When Size Doesn't Matter, Even if They're Excerpts


Cedric released several groans in between heavy breathing. He liked my curious tongue. I pumped the shaft of his cock with my mouth as my tongue licked the tip. I lived to play tongue games with a stiff dick. 

"OH FUCK AAH AAAAAH" he grunted. I kept swallowing not wanting to waste a drop of the creamy liquid that coated my throat. I didn’t release him until his uber sensitive dick was milked dry. My feast came to an end as I let his wet dick drop out of my mouth grazing my chin leaving a pearly sparkle.

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Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the owner of DivaBooksInc., the author of several titles including the hit novel, And Even If I Did and a literary consultant and promoter. 

As the host of Writer’s Life Chats, an online radio show, Green interviews aspiring and seasoned authors. Writer’s Life Chats has been nominated multiple times for Best Blog Talk Show, winning the title in 2010 and 2011 .Green is also a avid reader and book reviewer whose reviews have appeared on Urban Book Source, Shelfari, Goodreads, Amazon and other notable sites. 

As a firm believer in “each one, teach one,” Green launched Literary Jewels, in 2011, an online resource for aspiring writers interested in self-publishing. Green has also participated in numerous panel discussions on the topic of publishing. 

Currently Green is a contributing writer for for a number of sites, including Becoming A Successful Author. 

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