The New You Series: The Perfect Lie


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It was ten minutes until six a.m., and I sat on the side of my bed shaking off any lingering sleep. I glanced to the sheer curtains as the dimmed violet sky was greeting to a new day. My body felt as though as it wanted to curl back beneath the covers. So I forced myself to perform a series of stretches, changed into my workout attire, and left for my run.

Minutes from my house was the getaway I grew accustomed for two years. The spacious trail is enough for people from any walks of life to enjoy the same benefits of clean air, great scene, and a chance to run/walk/bike ride to a new body. And since the day start out with virtually an empty trail, I move with the wind—lightly treading for the first five minutes and then escalating to a good sprint. The light traffic hadn’t broken my focus, it only helped with an inner peace to do a couple of my favorite things—pray and meditate.

As I run, I thank the Lord for giving me a second chance to become the Imani I should’ve been a long time. The kind of woman that realizes beauty is a mere superficial fa├žade that changes over time and perfection is a falsehood of the mind. Bruce Lee said it best—showing it off is a fool’s idea of glory. Being perfect does not surmount your true purpose of life, because when you least expect it, the unrealistic surface you hold dear will leave you.

I also give thanks for being placed in a situation to learn humility and patience. Not only I allowed the lies of superficiality to drive me to the point of depression and gain a ton of weight, but living a life when putting myself first became last. The tireless effort I’ve put into assisting people who weren’t able to take care of themselves has been a life lesson itself. The numerous times I complained about life, I should’ve got on my knees and thanked Him quietly for working me. His creation became the result of what I am today—a woman that uses her inner strength toward her advantage.

Imani's Bigpic
Me, Before

I then added another thanks. It’s something I’m truly grateful to which I’m still blessed to have—my legs. When I lived a life of obesity, I suffered a great deal with painful limbs. From my hips to the tip of my toes throbbed to the point I didn’t want to get out of bed. And standing at five feet two, it made walking unbearable. Ultimately, I took the initiative to do something about it but I needed to appreciate a lifestyle change based on mental as well as physical transformation. And though it wasn’t easy, I achieved to what I thought was an impossible feat.

I may have made it through the storms but there’s still an occasional rain shower. Every morning into the night, I wrestle with lingering demons of my past as self-doubts would tap my shoulder. So my daily run is more than physical. It’s an inner workout to shed the mental weight. When some people start a weight loss program, they tend to forget their mind and soul are just as important. A person cannot open a new door until they’ve closed the one from their past. Essentially, you can lose all weight you want while ignoring that unfinished business, but I guarantee your successful weight loss could potentially come back. I know this, believe me!


Meanwhile as I ended another three or four mile journey, I walked back to my truck recollecting the new ideas I developed for my projects. That pathway I set out every morning is an access leading to many stories I’ve written as well as major business decisions concerning Pink Noire. So what I do at the crack of dawn is just another part of my business day. My mission is not superficial—it’s a regeneration of what’s to come.

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soodenim said...


Imani said...

Thank you so much!

TamluvstoWrite said...

Imani more than you realize you are my inspiration in the writing game yes but life itself. You keep me going . You are amazing writer and motivator.

Imani said...

Tamyara, thank you so much. There are days I wonder if this career is for me but with comments like yours, I know I can't give up. And, with your kind words, you're going to make me cry. :)

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