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When I wake up every morning and see you by my side, I realize….with a tear in my eye….that I’m blessed. Not blessed because God created a unique being just for me, but blessed that you’ve given me a reason to wake to a new morning with a simple smile; nothing less.

Simplicity is what I like. You don’t have to try hard to prove anything to me. Your touches gently sway in me your arms, feeling the warmth of your skin and the beating of your heart is enough for me to exhale gratitude of pleasure.

I feel as though I’m in the arms of an Angel. Your love takes me beyond places only I can dream. Flying high among a cloudless fantasy; soothingly kissing me as if you were afraid to break me. But that’s okay. Your ways is another reason why I fell in love with you each and every God-given day.

My love for you isn’t anything I have felt before. Its goes well above an overwhelming feeling in the midst of my soul. Or those imaginary butterflies that swims inside and curl my toes. It’s when you’re not around, I feel my breath wants to cease because I can’t get you out of my mind. Your image, your sweetness, your aura…..Baby, you’re everything rolled into a pristine one. I’m your vividly blue sky and you’re my radiant sun.

I’m not material nor will I ever be such a strong woman that showing a little vulnerability will be going out of my norm. I want to share a softer side of “me”, but loving you dearly in my arms. I’m tired of being just a strong black woman; I want to be “a” woman who will always walk by her man’s side. Never walk ahead or lag behind.

These words are more than poetry; they’re my beautiful suffering I feel inside. Writing this….my emotions are suddenly painted before my eyes. You’re my Picasso painting; an artistic expression with glee. I mean what I say that I am truly blessed to wake beside, a beautiful Angel, next to me.

I hopelessly, deeply, love you, baby!

© Tamara “Imani” Wisdom
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