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Spa Me Out

It’s been a long day at work so I ready myself by laying out the towels on the table in my spa room. I light the candles, choose the fragrance of body oils, and fill the basket with fresh fruit. I sit the champagne on ice, dim the lights and turn on some soft Brazilian lounge music. Its five o’clock, time to shower, brush my hair back, put on my sexy royal blue silky sleek night top, clear four inch Armani high heel shoes, shimmer Mac make up, place a dab of night musk oil behind each ear and wallah, I am ready!

On time as usual. You can almost set your watch by him. Eight o’clock on the dot Armando pulls his Bentley into the garage. He is always amazed at the indigo pool and the beach house I live in because it sits parallel to the waters and the rocks surrounding it; giving it an elegant touch. I wonder what he thinks about when he walks out to the rocks and the sands of the beach. He puts both hands in his pockets and lets the wind blow through his cold black hair as he stares out into the deep blue waters.

I stand on the upper level terrace; staring out at him while the seagulls call out communication in unison. I cannot wait for him to walk towards the two dolphin decorated glass doors and come in to relax me. Three minutes pass and he finally makes it up to the house and rings the bell. I walk down the iron-cased stairs made from marble and pearl.

I approach the door with a glass of champagne in my hand and just before I open it, he stares into my eyes and I into his. I slowly push the command button to release the lock and he smiles as the doors slide open. I take a step back and hand him the glass of champagne. He takes the drink from my hand and smiles at me softly saying, “Hello La’Vienia, are you ready to relax?” I answered with my eyes never leaving his, “Yes, I’m ready.

From the excerpt

TyLeishia L. Douglass is a native of Baltimore Maryland and a voice of hope for this generation. Douglass is an author, online radio talk host, promoter, public speaker and published author. TyLeishia is on a mission to encourage and empower others. Her imprint is embedded in the hearts of her short story readers. One of her personal favorite mottos is, "Helping to make a difference one page at a time." TyLeishia earned publishing credits from "Student Life Magazine", was featured on LA Talk Live “Perspective’s Corner” with Rhona “Rho” Bennett and credits from the soul diva songstress and life coach and member of the group EnVogue (The Real Funky Diva’s). TyLeishia's poetry and comments are also featured on The Baltimore Times featured Douglass online as Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week which speaks of her writings and blogs as self-help tools which she shares worldwide. TyLeishia is poised to offer solace and confidence to motivate others in their personal struggles through the poignant story of the main character of her novel, "Jewels Declaring New Miracles." New books are underway and additional short stories by TyLeishia are available on, Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble’s. Douglass continue her education and aims to achieve and earn her AA Degree in Mass Production and Communications in hopes that her online blog radio talk show, “JOTU & GEMS” will take flight in a future worldwide televised broadcast which serves as a platform that supports all arts in and around communities.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity Imani Wisdom. I truly hope everyone that visits this awesome Lounge enjoys the excerpt and reading a little about me as an author. I appreciate each and everyone's comments and feedback and thank you to all who have purchased my short stories. I hope to stretch out even more and write different genres in the new year to come.

TyLeishia Douglass

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Tantalising stuff!

Imani Wisdom said...

Thank you!I'll share your comment with the author. :)