Let the Journey Begin...


Seven years ago, I've taken a childhood daydream and turned it into one of my most-loved stories – Zion’s Road.

The vision of tabooed-romances while living in a place of the unknown and unseen captivated me as a young girl. The story was so strong in my head that I used to stare-up at the clouds – visualizing who or what was up there. God? Angels? Or maybe one my relatives were resting on a cloud as they were smiling down to me. Still, the relief of looking to the sky – painted in its glory only the Supreme Being could do – brought forth a vivid imagination.

As a kid I didn't quite know how to transfer my thoughts to paper – I pretty much acted out anything I've imagined. Creatively, I used to play with my grandmother’s what-knots in her living room – pretending her treasured trinkets were actors and my daydreams were the movie. I would play for hours until I would hear her say, “Child, if you don’t get out of my what-knots or I’ll…”

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