Michael Jackson’s character from the 1978’s cult classic, The Wiz, said it best—success, fame, and fortune, they're all illusions.

You may be frowning right now at this quote and asking, “Be who wouldn’t want to be successful, famous, and rich?  That’s like the American dream!”

Still, they’re illusions when you don’t have that support system in your corner.  Trying to pursue any endeavor alone is overwhelming.  You’re going to need a good cheerleading section in your corner.  Do you have your own handful people shaking their pom-poms for you?

I can safely say I have at least five people who are in my corner: my sister, two long-time friends, an aunt, and a good friend from Facebook.  These five individuals have become my “groupies”, who are willing to help me at any given moment that involves with promoting and selling my book, sport around my t-shirts, or just keeping it “real”.  These ladies are a blessing. 

Though, the point to this blog is more than cheerleaders cheering in your corner.  It’s when you have to rely on your number one cheerleader which is, YOU.

I have been driving myself crazy with promoting my short story collection entitled, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS, working on this blog, and taking care of my personal life.  Everything but everything came at me like fastballs pitches.  I realized something had to give.  No, it’s not giving up my writing career. I have to be either drunk, high, or insane, or really all three to do something asinine.  Nope. I’m taking a vacation…mental vacation.

What’s a mental vacation?

Since my pockets are too light for a real vacation.  I’m taking a break from the craziness of the internet to rejuvenate my mind. The hot of bed of my creativity is moving in slow motion. So I’m unwinding mentally by redefining myself offline.  People, believe it or not, there’s a life outside our computer screens.  You know life before there was ever a Myspace, Facebook, or, Twitter? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking them.  As a matter of fact, Facebook and Twitter are the place to be to promote your work.  It’s just “I” need this, or I’ll lose myself in the process of the hustling and bustling of author and entrepreneurship. Otherwise, I won’t be any good for my cheerleaders, this blog, or my writing. 

Okay, it’s time for me go and enjoy this week of tranquility.  Before I sign off, I want to let you know that Tamyara Brown will be contributing to this Friday’s post. She’s a beast with her erotica.  Y’all be sure to show her some love and to visit and follow her blog (here).  Not only she’s talented writer, but has a beautiful soul.

See ya, pretty people...*Blowing kisses*

Next destination: Sitting on a cabana on a warm beach to wherever, shaking my pom-poms. I’ll happen...sooner or later. :)

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