It was a late chilly night

and a slender man was sitting

near the grassy lawn underneath

the radiant moonlight

He was soaking his latest achievement

a pinnacle in his career, a milestone

for the ages. The man sits in a wonder,

even he could not believe it.

Then from nowhere a stranger walked nearby

A figure that the man could not recognize

The stranger had a curious mystic

classic demeanor with a confident


He walked past the man to stand

five feet away from his side

Then the stranger asked, as he gazed at the stars,

“You’re new here?...I’ve never seen you


The man chuckled with sigh, “Yeah, I’m new

in town”.

The stranger replied, “For someone walking a new

path, you’re sure are down”

“Well, actually, I’ve worked not too far here, but this new job

is vast”

The stranger answered, “There are no jobs big or small,

making difference for all…now that a task”.

The man got quiet as he focused on this tall

and lanky unfamiliar man

all he could see was the stranger’s rich

black hair, and a pipe that he held

close in his hands

“You know what’s worse about all of this?

I was chosen for this tremendous occupation

one slip up and it’s my reputation

I always cared for people since my

days back in the windy city

I want to do well…I want to do


but this is all….

The stranger interrupted, “A bit of a fright?”

The man nodded, as the stranger finally looked

his way

The stranger continued, “Imagine how I felt back

in my day”.

“I inherited a country which was more divided than


And racism….incomparable to the yesteryears of the


there were many civil right leaders since then

called for freedom to last…

…and to some degree it has….

So having the jitters is fine…’re human

Any man have been through those doors

in your new home

and claimed he’s not scared

is a coward

But a man embraces his fears

and carry them along….

will be a man of greatness

The man was impressed at what he heard

He immersed every syllable and every sentence

all to the last word

Then man asked, “You must’ve worked here

for years, and saw many people come and


…what’s your name, I really want to know”

.. ..

“Who I am is not important,” the stranger replied

“You are now the vital organ of the nation’s

symbolic eagle eye

That said, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest

of your life

and have a hurdle of challenges like no other before


The man interrupted, “So where do you think I should start,

What do you think I should do?”

.. ..

The stranger walked past the man as his face hit the


And the man was shock at such sight

He noticed the stranger prominent high cheekbones

and his distinctive eyes

The man sprung from his deck chair, and shouted,

“Oh my God…

He stuttered with excitement, “You’re….”

The stranger grinned, and answered, “I told you

who am I is not important before”

The man said in wonder, “But you’re….how???”

The fellow continued, “I come still come around….

…every then and now…

.. ..

The stranger continue to walk away

But the man shouted and pleaded him to stay

“You’ll be okay” the stranger say

“Remember my words for the next

four years

embrace your fears

and they will

carry you through

Oh, and Mr. President, welcome

to ....Pennsylvania Avenue....…

.. ..

Then a tiny voice asked, “Daddy, who are you

talking to?”

The man notices a little girl wearing a

robe as she rubbed her eyes

and said, Sweetie, look who’s here

but the stranger suddenly disappeared

in the night

.. ..

He walked a few inches to look high and

low for the


but the stranger was gone

He smiled at his daughter, took her hand

and said,

“Just a friend…let’s go to bed in our

new home..

…I’m ready to start my job, the country

will be counting on me…

So let’s go to sleep, and be ready in the


.. ..

Just as the two steps inside

The man noticed the stranger

appearing again outside, as he whispered

long goodbye..

The man smiled with a discreet bow

to his early predecessor

who was an inspirational leader

and a constitutional teacher

The man mentioned the stranger

name with gratitude,

“Thank you Abe…I know exactly what I have

to do”.

.. ..

© Unique, 2009

Editorial note:If you did not support a certain democratic candidate for president, please leave from this blog with an open mind. I'm too sick today to be political

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