Pink Noire is please to present April's Featured Artist,award-winning playwright, director,and author, Dee Dee M. Scott.

This is a big deal for The Lounge. So much so, that PN has dedicated two weeks of this CEO and philantropist's work in movies, stage, and literature for a full feature. 

So enjoy this synopsis from her latest book, Sent From Heaven 3. And be sure to come back next week for our in-depth one-on-one interview about Mrs. Scott's work, life, and what's in store for the future.

Sent From Heaven 3

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After a crime landed Xavier Tucker in prison for five years, and almost ruined his reputation, he swore off love. Free from jail, he is determined to avoid trouble at all cost. He is content traveling for Tucker Insurance, the multibillion dollar Insurance Agency he heads with his family. But when a business meeting takes him to Whitefield Kansas, the last thing he expects is a fierce tornado that causes him to get into an accident, and the irresistible woman who rescues him…
Widow Grace Evans is dedicated to preserving her late husband’s memory, and heading the ranch he left to her. When one of her horses causes an accident to happen near the farm, Grace has no choice but to rescue the injured man and take him to safety in her basement.
Once together, the attraction between Xavier and Grace is undeniable and the sexual chemistry is sizzling hot. Soon they succumb to their electrifying shared attraction. But it will take more than a few nights in a basement to heal Grace’s troubled past, and Xavier finds himself not only fighting for her love, but battling to remain in her life. Destiny brought them together, but it will take more than fate for their relationship to endure.

Kansas 2006

“The U.S. National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Whitefield, Kansas. The storm will bring twisters, damaging winds and thunderstorms. Residents are advised to take cover.”
Half asleep, Grace turned onto her side. She hugged her handsome husband George. Soon, her tired body forced her into a deep slumber. Working at Blue Sky Ranch was hard and exhausting, but Grace loved every second.  With thirty horses to tend to, Grace and George never got a break until night time. Grace knew morning would come too soon. Even though Grace treasured the ranch, she loathed starting the day at four a.m. In no time, the sound of her light snores filled the room.
A loud boom jolted Grace from her snooze.  She wiped the sleep away from her eyes. Grace focused on the distraction coming from the weather radio.
 “All people are advised to take cover now!”
Sirens blared. The ranch home seemed to vibrate. Fear paralyzed Grace. She snapped from her shock. She shook George who was snoring beside her.  “Wake up!” She demanded.
“What is it, cookie?” George called her by her nickname.
Grace had no time to explain. A tree crashed through the bedroom window.  George hopped from the bed and wrapped his arms around Grace. He shielded her as the home ripped apart right before their eyes.
“To the bathroom!” George shouted.
“What about the horses?” Grace protested. “I can’t leave them.”
“We have no choice.” George’s eyes glowed with sadness. He hurried Grace into the bathroom. Once inside, he placed a blanket in the tub. He ordered her to get in.
“This isn’t safe,” Grace complained.
George inhaled deeply. “We don’t have time to make it to the outside basement.”
George appeared brave, but Grace saw fear in his eyes.
 “Trust me, cookie.” George caressed her cheek. “I’m going to protect you.”
Relenting, Grace did as George instructed. Inside the tub, he rested on top of her.
Grace’s mind drifted to happier times on the ranch. Memories played in her head like a picture show. Grace prayed the ranch would survive. It had been in George’s family for three generations.
                A loud explosion made Grace shudder. “I’m scared,” she cried into George’s arm.
“It’s going to be okay.” George soothed her. “I promise.”
 Grace tried to trust her husband, but she heard the house ripping apart. She cried out in fear.
“Do you remember the first time we met?” George interrupted her vexed thoughts.
 Grace felt terrified, but she managed a shaky smile. She appreciated George for trying to get her mind off of the awful storm.
“Yes.” She laughed.  “I was seventeen and had dreams of traveling the world. I told mama I wanted to leave Kansas. And what did she do? Sent me to stay with Aunt Ruth for the summer.  I was pissed that I was still in Kansas.”
George chuckled.
“Aunt Ruth tried to make me happy.” Grace smiled from the memory. “She sent me to the store for milk and eggs. Aunt Ruth promised me my thoughts about Kansas would change if I visited Blue Sky Ranch.  I didn’t understand how going to a store would help. When I walked into the store and I saw you…”
“You weren’t looking where you were going.” George finished the sentence. “You knocked over the crate of eggs and milk.”
 “You caused it.” Grace rubbed his hairy arm. “You looked so handsome I didn’t look where I was going.”
“You weren’t the only one mesmerized, baby.” George kissed her neck. “When I laid eyes on you, I couldn’t speak English anymore.”
Grace smiled and blushed.
 “You were and still are beautiful,” George praised her. “The most gorgeous woman in the world to me.”
Grace melted from his words, and then she chuckled. “Your mom was so angry at me for messing up the store. I thought she would throw me out on my head.”
George snuggled closer to her. “You’d better be glad I stepped in to save you,” he whispered softly against her ear.
 Grace jabbed him playfully in the stomach with her elbow. “By how? Offering me a job?”
“Yeah, you had to pay for the damage you’d caused at the store.”
“But I didn’t know the first thing about being a ranch hand.”
“I know,” George sighed.”I wanted to get to know you better. When you accepted the job, I had to teach you. That allowed us to spend time together.”
                 “By the end of the summer, my dream of traveling the world was gone.”
George smiled. “And I knew you would be my wife.”
Grace reminisced over the good old days again.  Her Aunt Ruth and her parents had passed away years ago. So had George’s father. Now, the only family they both had was George’s mother, Sarah. Sarah lived in a comfortable residence of her own up the road from them.
Another loud blast brought Grace from her memories.
George squeezed her tighter.  “I hope mom is okay.”
 “Your mother will be fine.” Grace reassured him. “Sarah is a smart, strong lady.”
George kissed her on the cheek. She felt his heart beating wildly.
“I love you, Cookie.” George whispered in her ear.
Grace kissed his hand. “I love …”
Before she finished the sentence, the entire house exploded. Grace experienced so much pressure and pain, she was knocked unconscious.

Grace cried out in agony as she came to. Her eyes opened. Everything was foggy. She felt lightheaded and befuddled. Her entire body pulsed with pain. She could not breathe. She comprehended she needed to get up from under the heavy weight pressing her down. As she began to wiggle for freedom, her heartbeat increased. At microwave speed, her memory returned. Her husband’s body was on top of her! There had been a terrible tornado! Scared and stunned, Grace called out to George.
No answer.
No thudding heartbeat.
Panicked, Grace shouted out for George again. Tears poured from her sockets. She worked her way from underneath George.  Once Grace was free, she noticed daylight breaking through the clouds. It took a few seconds for her to realize the entire house was gone. They were inside the bathtub and out in the open field. Ruble, metal and dead horses surrounded them. Grace’s heart ached from the surreal scene. However, her attention swiftly diverted back to her husband.
“George!” She screamed out his name and looked him over. An iron pole protruded from his back. “No! No! No! Oh my God! No!” She screamed.  With trembling hands, she turned him onto his side. His dilated eyes focused on her. The pole had not gone through him. It was lodged deep inside his torso.
George was gasping for air.
 Screaming, Grace begged him to hold on. “Please, baby, don’t you dare leave me. Do you hear me? Stay with me.”
George’s eyes rolled into his head.
“Our anniversary is next week.” Grace grabbed his face and kissed him. “We have to celebrate.”  Her body shook with sobs.
Fire trucks and ambulances blared in the distance. Grace knew it would be awhile before they got to them. She had to leave George and go for help. But before she could move, George grabbed her hand.
“No…don’t leave me,” George said, his voice strained.  “Don’t let me die alone.”
Grace felt her heart stop. George wouldn’t die. He couldn’t leave her. The thought of not having him made her feel sick and terrified. “You’re not gonna die,” Grace assured him. She squeezed his hand.
 George glued his eyes to hers. He tried to say something, but Grace shushed him. “Don’t talk. You’re gonna be okay. Please save your energy.”
Ignoring her, George called her name again. “Grace,” he mumbled, struggling for air. He squeezed her hand tight. “I…I got you an anniversary gift. I hid it.” He smiled weakly.
Grace would have smiled too if the situation had been different. George always hid the gifts he brought her. She had a bad habit of finding them before the time they were due.
George guided her tiny hand to his lips and kissed it.
“When the time is right, you will find my gift, sweetheart. Take care of mama. Promise me you will look after her.”
“I promise,” Grace sobbed.
“I love you… forever and always.”  George shivered and then his body went limp. His blank eyes stared up at her.
No movement.
No heartbeat.
No words.
Grace could feel the heat leaving his body. She noticed the glow fading away from his face. Life completely seeped from his body. All that remained was an empty, hollow shell. Her husband and first and only love was gone.
Grace screamed so hard her vocal cords ached. Tears soaked her face. Grace forced her lips to his for a last kiss. She knew this would be the final time she felt his warm mouth.

She was all alone.

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