Starting in January 2016, the Pink Noire Lounge will go into hiatus – well, kind of. Authors, Jamesina Green and Tamyara Brown, will continue to feature talented people every month, and on occasion, I will throw in a few posts on healthy living and empowerment, and updates on my debut novel, THE JOURNEY OF RUTHIE BELLE.

Why the change?

As visionaries, we all have to grow; and sometimes, growth means taking on endeavors to help expand our ideas and dreams. So the Lounge will not stop bringing you great stories on gifted people, just not as many in one month.  

What about the Urban Ebook Fair?

In the final weekend of January is the fair’s first anniversary, and after that it will go from a monthly event to every quarter. This means the #UEBFair will be held every three months. Also, there will be major changes as far as the length of the fair. PN wants to be more inclusive when it comes to International authors and readers, and certain genres; so expanding the time is a must.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to write to us:

Merry Christmas,

Imani Wisdom and the Pink Noire family

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