I wanna be kiss as if I'm being kissed for the first time

I wanna feel his soft lips onto mine

I wanna feel that electricity shoot through my spine

And feel a sincere pleasure; enough to make me cry.

One kiss is all that will take for me

That kiss that can make me quiver at my knees.

That kiss that make my body shiver all over me.

That one kiss that can put the world in slow motion.

That one kiss can cause my insides to melt like shimmering lotion.

Yeah, that one kiss that can says it all.

The kiss that cause you to forgive that you're big or small.

I wanna that kind of kiss

A kiss that's hard to miss

Something after first time; I won't ever forget

It's a kiss when I close my eyes I'm in a new realm

And after me kissing him I will not do a "kiss and tell"

Cause I'm not going to share….

This extraordinary tale

It'll just be between my lips and his

It'll be a tale of an extraordinary kiss

I wanna stop imagining this intensity..

And go after what's coming to me

That kiss that comes once in a lifetime

That will be ingeniously passionate and sweet.

And yet, a kiss can lead to other things.

But that don't have to be.

A kiss….oh that sweet kiss, is enough to be desired

Let's take a moment to enjoy this before we take it higher….

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