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Brace Yourself: Mz. Demeanor Does Not Disappoint!

I'll confess: even though I will read any genre as long as it's well-written, I don't often read a lot of Street-Lit. Yet this book by Mz. Demeanor had made me rethink I need to read more books like hers.

This story defines what love is and what love could do when lies are involved. You have an ultimate, urban love story seen through the eyes of Moody and Tell, along with the other cast of characters, Tia and Kirk.

There were times in the book I wanted to smack some sense in every character because "doing the most" clearly was an understatement. But, of course, I won't dwell too much on it because you need to purchase this book and find out for yourself!

Besides the well-written content, I feel, overall, the author's character development was excellent, leaving the reader's, potentially, wanting more of Moody and Tell.

So, if you love intense romance, drama, and lots of backstabbing, this book is for you. Now, you will be forewarned, the ending is jaw-dropping and may be controversial. Still, Mz. Demeanor does not disappoint.

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