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IMANI'S "HOW TO" MOMENT: Twenty-Six Chances

If you don’t first succeed then you try again. That old cliché’ still makes sense to this date. If you fail, get up and devise a plan B, C, D, and so on...

Untimely Revelation was considered my plan C. It went on life support—and then revived again last spring and now it's back to its final resting place—my hard drive. Look, being a new author in this finicky market is tough. You take the time to write from your heart; develop characterization and a storyline into your crafted masterpiece, and then you gain confidence in your work and fall in love with your stories, but reality hit you and realized they may not be ready for the public.

And that’s why two out of the five stories are going to market as individual short stories—The Shattered Mogul and Zion’s Road. This was something I’ve should’ve done from the beginning. Instead, I thought at the time creating a short story collection would be beneficial for myself as well as the readers. What better way of putting a theme of love, faith, and forgiveness in one novella. It's being done all the time, so why not do it?

The problem with the other three stories—actually two, because I have plans for the story, Seven Monthsthey lacked a special kind of oomph. The characters were strong, but the plot wasn’t.

So this summer my blog will have an exclusive with these two stories as features of the month—Daniella’s Story and The Mission. I’ll post the synopsis at a later date. What I can tell you these stories have a common thread of inspiration and hope. And of course, my unpredictable literary brand is shown through these narratives. What they are? You will soon find out.

My Imani’s “How-to” Moment—any attempt you take toward your dream and it don’t fall through is not considered as failure. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Go through each one as a plan of action by taking the necessary improvements to perfect your craft. Take a different route than you previously hadn’t thought of taking. All in all, it’s your dream, do all you can do to protect it. 

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