Janet Monroe lived an average life as a thirty-five year old professional.  She woke every morning on a routine of getting up, going to work, and coming home to an empty house.  Then one day, Janet discovered news that put her life in a major recourse. So she decided to take her dream vacation and headed to paradise south of the Caribbean.  Janet’s amazing venture was taking shape until she met an unexpected person who shown her there were more to life than meets the eye.

Will Janet’s discovery change her life forever?  Or, she will allow fear to take its course?  Find out more in the short story, SEVEN MONTHS, a part of a collection in the novella, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS, coming December 2011.

In Imani’s Words…

Before writing this short story, I knew I wanted to write about a person literally finding their footsteps.  I think anyone who is reading this post is trying to find their own.  We walk on the path life, and quickly, a sand storm blows its earthly grain on our way.  While it’s frustrating, we must learn not to give up.   And in Janet’s case, she had no choice to go on.  

I knew writing this story I wanted to convey a message of hope.  Times are hard in this country and around the world.  People need a break from their hardship to hear a good narrative. 

In the meantime, time awaits for no one. Not for you, or me, or even Janet Monroe's in this world.

Unexpected things in life can force us to stand still and notice how time can become an enemy. And sometimes, the last rose petal is simply not enough.

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