Bryan Billings, the powerhouse running back that lived the life many often dream.  This two-time MVP lived just as hard off the field by endless partying with women night after night. Then everything had changed when he met stiff competition--and it wasn’t from the opposing team--it was from the new love of his life. 

All of his old habits soon became unimportant until one day everything he thought knew changed by one announcement.

Imani’s Thoughts…

Choices are a part of life. Though at one point, we have to make prudent decisions that change the course of our future. This particular story is no different.

According this short story—THE MISSION, Bryan sits among the running back greats like Marshall Faulk, Len Swann, and the late Walter Payton. I wanted to convey that no matter how high you are in life things can swiftly change. More importantly, it’s how you handle the situation.

So Bryan will loose the love of his life with his news? Or, will he persevere through the storms and catch the light at the end of the tunnel? Find out in July 3 on

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