Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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Danica Worthy: The "It" Factor

Have you met someone and you knew instantly they had “it”?

I’m not talking of a "Beyonce-it" or "Halle Berry-it"; but the type of “it” that moves you through words – touching down to the bare soul. I’ve read lots of inspirational works written by some of the best, and yet not one has ever spurred an immediate reaction of researching the author. Of course I wasn’t surprise to discover her surname was “Worthy” – a perfect name to this galvanizing writer.

I also had the pleasure to finally chat with this talent on the phone. We have talked of everything from: our work, to family, and to life in general. Our 90 minute conversation was more than a business call, but a relaxing conversation with two women sharing a common thread.

Imani: Danica, I'm so honored you have accepted the invitation to join me in the Pink Lounge -- welcome. First off, let me ask the question I ask all of my guest: What makes Danica Worthy the woman who she is today?

Danica: Great Question. I am a woman who has and will continue to transform. My life's experiences, family and those I've come in contact with all play a role in my womanhood. I hold many roles and each one I take seriously. I like to think that I AM another one of God's beautiful unique creations taking the world by storm.

Imani: With all of your distinguished titles: motivational speaker, substance/mental health counselor, spiritual counselor, and author, I'm interested of how spiritual counseling became a part of your journey, and what does a spiritual counselor actually do?

Danica: My grandmother was a spiritual counselor and I believe this gift was passed down. A spiritual counselor is one with great listening abilities who's objectives may be to help others define life's purpose, overcome obstacles, connect with their inner spirit, and or to define what spirituality means to them. It really is a personal journey that I am allowed to help guide someone on.

Imani: That's a powerful gift. So this innate ability has lead you to where you are today. As I've learned, some people are born with it and some aren't. Do you agree?

Danica: I believe we're all born with this gift some are in tune with it instantly, some are taught to tap into their inner spirit, and some never find it.

Imani: From what I read of your work, I say you are one of the most prolific writers I know. Having said that, at what age you knew you were a writer? And how did it lead you to write such motivating and inspiring work?

Danica: I began writing approximately the age of 14 in journals. I was writing as a means to express myself freely without judgement or getting into trouble (lol). Writing has always been a safe haven for me I could say what I wanted without reprimand. When I began to share my work and saw how it made others feel it led me into writing not only for myself.

Imani: Now you have recently had to face a challenge that many women face some time in their life, which is Breast Cancer. Share with the readers, not how you felt when you heard the diagnosis because it's pretty obvious hearing "cancer" and your name in the same sentence is like synonymous with "fear and anger"; but share how it changed you as a person, and the way you view the world now?

Danica: I was changed in how I looked at life. I realized what I knew as life could be over and I had not even touched the surface of fulfilling my life's purpose. I had lost friends who had suffered from the disease and I wanted to bring awareness to not only cancer but other issues as well. This experience taught me that awareness is a vital component when it comes to our health, treatment, funding, and resources.

"I realized what I knew as life could be over and I had not even touched the surface of fulfilling my life's purpose."
Imani: Physically, how are you feeling to this day?

Danica: I affirm that I am 100% healthy everyday. I believe as I develop that mindset my body will eventually follow. I have had many health challenges and have had to incorporate radical self care. I'm loving how we can visualize a thing and soon it will immediately follow.

Imani: Let's change the subject a bit, and talk about the anthology you have collaborated with other talented authors: Deidra DS Green, Tammie T. Bell-Davis, and Jamila Gomez. Tell us more about this project, and how did the ladies and you made this idea into a reality?

Danica: I met these ladies via social media and we were a fan of each other's work. As we began to build relationships, we wanted to put a project together at the conference call; we all agreed on the subjects Cancer/ Bullying. We all had been directly or indirectly affected by both.

Imani: Have you been a victim of Bullying? If so, did it ever create a self-conscious within you and how did you turn it around?

Danica: Yes! I chose the route of being a peacemaker or agreeing with everyone to stay safe. What I realized through awareness is that there are many types of bullying i.e. workplace, cyber, indirect, or mental. How I began to turn that around is by exposing the party involved. Bullies hide behind their toughness, and titles. When I mastered the art of becoming aware I understood that I can change anything.

 Imani: Our journeys are filled with the unexpected -- the highs, the lows, and at times wanting to succumb to the adversity and give up; but not you. Where do you find the strength to pursue your dream, despite life's challenges?

Danica: I believe I get my strength and resilient spirit from my mom. After experiencing loss after loss, health issues, depression I had to ask God for mental fortitude. I utilize all the tools I've accumulated over the years to get me through when I come face to face with challenges.

"After experiencing loss after loss, health issues, depression I had to ask God for mental fortitude. I utilize all the tools I've accumulated over the years to get me through when I come face to face with challenges"

Imani: As an artist, we have muses and person(s) we admire help shape our craft. So, who is your inspiration and if they were here now, what would you say to them?

Danica: Wow my dad and my grandmother. I would tell them thank you for their love, wisdom, and guidance. I would tell them that even though they're not physical here I have apart of them in my heart.

Imani: Tell us one thing you haven't shared with your readers. It can be a quirk, a favorite food, or a hidden talent. The floor is yours.

Danica: I am very shy so I created a alter ego to get me through those trying moments when the shy anxiety creeps up. I also think I was a comedian and singer in my past life lol.

Imani: Now on a relaxed note: If you were to plan a dinner party and have extended the guest list with three legendary figures (living or not), who would they be and what one question you would ask them?

Danica: I would invite Marvin Gaye, Maya Angelou, and Goddess Isis.

I would ask Marvin his thoughts on the world today.

I would ask Mother Maya for one wisdom nugget to carry me through my journey.

I would ask Goddess Isis for one ancient Egypt secret.

Imani: Finally, what future projects do you have in store?

Danica: I will be releasing my book Suffering In Silence as well as a ebook of Affirmations. I will be expanding my brand to further empower women to live a fulfilled life holistically with a voice that roars.

Imani:  Danica, as we conclude the interview, tell the readers where they can purchase, The Sisters' Fight, and your other work, as well as finding you on the web?

Danica: You can find me on:

My website is forthcoming.


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Great interview with Danica! She is an inspiration!

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Danica, this was an awesome interview! I can't wait to post Tamyara's on Friday.

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