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By Jami Greene

Pink Noire has a special treat: Former guest of The Lounge and now a contributor, Author and Motivational Speaker, Jamesina Greene will take the interview realms for today's guest: Author L.A. Lewis. 

I'm so excited to share with you this powerful interview. And remember, please follow Ms. Lewis on her social networking sites. The support of all artists means a lot. 

What is your name?
L.A. Lewis
What is your BUSINESS name?
L.C.L. Publishing
What is your PASSION?
Motivating others
What is your PURPOSE?
To be an example of God’s love
In what way(s) are you fulfilling your PURPOSE and using your PASSION?
I’m an author and a teacher. Through my writing I encourage others to live life to the fullest. It’s a gift that should be cherished and treated as such. When I’m teaching I’m constantly motivating my students to go above and beyond and to be the best that they can be. In my writing and my teaching I express love and encourage others to do the same.
Do you feel that your “voice” is just for a “specific” group(s)?  Why or why not?
My voice is for anyone who’ll listen. Young or old, big or small.
The message of love and life goes for everyone. The teacher in me and the creative part of me allows me to do that for all people. My delivery to a child would be different from an adults, but the message would be the same.
How long have you been using your “voice” in this manner? For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a need to encourage others. It wasn’t until I wrote my daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life” that I really knew it was time to reach out to more people. That book forced me to study the Bible and I was able to really internalize all the promises of God. That was eye opening and I have to share it with others.
Was there a “specific” life event that pushed you to use your voice in this manner? If so, what was it?
There really wasn’t a specific event that caused me to use it. My dad did give me a Bible. It was a contemporary English version. It just all made sense to me once I started reading it. The writer and teacher in me had to share what I was getting from the scriptures and how we’re to apply them in our lives.
What CURRENT events/endeavors are you pursuing?
Right now I’m focusing on getting my books out there to more people. A part of me feel that I’m supposed to be a motivational speaker, but an even bigger part of me is so afraid of that :)
What UPCOMING events/endeavors are on your horizon?
I’ll be in New Orleans,La on July 3rd at the Writers and Readers Conference. I’m also planning my very first Love and Laughter Marriage Conference here in Baton Rouge, La. in February.
Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work, projects, etc, that I did not ask?
I currently have three published books “Dirty Little Secrets” which is about a school teacher and her husband. This story shows how lack of communication could cause some very serious secrets to be formed in the marriage. I also have the daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life,” and I have a book on parenting titled “Things You Never Thought You’d Have to Teach Your Child.” This book reminds parents the importance of teaching the child how to have a positive attitude, time management, how to socialize, and other life skills they need to be successful now and as adults.
How can my readers contact you?
My website is and my Facebook page is Books By LA Lewis, and on Twitter @AuthorLAlewis
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