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I've read it all on the internet from those same survey bulletins, to political blogs, and to someone's interesting life that you and I can learn a valuable lesson.  Yet there’s something I’ve read as of lately that has got me wondering.  Ready? Since this is Erotic Friday, I feel I can let loose and say this.

B*** JOBS!

Now please don't freak out because I’ve typed a word the majority of men get a giddy when they think about wanting, dreaming, and visualizing.  They even go as far to Vaseline themselves up to do—the do.

After reading a few blogs about this matter, I felt as a woman I need to express of what women have asked themselves since the beginning of time, why can't the tables be turned?...Purrrrr, my kitten...Make my cat go, meow

Its some men out there, somewhere, that is willing and able to lay some sweet satisfaction without expecting to get done first.

What’s wrong with exploring the womanhood that attributes the canal of life? We are hardworking mothers, college students, lawyers, doctors, politicians, nurses, blue collar workers—and yeah, even teachers need some revitalization. You know, it should be national day of it, National Please Kitty Kats Day.  I know guys who are reading this thinks if woman have a day, then men should have one too.  What are you going to call that day, National Blow Job Day? Ewww, that whole phrase sounds ucky—our just sounds better.

Ladies close your eyes and think about when the last time a man left you feeling, wow, zow, and kapowed—good enough to put you in tears for the right reasons. Honestly, I remembered feeling like that once.  Then later my ex became a taker and not a giver. When he did play with Miss Jenkies, he pecked like some broken-neck chicken.  I think I accidentally dozed off that night.  He couldn’t tame the kitty!

So on this note before I close out, sexploring (foreplay) is underrated. I wish more men would take the time to satisfy a woman needs.  I also understand why some guys are apprehensive to travel down south if there a lingering odor of fish—trust me, I understand. So ladies if you want purring satisfaction, then keep the kitty clean.

Yes, I know this is an unusual blog, but it's a blog that needs address this purrrrr-ing issue.  It's a woman turn to get empowered with their miss soing-so's. There's nothing wrong with giving pleasure with your special someone, but be sure to tell your man to give back.  After all it's the American way!


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