“Among the breeze that lies still, whispering shadows tap into the granular of my soul. Tears are streaming as I reminisce of what once was.  I press my hands to my chest, imagining the blanketing comforts of solitude.  Then a sudden breeze brushing against my cheek and I sigh to an expected relief”.

Where I have been was a past of obscure abyss.  The minute covered glassy road wedged cuts deep beneath the superficial layers to my consciousness. It was a path that detoured from my hopes and aspirations, a road oppose to redemption; a blockage from love, and shackled from forgiveness

For years I wandered aimlessly, hoping to find a miracle. Yet, undiscovered truths were afar reaching from my destiny.  I couldn’t shower myself with motivation; it simply was not there.  I couldn’t believe in the possible because the impossible was all that I knew.  I couldn’t listen to that All Mighty gentle whisper because auditory silence of hopelessness had dominated my sense of self.  I couldn’t see what I needed to see because of an overwhelming insignificance. I thought I didn’t matter.

Then one day my spiritual consciousness had awaken from a slumber of years of confusion.  I vividly remembered the pious feeling I had when the blinders were removed from my eyes and it shouted, “YOU DO MATTER”.   

After seeing the true definition of life, I took one step back to an exact path.  Minuscule glass evaporated to an even road leading to redemption, love, and forgiveness. With the light shining that carried me, I finally believed I could achieve success. 

Today as I’m still walking the even road, my mind speaks to me as if it was a friend who stands tall by my side reminding me, all you need is faith.  The word itself may be a mere five letter word, but it’s powerful to take along with you to whatever endeavor you may try to pursue.

My Imani’s “How to” Moment, trust in all you can you do. Whether you want to return to school to get your degree or attain your high school diploma, write a book, or run for office, it is time to put YOU first.  It is time to listen to your heart that you’ve kept on mute for so long and make that step forward on your path, your dream, and your destiny.  If you fail, so what!  Get up and do it again.  Even if you made several attempts and its still not going your way, the fact is at least you tried and that’s all it matter.  Who want to grow old and think of what it could have been?  I know I don’t.

When you leave from this blog, the only thing I want you to remember within this text is you do matter.  I don’t think God would’ve taken his precious time to create you and call you junk.  Any proud creation you’ve made whether it’s cooking, handcrafts, or your children, do you call it or them junk?  Of course not! 

We’re not useless items; we’re all here for a special purpose.  So what’s yours?

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Kaya said...

Thanks Imani...Very inspiring.

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