PART I.....

Young girl, young girl who are you?

You're sitting in the beauty shop while your

kids needs shoes

Young girl, young girl what did you day?

You teach your kids the Bible, but you inhale

sweet plants everyday

Young girl, young girl didn't you hear?

The silent cries of young ones wanting to hold

you dear

Young girl, young girl didn't you know?

Without you their tender mind won't grow

Young girl, young girl stop right now!

You need Christ in your life, so you ought to

kneel down

Young girl, young girl you reap what you sow

So stop right now or you won't get old

You'll die before your time from your one of

great sins

Repent young girl, repent before a horrific end © 1997

PART II.....

Kelly been gone for three days

Disappeared without a trace

Dante' and Dharma her children has a sadden face

At 6 and 4 tending for themselves in a roach infested


So cold, so hungry there just alone

Embracing one another, asking where's my Mommy?

Mommy been out doing her unspeakable hobby

Strung out on the devil drugs

Laying on a dirty mattress crawling with bugs

In a old abandon house on
222 Capitol Avenue

Half naked, veins were purple and bruised

Too high to realize that Dante' and Dharma need her

Those drugs had given her memory a blur

Kelly layed stretch out on the mattress for her next high

While Dante' and Dharma will be alone again tonight



It's Friday night, Dante' and Dharma Mommy body

had been found cold and stiff

Her eyes remained opened apparently she died from a

bad trip

Camera's flashing, people in blue uniforms head slowly shake

They're thinking, such a pretty girl young girl. How could a

life go such a waste?

She was wearing a locket of her children as they placed her

body in a body bag

Meanwhile, the people in blue went to her residence which the

sight made them quite sad

Dante' was eating stale bread on the dirty floor

Dharma was asleep inside the closet door

They were dirty, and oh so hungry

"Mommy? Where's my Mommy?" asked Dante' with a

sparkle in this eyes

The sight was sad it made grown men cry

The law took them to a special home. This time tonight

Dante' and Dharma won't be alone.

Unique ©

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