My beacon that shines above
that illuminates a weary soul.
You’re a blessing with no disguise;
a right thief that comes gently
into the night.

How long has it been?
Days turned to weeks;
then weeks turned to months
Now years?
And yet, you’re still here;
patiently waiting for that day
when you and I are more than you and I
When two souls emerge into an infinite one.

You’ve shown me patience
You’ve shown me kindness
You’ve never, ever, boast
You’re never, ever, been the type to self-seek
You’re just a man, a unique man
Who flaws I adore more
than the rest of your perfections.

I care for more of who you are
than what you are.
I heed to your grace;
the darkness of your skin
Your exquisite smile
Your God-fearing ways
And yet I’m waiting for that day;
when saying those words,
those ever precious,
sacred words
rolling from my lips
onto yours
with a thunderous, yet sweet kiss.

To be bound by your soul
To be enamored by your wit
To be enthralled by compassion
I hunger for your desire
I yearn for your strength

You’re my midnight
as I’m your stars,
painting through the sky.
With a stroke of destiny’s brush;
allowing the wind to create something
perhaps, a prelude to such

Still, you’re a man who’s never been proud
Not easily-angered
or point out wrongs
You’re just man, a unique man
who rides on hope when it’s rare to hope
who’s faithful when faithless is the trend.
A man who I respect,
my lover, my best friend.

I’m not a poet by heart
Hopeless romantic on occasions,
but a woman with this expression
that run deep,
deep beyond any emotion.
Feelings are so overwhelming
they’re like a riveting potion

So, yes, I feel the same way
And still hoping to the day;
when you and I becomes an infinite one.
Blissfully content.
Blissfully done.

To be continue…

©2013, Imani Wisdom

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