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Tamyara Brown: Phenomenally Empowered!

Author of Blue’s Treasure and The Gatekeeper of Secrets, this decorated storyteller have stepped into the literary scene as a blushing novice. With her unwavering support to authors and her growth as a writer in a competitive industry, Brown had expanded her brand – with her business partner, Jeanell Byers – Taylor – and created “Beautifully Me Undefined”, a blog for the spirit of women of all shapes and sizes.

This breast cancer survivor, a mother of six, and a grandmother to four, Tamyara Brown’s literary legacy is only in its infancy. Her natural ability to give life to her characters and the vividness of her storylines, proves this author will leave a indelible mark as a unforgettable novelist. 

Imani: First off, welcome to The Pink Lounge. I'm very excited you're here, not because you and I share similar backgrounds and interests, but you have an incredible and inspiring story. So, in your own words tell the readers who Tamyara Brown is?

Tamyara: Tamyara Brown is an author who loves writing outside of the box. I am a mother of six beautiful children as well as a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. I am resilient. I am an entrepreneur I love inspiring and seeing others do well.

Imani: From what I read on your bio, your strength as a mother of six, a Breast Cancer survivor and of Domestic Violence, and caring for your son who has a rare kidney condition is an inspiration itself. That being said, as a writer myself, I know creativity doesn't come in the drop of a hat; it'll come when it comes. So tell me, how you muster the time, and more importantly, the emotions to write such eloquent work?

Tamyara: It is my passion, my joy but most of all a way for me to express myself as a person. A lot of my writing is inspired by the community I live in, people I meet every day and encounter with. As writers we often listen more and we are drawn to always ask, "What if"? My mind wonders what would happen if this person or situation went a different route. Sitting with my son at dialysis is my down time to really write and pour myself into the book I am writing. It is an attitude that trials and tribulations will not stop me at all.

Imani: All of your children seem to be one of your sources of inspiration; especially giving you words of encouragement. But a young man named, Ruben, pushes you into believing you can do ANYTHING your heart desire. Tell us more about this motivator and what's the recent "words of wisdom" he had shared with his mother? 

Tamyara: He is indeed my inspiration he has been battling a rare kidney disease named FSGS and nephritic syndrome. He has endured many challenges and now being on dialysis three times a week, 25 pills a day and he still smiles. He encourages me because my belief is if he can fight with every fiber of his being to stay resilient. I have no excuse. His last quote was during therapy, “The greatest love is letting go of what doesn't feel like love, what doesn't treat me like love and hurts so much it burns your heart. I let go of this one person because I love me the best and I don't deserve love that hurts. No one does."

“The greatest love is letting go of what doesn't feel like love, what doesn't treat me like love and hurts so much it burns your heart. I let go of this one person because I love me the best and I don't deserve love that hurts. No one does."

Imani: What I'm most impressed with you is the soul you put into your work - from your debut novel "Blues Treasure", to "The Gatekeeper of Secrets, and your upcoming release, "Fat Girl Vigilante", how did your soul speak to you to write each story? Let's start off with "Blues Treasure" and then to your next works.

Tamyara: Blue's Treasure was truly inspired by a relationship with someone I love and though we are not together he loved me unconditionally. He was incarcerated and I decided to go into his world of how it felt to have the woman he loves not write or visit. Even though the story is fictional the emotion is real. I thought of the consequences, the pain and anger he felt and how powerful love really is. That men love just as hard as women do. I wanted to put the question out there does love really conquer all? Can love cut through anger? Does it mend a broken heart and most importantly men no matter how tough and strong have feelings at the end of the day. Harper Blue was created in the likeness of him. I also wanted to touch on domestic violence and that professional women become abused by their mate. I touch on forgiveness and drug abuse.

Gatekeepers of Secrets is one of my favorite novels which is on Wattpad. It touches on a man who is sexually molested as a child and for all these years he has kept it secret. He was raised in a Christian home and a father who is the pillar of the community. How do you tell the world the Bishop of the church and community leader is a child molester? I allowed my mind to go places of a man who has it all together, who too is a community leader but also has a dark past. So many people believe when a man is molested he turns to drugs and alcohol which isn't true. In William Matters case he became driven, ambitious, working without sleep for hours to cover up the truth.

Fat Girl Vigilante was written out of anger, hurt and pain I was going through. It was being angry at the world and I needed to vent. So I created a story about a woman who is the first serial killer. She is on a rampage but more than anything she can't get over the hurt and pain of being teased as a plus size woman, being cheated on and not feeling love. I want every woman of size to realize you can fix the outer but the inner is what is in need of repair.

Imani: Besides being a prolific author, you're also a poet. When did you start writing the craft? And will you publish your poetry, or collaborate with other poets to make an anthology?

Tamyara: Poetry is my first love and I started writing when I was 11 years old. I became inspired by a poem Langston Hughes wrote called, "The Negro Mother". I instantly became fan and started writing my own poetry. I began writing every day and I haven't stopped. I would love to publish my poetry for the world to read and I have contributed poetry to three anthologies.

 Imani: As an artist, we have muses or person(s) we admired to help shape our craft. So, who is your inspiration and if they were here right now, what would say to them?

Tamyara: I have to say I admire Treasure Blue as an inspiration. Kisha Green for the business portion and you, Imani. Each of you drop gold nuggets of knowledge about the business. I truly thank each of you for every tip and lesson about writing. For being open and honest. Willing to answer questions and listen. I am grateful for each of you because I am better writer because of it. Imani, we both where new to writing and you'd email me information. You gave me my first guest blogging spot. That meant the world to me.

 Imani: They say life is a journey and you are a proven fact. In the last year, you've taken up a new passion - graphic designing. How did you learn to balance this new craft with an already full-plate?

Tamyara: Graphic Designing came from honestly not being able to afford one. My Uncle Khalid once told me, “If you can't afford it then learn how to do it yourself." I begin looking at videos on Youtube, reading blogs, learning how to code and just practicing every day. I just ran with it and it became more like a second new passion of mine.

Imani: Among your notable titles, you're also a blogger. You have a successful blog called, Beautifully Me Undefined. Tell us more about this site and how did you come up with the concept?

Tamyara: Beautifully Me Undefined came about one day when I realize we as women don't celebrate our bodies, ourselves. We think celebrating you have to perfect. A size two or four. I wanted plus size women to be bold, feel beautifully themselves at all times and live life without limitations. Your weight doesn't and never will determine your worth. It became a movement along with my partner Jeanell Byers- Taylor. I want plus size women to feel empowered. I want women all over the world to feel sexy and rock their curves. Beauty and Love doesn't have a waist size.

Imani: Okay, let me say to all of the readers, this woman is a powerhouse when it comes to writing. She writes all of time, despite of an uncertain publishing date - she goes on no matter what. So, within your library of finished work or work-in-progress, or even Beautifully Me Undefined what can we expect from Tamyara Brown in the future?

Tamyara: Thank you, Imani. I am currently working on a story called, “I AM Here" which you read on Wattpad. I am also working on another book called the, " B.L.A.H Diaries" (Broke, Lonely, Angry and Horny). As For Beautifully Me Undefined it is my goal to have my first conference of workshops, celebrity speakers and two days of empowering plus size women to step out of their shell and shine. Filled with tips on fashion, make-up, hair, how to open and start a business as well as self-publishing your book.

 Imani: Tell us one thing you haven't shared with your readers. It can be a quirk, a favorite food, or a hidden talent. The floor is yours.

Tamyara: I love to write erotica. Often people are afraid of the SEX word. I like stepping out of myself and creating a moment that will make people melt away their inhibitions. Sex is about power play of the mind, the soul and heart. Using those three to seduce a reader to think hmm I would like to try that with my husband/lover. I love writing what people are afraid to talk about. It is like the librarian who has a crush on the security guard. Or the business woman who is infatuated with the thug or the nerd. Imagine the magic you can ignite between those two souls once they let go of what people might think. The man who models but desires a plus size woman. Erotica gives me permission to break boundaries and change the rules of what is sexy. Every man and woman has a definition of what they consider sexy. Erotica gives you the room to explore and make people squirm in their seats.

"Erotica gives me permission to break boundaries and change the rules of what is sexy. Every man and woman has a definition of what they consider sexy. Erotica gives you the room to explore and make people squirm in their seats."

Imani: What I admire most about you is your no-nonsense approach of how beauty is supposed to be; whether of what shape or size, your mantra is "Beauty is skin deep". So, are we to expect an erotic novel proving size doesn't matter in the bedroom?

Tamyara: Yes and I think sexy is the confidence a woman feels. For a moment I use to think sexy is the right size, the right body, the pretty face, hair etc. The truth is sexy is about letting go fears of what YOU think. The novel will challenge the myths we create about our bodies. A man wanting you to fit society standards for beauty. I want plus size beauties to know they can be sexy and there are men who love every inch of them.

Imani: Finally, if you were to plan a dinner party and have extended the guest list with three legendary figures (living or not), who would they be and what would you say to each of them?

Tamyara: I would like to invite Maya Angelou, J. California Cooper, Langston Hughes, Terry McMillian, James Patterson, Jodi Piccoult, Danielle Steele and Mary B. Morrison.

Imani: Great choices. Now before we conclude our chat, could you share with readers where they can learn more about FSGS and Nephrotic syndrome?

Tamyara: For more information on FSGS and Nephritic Syndrome. Please go to, which is a community centered on finding a cure for FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) and Nephrotic Syndrome.

Imani: Tamyara, thank you for taking the time to stop by The Lounge for this conversation. I had a blast. Tell the readers where you they can purchase "Blues Treasure" and your other works, as well as finding you on the web?

Twitter: @tamluvstowrite



Danica Worthy said...

This was an awesome interview Imani. Tamyara you are empowering, and inspiring. I look forward to reading you:)

Kandise Carlisle said...

My Friend, My sister I loved this you did an awesome job. I say get it up and watch where God take you love you.

Imani Wisdom said...

Thank you, Danica. Tamyara's story was amazing. As I read through its entirety, my jaw dropped. I knew of her story from our telephone conversations, but actually seeing it meshed together as a story was compelling.