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When I Grow Up I Want to Write Like James Baldwin!

Okay, maybe not write like this gifted writer and author, but having the ability to write with such sensitivity, poetic prowess, and a tenderness from the soul.

This book "Go Tell It on the Mountain" as of now, is one of my favorites by James Baldwin. The story depicts a family from Harlem with unwavering, Christian values, and yet bears the inner- demons of their past. Seeking redemption is never easy, and especially for the patriarch, Reverend Gabriel Grimes.

Yet the main character, a boy named John from the same family, shakes and fights for redemption. Even though his temptations were benign compared to other characters as told brilliantly by Baldwin.

And speaking of "brilliance", Baldwin's dialogue is superb! The utterance of their words through the book with the vernacular tone that reminds me of my Grandmother and her Southern upbringing. The writing overall, however, is purely exceptional.

I give this book 4.7 stars, rounding to a deserving five stars, not because of James Baldwin, or his gritty prose, or the timeless content, but it's one hell of a book!

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