Imani Wisdom's brainchild -- Pink Noire Publications -- has been known for her unpredictable style of storytelling. Now its founder is expanding the "pink and black" brand to shine on prolific artists. From the inspirationalist, Danica Worthy to bestselling author, Stacy Deanne, Pink Noire understand these talented individuals know how to express their craft through words, song, dance, and stroke of a brush.

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LaToya Murchison was born and raised in Southern Pines, NC and started writing poetry as a junior in high school.  LaToya found that writing allowed her to be creative and eventually discovered her interest in becoming a published author.  After graduating from high school and uncertain of her career path, she attended and received an Associate Degree In Office Systems Technology from Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, N.C.

LaToya’s life has been filled with very colorful people and experiences. With the stress of battling health issues and the loss of loved ones in her life, LaToya found writing provided her with a source of therapy and healing. LaToya serves as Media Director and Children’s Ministry Assistant at Love Grove Free Will Baptist Church.
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Imani: Welcome to the Lounge. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker and begin with your story, just who is LaToya Murchison?

LaToya: Hi Imani and thank you for having me as a guest in your Lounge. I would describe myself as being seasoned and I say that because I am a mixture of many different things. I am a woman of God, a daughter, sister,  author, poet,friend, aunt, and caregiver to many.My passion is helping to build up and inspire others in everything that I do.  My life has not been easy and I have experience a lot of hurt, lost, pain, and sickness. The one thing that remined the same is God’s love for me. For most of my life dating back to when I was a young child I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. They never were really able to tell my parents what was wrong with me. At the age of 18 the doctors gave me what they thought was a death sentence and stated that I would not live to be 25 years of age. Little did they know God turned that death sentence into a life that I am still living almost 20 years later.  My hope is that God continues to use me as one of his chosen vessels to speak to his people about how good he is, and that he allows my life to be a living testimony.

Tell us more about your latest project. What's the inspiration behind this book?

My latest project is called Poetic Expressions which is a collection of poems that I have written over the years. Some of the poems are from my own personal experience and the rest family and friends asked me to write. For example the poem called Grandma was written on behalf of my sister after her grandma passed a few years ago. She asked me to write something that showed how much she loved and missed her. My sister is actually the one that pushed me into publishing this project because she said they needed to be shared with the world. She tells me all the time that my heart come out and shines through everything that I write.

Briefly, explain what makes your book different from the vast choices in the same genre?

What makes my book differentbfrom others in this genre is simple. They are my personal experiences and conservations that I had with others. My inspirational poems are my personal consetvations with God.

What were the challenges of writing this book?

The only challenge with writing my latest book was choosing which poems I wanted to include in the book. It was important  tomake sure that each poem fix my message and there was something everyone could relate too.

Everyone has a testimony and usually, that testimony is linked to some type hope. So, what’s your definition of this beautiful word?

At the age of 18 doctors stated that I would not live to see the age of 25. With God’s continue grace and mercy over my life I will turn 37 years old on August 2. Over the past few weeks my health has fallen but the hope that I have in God is what keeps me going. Hope is knowing that God has not given up on me and he has allowed me to live far longer than the doctors quoted to me. Hope is knowing this is just the beginning and not the end. Hope is knowing that though God’s I am healed and delivered because of his love, daily grace and mercy.

Tell me your hope in a few sentences.

My hope is that through sharing my past and present with others will encourage them to stand tall and walk into their futures knowing the best is yet to come. My hope is to be able to keep smiling and trusting in God no matter what I may face. My hope is to keep standing and shining when others say I should just give up.

Professionally or personally, where do you see yourself in five years?

In the next 5 year I see myself finally having my non-profit organization up and running which is called REACH Community Services. REACH Community Services is a organization that offers help to all persons in need. It was established with caring people, with innovative programs to empower men, women and children. We strive to inspire, enable and educate young people from all backgrounds and circumstances to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. REACH stands for (Respect*Encourage*Assist*Commit*Hope). I also see myself as a nationally known author who travels the world empowering and encouraging others.

Share with us, your motivating song that gets you going?

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow by Kelly Price

A Praying Heart



You woke me up this morning to have a better day. Instead of praising you I disobeyed you and at times I am not sure what I am supposed to do. The sound of your name rings in my heart and I hope that it never stops.

Lord I pray that you forgive me for all my sins. Forgive me for passing judgement on others. Teach me to have forgiveness in my heart for those who have mistreated me. As you lead me to the riverside to leave all of my trouble behind. I look to the future instead of my past. Thank you for blessing me with the talent to express my feelings through your loving words. Lord it took me a long time to realize my gift now that I have I promise to use it to uplift your people. Thank you for teaching me that I had to fall before I would be able to walk and stand tall. Lord thank you for being the lover of my soul and the joy in my life. When I was down you allowed me to sit on your shoulders until I was able to get up and stand on my own. Lord with all that I am I offer up this prayer today and every day to come in. You precious name. Amen

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I’m baaaack…well, sort of!

I'm back as far the ebook fairs and overseeing my Facebook group, but The Lounge’s first interview for the season has been pushed to next week. I've learned over these few months since I opened the Lounge's doors, that trying to do too much at once is not impressive, just dumb. And for that, I've scaled back June's interviews while focusing on several projects. So my superwoman's cape is breakable after all.

Now let's talk about June's featured artist. In the past, I've announced the chosen artist by the realms of social media and email blasts. This time I'm turning the tide and have taken a different direction. I discovered that artistry does not have to be a person. And for that, the Featured Artist for June is Hope.

Why hope?

Well, why not. Most of you know I have another project in the works that include talented authors and their testimonies about their hope. So this is only a kickoff to what's to come.

Also, and more importantly, I have a few surprises up my sleeve for the summer, especially for July -- my birthday month. My goal is to have guest bloggers fill the calendar and discuss their project, along with their definition of hope and testimonies.

If you're interested with both projects I've mentioned, give me holla in my inbox: I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a blessed day,

Imani Wisdom
Founder and President of

Pink Noire Publications, LLC
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