If love could come my way., I would write an amazing collection of words.

Words that would describe my feelings that burst inside.

Words that can gently brings tears to my eyes.

Words leaving me inhaling and exhale with a quiet sigh.

Words can make a woman go speechless.

Words can make a man go breathless.

I want my words to subtly paint my emotions

But still understand that I'm falling under a hypnotic potion.

I want my words to say it loud.

These are the words that I will shout.

I'm in love.

I adore.

I thank the almighty above.

Mi amore.

My friend.

My soul mate.

And never take for you granted and appreciate.

If love could come my way, I would write a wonderful array of words.

Words that wouldn't make sense.

And yet, anyone can get the gist.

Words that hum with just a warm feeling.

Words that carry a tune leaving me singing.

My words maybe off key,

but these are my words and they are just me.

Words that with no syllables to hear.

And yet it is pleasing to hear.

I want just want these words to adhere.

Although, my words aren't in the dictionary

I will make up words like "lovinary".

I will make up note like "Heeeee"

Because love have found me.

My words will have an exclamation like "Ooooooh"

Because God had led me to you.

If love could come my way, I would write a grand story.

I will collect all of my words into a paragraph.

My words will make you cry and laugh.

My beginning will be the tale.

My middle will be an eye opening loving sale.

But there will be no ending.

My words cannot end there.

The love throughout my words will be a lifetime to share.

These are my words and forget the grammar.

My words should warm you up with grand laughter.

These are my words and they don't have to big words.

My words can be small and enough to be heard.

If love could come my way, I wouldn't stay silent.

My words are the driving force to your heart.

My love is your love no matter if we're apart.

Near or far, I shout it over the mountains, and above the seas.

I will say thank you God for bringing him to me.

unique 2007

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