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TP Miller: All Hail to The Vampire Queen

Confession: I’ve never been a fan of any books pertaining to vampires!

Strange coming from a writer who writes about “the dead” or anything without or having a faint pulse –but vampires? Never.

Then comes along this novel titled, Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come, and it changed my mind. I was blown away with the vivid storyline and the unforgettable characters, gripping me from page one to the jaw dropping end. In fact, it had taken me one day to complete this fascinated and yet addictive literature.

Who was responsible of changing this stubborn mind? TP Miller, that’s who.

Miller made her way to the literary scene in 2012 and has already gained the respect and admiration by her peers and readers.

This Alabama native isn’t afraid to step out of her bounds either. She shows her versatility in other genres besides paranormal and proves just how of a much storyteller she is.

I’m truly excited of having TP in The Lounge this week. And because of this interview, she inspired me to stay true to myself as a writer and not ever stay in a box

Imani: Before we begin the interview, let me say how excited I am that you're in The Lounge. I've been a long-time fan of yours -- so, welcome. Now without further ado, tell the readers a little background of yourself -- who is TP Miller?

TP: Thank you! I've been a fan if yours as well. Thank you for having me. For the readers that don't know me, I'm T.P. Miller and I've been published since 2012. My first novel, Out for Blood and since I've released a short story titled A Woman Scorned. Personally, I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart and the mother of two amazing kids.

Did you know your debut novel, Out for Blood was the first book I read involving vampires and I loved it? So share with us a short description of the story and its main characters.

Out for Blood is the story of Nef, a woman that is searching for the killer of her family and possibly involved in kidnapping get little girl. All of the main characters are vampires and we meet her husband, best friend and the rest of her friends.

Where did you get the inspiration to write your book?

I never saw a paranormal book with an all AA cast. The character had been with me for a while and one day I decided that I wanted to get it out. I started formally writing this story in '08 and it's evolved more since.

If you were to have an interview with one of your characters, who would they be and why? And what would you say to them?

That's hard! I'd pick either Nef or my villain. These two were a BIG contrast. You have Nef who's so determined and doing everything she can to get justice while my villain is doing even possible to claim Nef as his own. I'd ask one, if the story came out the way they wanted it to and what would they have done differently.

I'm sure fans of this book, including myself, are wondering will there be a sequel?

Yep. It's in the final prep stages. I like to take my time and develop plots and subplots. I well say that the next book well touch inn Ram, Nef's husband, and his back story.

Now let's switch up things and talk about the paranormal genre. There are a vast pool of talented writers in this broad genre, but only an anemic amount of African American authors. What are your thoughts?

I think we aren't exposed to enough genres. I read a lot of everything growing up and I like to try to do the same.

You have other works, including erotica - which I do as well. But I've been told authors need to stay in one genre because of consistency for the reader. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion, and why?

I like to bounce around from genre to genre because I think it shows that you can be versatile. You can't stay stuck in a box. I'll always write paranormal fiction but at some point I'll write a romance novel but I'll bounce around back to paranormal.

While we're mentioning your other works, name each title and a brief description.

My main title is Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come and as I said it follows Nef on the story of finding out who killed her family. My next book was A Woman Scorned, a short erotic story about a woman that basically finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and what she does in a way to get back at him. Lastly, we have The Agency which I co-authored with KR Bankston. It's a full novel about two men in the ad agency business and how one major thing connects their lives and why they have so much hostility towards each other.

I like to bounce around from genre to genre because I think it shows that you can be versatile. You can't stay stuck in a box. I'll always write paranormal fiction but at some point I'll write a romance novel but I'll bounce around back to paranormal. 

What are we to expect from "TP Miller" in the future? Any upcoming projects?

Aside from the sequel to OFB, I'm in the process of working on another romance novel. It started as a short story and now I'm developing it so that it's a full length novel.

Where do you see your career in five years?

In five years,  I'd let to see Kemet Books with titles from all genres and different authors.  Also starting a literacy foundation of charity here in my hometown. 

We all have that special someone that helped shaped our craft. If this "special person(s)" were here right now, what would you say to them?

I think that I have one of those special people. I'd say the three biggest factors that really helped me was my husband who read everything and told me what he thought was great and what needed work. My kids keep me striving and last, I have to say that getting the chance to talk to one of my idols about the art drove me to create.

Finally, tell me in one word TP Miller's work?


Thank you for stopping by The Lounge. I had a great time. For those who are new to your work, tell them where they can purchase your titles, as well as finding you online?

I'm always on Facebook so you can definitely reach me there. Just type in my name. I also have a fan page and a group that you can get details about the publishing company that my husband and I have started. Just type in Kemet Books and Management.

I'm available on Kindle and Nook as far as books and I'm on most social media sites.

Twitter: @vampyrequeen14
Email: OR



Anonymous said...

Author T.P. Miller this was a fantastic interview I never knew about the vampire confession LOL! Your about a great work and I admire what you'd like to see in your home town and your family support. Keep going lady!

TyLeishia Douglass

Anonymous said...

LOVED this interview. She is absolutely right, we as African Americans aren't reading a lot of different genres. I totally agree. That is why I don't limit myself to one type of book.

Imani Wisdom said...

Exactly! Miller's answer is real as it comes!