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She worked in the field
as tribulation
and perspiration has
become a commonplace.
leered as a second-class
citizen because of her race
skin as rich as a cocoa bean,
working under the brutal sun
diverging her mahogany beauty.
tireless wonder looked up
to the sun
the Lord's Prayer
wanting a miracle breeze
through the air
"Freedom' she prayed,
"Is all I care".

From each passing day
she adapt rigorious challenges
throughout her way
tolerated abhorrent and prejudge
insults instead of her name
tolerated soar bosoms of nursing
the massa's kids
tolerated the thrusting of the
massa's hips
with her coal, black eyes
she looked up at the stars
one night
and sighed
with a whisper,"Freedom is why!"

More passing days
she admired the rain
that falls free
on the grassy nolls and trees
quenching mother earth
one day the rain continued
to her amaze her
she stepped off her porch
with a spin and turn
feeling each water droplets
glisten her black skin
her clothes, her plaits
were soaked and
she raised her arms
to the ominous sky
her eyes welt up
and began to cry,
"Freedom is what
needs to be
give me strength for me
to be me
I may be someones
slave, but freedom will
come for me someday"


© Unique Jaii, 2007, All Rights Reserved

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