James Scott was born in Buffalo New York. He endured the toughest streets, prison, and near death. Through the grace of God, he was given a second chance to relive his life through different circumstances. After enrolling into ITT-Technical school majoring in information technology, James began following his dreams of writing. He hopes to entertain the world with the tales of the dark side. Today, he resides in Georgia.
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Imani: Pink Noire is pleased to welcome prolific author, James Scott, to The Lounge. Now, James, I want to ask you right off: What aspired you to write, and how long have you taken up the craft?

James: First and foremost, thank you for this interview. It’s always a pleasure to know that someone out there it’s following my work. It’s an honor to be here. I’ve always loved to write. Even as a kid, it was an outlet for me when I became angry or wanted to get my point across without being interrupted. I only began writing professionally 11 years ago while doing prison time. I love to read books like Mario Puzo, James Patterson, Harold Robbins, and Sydney Sheldon. When Triple Crown Publications came out, I was on top of every novel printed. It was then that I decided to write my first novel, Buffalo City Czar.

Buffalo City Czar received stellar reviews -- and really, it's still the talk of the industry since its release in 2013. So what inspired you to write the novel?

I’m very much honored to receive the honest and credible reviews I have for Buffalo City Czar. So far, 17 5 star reviews. After reading countless urban novels, I saw my story unfold right before my eyes. I didn’t want to write just another “Urban Hood Novel” and nor do I consider it to be. So I kept my focus on writing a Crime Thriller. Although Buffalo City Czar is about African Americans and the drug trade, its purpose is to get readers to look outside of the box.

Tell us more about the main character, Julius Smith a.k.a. Julius Caesar. Did you create the character based on a real-life person? Or it was simply based from your imagination?

Julius Smith, AKA Julius Caesar… LOL, I Love that Character. Julius was created with a mixture of real life individuals. He was a genius, mastermind, and manipulator. Ladies’ man, protector, provider, and most important an emperor seeking an empire.  That’s how I came up with the name CZAR.

Your other novel, King Con, has received outstanding reviews as well. Describe the love story in the book's narrative.

King Con is about a Con Man that is very unstable. On one hand he seeks a life with his childhood love Mikki, A successful district attorney. They sneak around to have affairs due to his criminal activities and have no balance in their relationship. Mikki is very much in love with Diamond and encourages him to give up his criminal career so they can further their relationship. She soon finds herself in the mist of his families criminal Organization, “Julius Caesar” and becomes a target to end a high profile court case. When Diamond finds out, all hell breaks loose.

Let switch gears and discuss your writing process. Do you outline by chapters, or do you go with the flow?

The first thing I do when I write is break out the pencil and paper. I then put on my head phones and listen to some good old R&B music and just write. I wish I was advance e d as most writers and just put everything straight to the computer. But I do my best writing on paper first then I transfer it to digital.

Have you ever suffered from writer's block? If so, what do you do to break it?

Yes I do suffer from writes block often. It’s normally when I have too much going on. I need to be in my zone to write which is why my third novel “Crazy Deranged” Took so long to manifest.  So now I just wait until the late night, when I’m all alone and then I get into my zone.

Are you character or plot-driven, and why?

I’m more plot driven. As a reader, when I read a book, I’m constantly trying to figure out the plot before I even finish reading it. One of the reasons why I love mystery books. I love it when the plot thickens.

You're a Publisher and CEO with "Nickel City Publications". Explain your company's mission.

Nickel City Publications was created because I was unfortunately robbed of my royalties by another publishing company. Had I never experienced that, Nickel City Publications would probably not be here today. I am an optimistic person by nature, so I knew something good would come out of it.  I’m grateful it happened. Nickel City Publications caters to both new and elite writers. I’ve decided to do something unheard of and give authors a chance to receive 100% of all their royalties. Yes, I said it, 100%. However, the cost of publishing, covers, and editing is on the author to pay for. I will promote and market all authors as I do my own, but the success of their novel solely depends on them. Nickel City Publications is sort of a gate way to moving forward to bigger and better thing.

Tell us more about your authors?

A: Each of the authors I have on board is great writers. Each has written autobiographies wanting to get their own story out there in an attempt to share their experience with others. The one thing I love about my authors is that they are persistent. They don’t quit and are willing to do whatever it takes to create their own success.

Since becoming an author, what have you learned about yourself?

Wow, I have learned more about myself in such a very short time than I have throughout my life. Most important, I’ve learned a lot about other people.

What advice do you have for up and coming authors?

If you’re new to the industry, “DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!” before you sign your hard work over to someone who is only looking to profit off of your work. There are a lot of talented writers out there that companies prey on for profit. Don’t throw your dreams away.

So what's your next project?

My next novel is “Crazy Deranged” about a woman with a fatal attraction. She will murder for love. I’m looking at a release date of March 15th. I also have part 2 to “Buffalo City Czar”, and My own autobiography “Black Robes and White Lawfulness.” I have many other manuscripts that I have written while serving my prison sentence that I have yet to put a title to. But before it’s done, James Scotts’ name will be worldwide. I’m also opening another Book/Clothing store in Lithonia Georgia. I have my sight set on this one location and I’m going to get. The summer of 2015 will definitely bring exposure to the literary end of Nickel City Publications. I’m looking to shelve any author so follow me for more details. I currently do online orders for my T-Shirt line. You can visit my wife website to get more details. www.getupandshowup.com

And finally...do you have a dream collaboration with another author. If so, with whom, and why?

I have a very mysterious mind when it comes to writing. So if I could collab with the Author of my choice, it would be the late Harold Robbins. I read every book he had ever written.

Thank you, James. I enjoyed this interview. Now if readers would like to know more you and your work, where should they go?

If anyone would like to get to know me personally, they can friend me on FB. I network there daily and can be messaged directly. To learn more about my work and authors of Nickel City Publications, visit my website www.nickelcitypublications.com My novels can be purchased either there, Amazon, barns and Nobel’s, Itunes, KoBo, smashwords, sony, I even do mail orders direct. My direct email is jamesscott799@yahoo.com

I want to thank Pink Noire for having me as a featured Author, it is definitely an honor. Imani Wisdom you are the best.  

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pepzapoet said...

This author has an amazing story. When I first read his book I didn't know the author personally. But, the story drew me in.I reached out to meet him. Once I learned of his personal journey I was caught thinking of how could one man survive and make such a powerful input. I am still very proud in my heart to hear of all the help he gives new authors. I think the one thing most people don't know about James Scott is he is one amazing web designer. Sometimes I ask him why he gives his services away to some for such deal breaking prices. He says Cynthia I have to give back in order to keep it...

Imani Wisdom said...

James Scott is a publicist's dream -- the story behind his books is inspiring and encouraging for everyone who believes nice guys always finishes first.

Priscilla Danita said...

Great interview. Truly inspiring to know that nothing kept him down and that he uses all the disadvantages to his advantage. I haven't yet anything from this author but I want to read King Con after this interview.

Imani Wisdom said...

James is an amazing person! He's going far in the industry.

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