Imani's July Favorite: T.P. Miller's "Out for Blood"



My intentions for picking the inaugural “Imani’s Favorite Things” feature may seem bias since I do write Paranormal Fiction, but after reading why I chose this novel as my favorite you’ll understand why.

And yes, I said Paranormal Fiction. For many avid readers, some just don’t care for the genre. I can do without Vampires, said one comment from a reading group on Facebook. While another wrote, the genre just seems to be out of the ordinary. Well, duh. Paranormal, ordinarily, pushes the limits. And that what makes it so fun to write.

But let’s pretend T.P. Miller’s, Out for Blood, is just a novel about romance, family, and discovering who you are. The soul mates, Nef and Ram are the epitome of what true love is all about. They fell in love during their high school days, later married, and shared a beautiful daughter. It’s an all-American, nuclear family that people love to read.

But when there’s good, there’s an adversary lurking between the pages of the storyline—and the adversary does not have to be a person. It could be an issue(s) that have been gripping on to their soul, pressing firmly on their conscious until the unbearable feeling forces them to fight their troubles head on. With Nef, her adversary created havoc throughout her life which caused a ripple effect in her family. So she and her husband valiantly faced them together. The question is, however, will it strengthen or hurt their marriage?

Finally, discovering a purpose of life is what we all have asked ourselves. Some may have found it, while others are trying to search for the answers. Ram was one of the rare few who knew his purpose, but what about Nef? What’s her purpose? See, that’s what makes reading so fundamental. You have to read Miller’s book and find out. So now include ass-kicking, no-nonsense, and take-no-shit Vampires and you have an explosive novel.

All of the reasons for you to read Miller’s debut novel are the reasons why I chose her book as my “favorite” for the month of July. I’m a sucker for romance, love the camaraderie family storyline, and enjoy when a character overcomes perilous challenges. What’s more, I love a dark story with an unexpected twist. Even if you’re not a fan of Paranormal Fiction, this story will not disappoint you.

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Nef is plagued by nightmares from her past. With her family murdered, and her daughter stolen from her crib in the middle of the night, she seeks revenge on the monster responsible. After more than a century, her world revolves around finding the individual that caused her so much pain.

With new information leading her closer to the answers she seeks and new revelations coming to light about her past and her rightful place in a dark society, she begins a journey where there’s no looking back.

An evil vampire has a plan for the one he left and is dead set on keeping her from taking her place as the Chosen One. She doesn't know what powers she has and he'll do anything to get her right where he wants her. With him.

Driven by vengeance and fighting until the end, she's out for blood and taking no prisoners.


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