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He’s not the ordinary face of shattered innocence…


Elijah Baker suffered a dark past as a child growing up on the Northwest side of Indianapolis.  The oldest along with his twin sister, Elisha and two younger brothers, Elijah long nights in his bedroom was grim by the hands of a trusting individual. Fear was his emotional bondage for several years until he left home at the age of fifteen to live with his Aunt.  Two years later, after constant encouragement by his Aunt, Elijah decided to move to New York to pursue his dream in the music industry.  He went from squatting from apartment to apartment into an international music and entrepreneur mogul. 

Above his fame and fortune, Elijah had to face another challenge—a shattered past.  Will he learn to put the past behind and move on?  And could the distance between he and family ever be resolve?  Find out this December with his story, THE SHATTERED MOGUL and four other narratives in the short story collection, UNTIMELY REVELATIONS.

In Imani’s Words…

On a cold February morning I finally had typed the last sentence to this near 10,000 word tale with relief.  It wasn't the type of sigh meaning I finished of what I had started, but sighed that I finished this story for a purpose. 

There are so many people—men, women, and children—are walking this earth with heavy burdens.  I lived with the burden of my innocence being shattered.  It had taken me years to realize his actions did not define of who I am.

That’s why I find this story important for all to read. Not just for survivors, but to educate who had never experience the kind of shame and guilt that ones feels. 

I feel so strongly of this storyline that I’ve converted this into a play. I hope I can start the ball rolling in early 2012.  THE SHATTERED MOGUL needs to go beyond the pages of the book onto a stage. This is one of my quiet endeavors.  I’m praying more will come out of this project.

As I say all the time, this is only the beginning.

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