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My caramelized sweetness is from my gifted crown to my tireless feet. My black skin is nothing to be feared. I am a product of teachers, preachers, and sharecroppers; folks who help shaped this nation.  Don’t judge me because my skin is different.  Darkness maybe defined as an undesirable trepidation, but so are falsehoods and misinterpretations.

My caramelized sweetness is captivating not because of its superficial. It’s the spirit that lives me. From my ancestors removing the sweat from their brow to the accustom calluses on their hands they use to plow. From being banished from public places to being spat on their smooth black faces. Enduring vile treatment time after time and still wore their old tired smiles.

I am a GOD given gift.  We shouldn’t try to be tamed, shamed, and intimidated to believe we aren’t special. Superiority is an iniquity of lies; a deception of a pathway that can lead to a calamity of cries. Our tears cleanse deep down our souls. Let it rain; let it fall, as we are the brethren of HIS image. 

My smile is a forefront to my personality. My eyes are a window to my soul, and my heart can bleed from sorrow.  And yet, I know there one thing that’s true; me, myself, and I are no different than you!  I am smart, creative, and more importantly, beautiful on the inside. Shouldn’t that look beyond your myriad of stereotypes and lies?

If anything, darkness utters from the laze lips of ignorance that are the falsehoods and misinterpretations.  It’s the core of hate that spins out of control. Thus, you can try judging what you see. A fool relies on their eyes to feel their way through life, but it takes a person to slowly walk through the green pastures, strong and upright.

So my caramelized sweetness is nothing that should be feared.  I am like you—I weep. I love. I work. I sleep. I laugh. I sing, and I am of HIS children. We’re brothers and sisters as a divine one.  Get past the hate and love another one as human beings. The choice is yours.

Wake up!

©Imani Wisdom, 2008 



Kaya said...

Just saw this and I like...can I ask what inspired you to create this piece?

Imani Wisdom said...

As I recalled three years ago, I got inspired by my grandmother's reminiscing her days growing up it in the south. Although there were pleasant memories, she also remembers segregation. Explaining "how it was" made me write this piece.

Because of them, my parents, grandparents, and "kin folks", I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them.

kat said...

but, you presume that anyone who is not black cares about skin color, in order to judge another's value?

actually, I've noticed that most non-black people are color blind. however, lately, I've noticed that many black people hate white people, and say nasty things about anyone who is not black.

for me, race is not an issue. I'm not going to say that I don't have prejudice, bc I do, but not towards race. I don't care too much for stupid people. I realize they can't help it, but they still get under my skin.

my mother suffered in ww2. she was hunted by hitler's SS. she was bombed out of 5 houses by the americans. her grandmother was trapped under a house and then lost for months, bc the family couldn't find her. all that hate hurt her.

my point is, at some point, we have to recognise the wrongs of the past, and move to learn from them and not repeat them. we have to realize that as people, we can make choices out of love, or out of hate. that is a personal choice, and it is one that we cannot delude ourselves into thinking is only skin deep.


btw, nice writing.

Imani Wisdom said...

Oh, and thanks for the compliment :)

Imani Wisdom said...

Nope, I didn't presume anything--even writing this three years ago.

Whoever reads this piece, whether they're black, brown, yellow, or white, will get them to think about how we treat one another as God's children.

This poem is a metaphor. Basically, love me for me. If you're unhappy with who you are, love yourself. If you're a bigot, start loving yourself along with tolerance. And if you're a homophobic, look in the mirror.

Also, the point to this post is to create controversy. To get people thinking of all colors under the rainbow. :)