Antwan Floyd Sr. is an avid reader, poet, author, publisher, graphic designer & father. With his own brand of storytelling he brings a different perspective to the literary world. He launched Bleeding Pen Publishing in 2009 and has since released several titles in paperback and in eBook format. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN where he is working on his next project.

Imani: Welcome to The Lounge. Let's start off with a simple icebreaker and begin with your story, just who is Antwan Floyd, Sr?

Antwan: There is no clear cut answer for who Antwan Floyd Sr. is, he is a story teller, a father, a hustler. Optimists/realists (if there is such a thing)

What inspire you to write, and how long have you been taking up the craft?

Life gives me inspiration, conversations I over hear. Thoughts just spring into my head and excites me. Reactions from readers who have read my work be it positive or critical. Reviews on Amazon inspire me as well. I've been writing since I was a kid poems and raps but I've been published since 2009

Are you character and plot-driven, and why?

Yes very much so. I believe that each story should portray characters with what I like to call the human element. Display flaws and imperfections so you can relate to the characters. People you grow to love or grow to hate.

Share with the readers your writing process. Let’s start with the development of your characters. Where do you find the inspiration to create them?

I start with a title of a book and what the story is going to be about then the names. Next I flesh them out where their from, religious beliefs, political beliefs, height, weight, race, sexual preference, education, etc, etc that makes it easier for me in my mind to write for them.

Have you ever suffered from writer's block? If so, what do you do to break it?

Yes I have. I read books by other authors – good writers inspire me as well.

Tell us about your latest project and its characters?

Danielle Lovelace Vigilante for Hire is my latest story. It's a story about a FBI agent on a quest to find her sister in Germany, while there she is framed for murder.

Where do you see your career in five years?

Lord willing I am on the Forbes list. But more realistically I have a stronger reader following and Danielle Lovelace on the air in her own series.

What’s your next project(s)?

I have the Black Sepies Series which will be like a soap which will feature 4 short stories all connected in an arc type fashion and I will feature the series for free on my website. My next title will be released in July, Crew Love III The Final Redemption.

What is your dream collaboration? With whom, and why?

Not really a writing collaboration but would love to work with Master P or J. Prince of Rap A Lot records. I respect and admire both these men; they get money and have longevity.

Finally, share with us something you've never mentioned publicly since being an author; such as, a quirk or a hidden talent. I'm sure readers would like to know.

I am a huge sci-fi/comic genre fan.

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