a voice. There’s so much power in speaking out that we don’t even realize. Start something positive towards a change. But again, until we do that, and if we remain quiet, nothing will change.

What's new for "Tanisha Y. Pettiford" in the new year?

Two New fiction Novels, My memoir, An Inspiring T-Shirt line, inspiring motivational events, a new blog, and a community magazine.

"Use your voice. Your voice is your power. Unless we are united in one voice and speak collectively on the real issues at hand, nothing will change."

Tell us one thing you haven't shared with your readers. It can be a quirk, a favorite food, or a hidden talent. The floor is yours.

I love to bake and learn new recipes to try.  I also have a love for different hairstyles, nail designs and hair products. I love to read motivational books as well.

Now on a relaxed note: If you were to plan a dinner party and have extended the guest list with three legendary figures (living or not), who would they be and what one question you would ask them?  

Oh wow! Good question! My top would be Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Poitier, and Beyonce. I would love to ask simply, “What life lesson motivated you for the better?”

Thank you, Tanisha! This has been an awesome interview. Please share with the readers where they can purchase your work, as well as seeking professional services for graphic designing?

Thank you so much! Well for all of my books  “The Soul of Toya Daniels and Sweet Revenge” you can purchase on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Google Play format (paperbacks coming in January). For any professional services you can visit my website:
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When Size Doesn't Matter, Even if They're Excerpts

Cedric released several groans in between heavy breathing. He liked my curious tongue. I pumped the shaft of his cock with my mouth as my tongue licked the tip. I lived to play tongue games with a stiff dick. 

"OH FUCK AAH AAAAAH" he grunted. I kept swallowing not wanting to waste a drop of the creamy liquid that coated my throat. I didn’t release him until his uber sensitive dick was milked dry. My feast came to an end as I let his wet dick drop out of my mouth grazing my chin leaving a pearly sparkle.

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Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the owner of DivaBooksInc., the author of several titles including the hit novel, And Even If I Did and a literary consultant and promoter. 

As the host of Writer’s Life Chats, an online radio show, Green interviews aspiring and seasoned authors. Writer’s Life Chats has been nominated multiple times for Best Blog Talk Show, winning the title in 2010 and 2011 .Green is also a avid reader and book reviewer whose reviews have appeared on Urban Book Source, Shelfari, Goodreads, Amazon and other notable sites. 

As a firm believer in “each one, teach one,” Green launched Literary Jewels, in 2011, an online resource for aspiring writers interested in self-publishing. Green has also participated in numerous panel discussions on the topic of publishing. 

Currently Green is a contributing writer for for a number of sites, including Becoming A Successful Author. 

Follow Kisha:


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If you are a writer, author, or a contributing factor to urban literature, you may have heard the name Kisha Green. 

The owner of DivaBooksInc, a service providing public relations to authors, Green has penned many titles, including her steamy short "FeFe's Freaky Tale". She is also a strident promoter and a literary consultant, as well as a public speaker and an award-winning, radio host to the show,Writer's Life Chat. 

Besides her awards and notable accolades, this New Jersey native has won the respect by scores of her peers. Authentic, inspirational, and supportive were words that have been expressed by many of them. However, one word adhere to the obvious reason as to why she's December's featured artist -- genuine. 

Kisha Green's unselfish drive to build platforms for new and seasoned authors have not gone unnoticed. Her determination reflects broadly beyond urban literature, but echoes in mainstream as well. This rare jewel proves just how effective leadership is suppose to be. 

Imani: It is an honor to have the woman with many talents, Kisha Green in The Lounge. Let me say first thank you for accepting the invitation. I've followed your career in the last few years, and I am mighty impressed with your accomplishments. So with that said, what's your story -- who is Kisha Green?

Kisha: Thank YOU, Imani it is a true honor to be featured by your website. Who is Kisha Green….Hmmm…She is a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, writer, blogger, literary consultant, book reviewer, publisher, online radio hostess, virtual assistant, author promoter and publicist.

There is so much to ask you, but one I want to get out because I'm sure every artist have gone through this: When was that "a-ha moment" when you knew you were a writer?

I do not think I had that moment as a writer but a few weeks ago I was at a book signing for a colleague and when I went to the register the staff knew me without me having to say a thing and they immediately praised me for all of the hard work I do for my clients and told me to keep up the good work, that for me made my day. I entered this industry in 2006 and I have been trying to find my way and that was a great moment for me.

You have an inspirational story of overcoming challenges, including family loss of loved ones. So I won't ask how have you overcame those dark moments because you're a thriving today as a respectable businesswoman. I want you to share with us if those challenges were a motivating factor to your success.

My challenge was when my mom died while I was writing my debut novel, And Even If I Did and after her death I went into a depression and did not want to finish the book. After a nine month hiatus I just woke up one day and decided I had to finish and make my mother proud in heaven.

For those who don't know, you have a business called "DivaBooksInc -- specializing to promoting authors, and you're a publisher, as well as a public speaker, radio talk show hostess, and a mentor to so many novice and seasoned authors. How in the world do you have the time to write and still create great work?

I multi task!!! Lol…I am always busy even when I think I am not. I am constantly making notes or completing projects, sending emails and etc. All I need is my cell phone and I am good to go!

I've read somewhere that you told the story of being new to the industry, and you had a hard time getting help from other authors. Explain what was that like, and how did it grow you as a writer and businesswoman?

I entered the industry in 2006 and no one wanted to help me and I made a promise then to never be those type of people. I remember wanted to get interviews and no one would feature me on their online radio shows, so I created my own, Writer’s Life Chats and I interviewed authors just like me. I also wanted to be featured on websites and got nowhere so I created, Writer’s Vibe which is now known as Literary Jewels and again I wanted to help authors just like me. I know it is hard juggling life, work and literary so I offer quality services with very reasonable rates.
My challenge was when my mom died while I was writing my debut novel, And Even If I Did and after her death I went into a depression and did not want to finish the book. After a nine month hiatus I just woke up one day and decided I had to finish and make my mother proud in heaven.
So basically, you’ve created your opportunities? Is that key for new authors?

Yes, after being rejected so many times I decided that failure was NEVER going to be an option for me and I would no longer concern myself with people telling me no, as I was too busy creating my own yes! I am not saying that everyone who tries this approach will be successful but this is the path Kisha took and it works.

Now let's talk about the industry itself. I occasionally hear complaints from readers that Urban Lit's storylines are sounding the same. What's your opinion on the matter, or is it much ado about nothing?

There are a lot of recycled storylines and I do not understand that because as a writer you have total creative freedom to write about anything you want, so why not do just that. As a book reviewer it can be boring to keep reading the same story just a new cover and characters.

Some have said bouncing from one genre to another can hurt your relationship with readers. Do you agree or disagree with this, and why?

I think it can strengthen it. I think it shows versatility and a creativity and readers can see that they think outside the box when it comes to writing.

Do you believe mainstream treat urban literature fairly -- and what I mean by "fairly", I mean, not taking the genre seriously in terms of its stories and its authors?

Yes and no…Some Urban lit authors are great story tellers and there are some who just copy a certain style. Whereas this is the platform for them to demonstrate their talent.

I decided that failure was NEVER going to be an option for me and I would no longer concern myself with people telling me no, as I was too busy creating my own yes! I am not saying that everyone who tries this approach will be successful but this is the path Kisha took and it works.

Given the fact that every author starts off as a "newbie", why do think most seasoned authors won't give a helping hand to the novice ones?

I do not think that it is intentional, I believe that it can be overwhelming with many new authors asking questions and getting advice and still doing the exact opposite. Like the saying goes…You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink it.

What's your methodology of a solid storyline?

Proper character development, a perfectly executed plot, mixed with a sprinkle of suspense and drama to keep the reader engrossed.

Share with the reader each title of your books and a brief description of the stories and its main characters.

FOOL NO MORE: Unlucky described Leslie Kennedy's love life until she met Malcolm Daniels. Malcolm was the epitome of fine with a lucrative career in public relations, he was a dream come true. Little did she know the secret he harbored would change their lives forever.

PLEASURE PRINCIPLE: Laci wanted the finer things but could not afford it being a waitress, so she decided that being a call girl would cushion her pockets faster. As her bank account does increase there is someone plotting on her demise? You often have to be careful of karma because she is a bitch and you never know when she might appear to cause havoc and chaos. Like the saying goes, revenge is dish best served COLD!

TIL LIES DO US PART: Morgan and Justin are a happily married couple—or so it seems. Dissatisfied with her marriage and trying to fill that void, Morgan decides to add some excitement to her life with frequent visits to the Web. With a new found lust for online chat, Morgan begins to live a double life when she meets Andre, the man of her dreams. In her mind, Andre is her savior and he could do no wrong. That is, until her online world becomes her new reality and secrets are revealed that make her begin to doubt herself. Caught in a love triangle like no other, Morgan discovers that all is fair in love and war, until lies do us part

FEFE’S FREAKY TALE: Feona "Fefe" Walker has only one thing on her mind-pleasure. Before her love can come down, she must select a man to quench her body's insatiable appetite. NOTHING is off limits in her quest for pure sexual ecstasy.

You are versatile when it comes to genres. Do you have a favorite?

I like drama period! If it is in a romance novel,mystery or suspense just give me some page turning, jaw dropping reading material and I will read it.

Since in you're in public relations, which of your characters you find intriguing to promote to the masses, and why?

I would say FeFe from FeFe’s Freaky Tale because she is a full freak and holds nothing back and many see a title like that and or read the synopsis and think she is me, when she is just a made up character.

Are you character or plot-driven, and why?

Plot driven…I need to know the book will keep my attention so the more drama the better and a good plot makes sure of that.

I got to ask this: what is the one person in the industry you would love to collaborate with, and why?

I cannot pick just one, so I would say Al-Saadiq Banks, J.M. Benjamin and Jackie Collins because they all have a writing style that is unique and they create magic throughout the pages.

What you know now as an experienced author, what would you say to yourself if you could go back in time to meet "Kisha Green" the young writer?

Invest in a QUALITY editor and everyone in the industry does not have your back nor support you.

Well, let's talk about editing then. Those who are new to the business, how do you find that quality editor?

Network with your colleagues and ask them who they used and when reaching out to a possible editor ask for references and once you get them, contact them and ask questions. Check out their books on Amazon and see what the reviews are saying. Also many must keep in mind, just because it may cost a lot that does not guarantee  you are getting quality editing but also do not think editors come cheap either. When planning to self publish you must set a realistic budget and that includes a editor, your editing should cost more than your book cover. I know many editors but I only refer people to the ones that I have used and was satisfied with. Let me also share that a proofreader is NOT an editor.

And speaking of new writers and authors, what words of advice do give to the people who are new to the business?

Research…Research…Research and oh yeah RESEARCH!

We all have that person(s) that helped shaped our craft. If this person(s) were here right now, what would you say to them?

I would simply say THANK YOU for taking the time to explain the writing process to me and having patience as I attempted to try it.

As we near the interview, I would be wrong and not ask about your future projects. So what's on the horizon?

I will be releasing a full novel in late 2015, which is major for me since I haven’t released a full length novel since 2009. I am truly excited about that project.

And finally, describe in word Kisha Green's work.


Thank you once again for joining me in The Lounge; it's been truly an honor. Please, share the with the readers where they can purchase your work, as well as finding you on the Web.

The pleasure was all mine and on social networks I can be found;

Instagram: @KishaGreen

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