Happy Birthday, Mr. President

This blog was written one year ago next week (2010). I find this post interesting because everything that I have wrote has came true, or it's in the process of becoming true.  Stay tuned for the July 15th post, my annual birthday blog, with new hopes and aspirations. Enjoy!

It's here! My 39th birthday!!!!

On this day, I’m doing something I haven’t done in a while, and that’s writing a blog!  Yeah, I know, it’s been minute, but here I am writing another bit of random thoughts.

I felt compelled to write, not because I’m whining of getting old, but to celebrate the last 38 years of my life. Compared to others who I grew up with or long time classmates, my expectations have grown short. I didn’t go straight to college after high school. Instead, I had kids, at the time with my high school sweetheart, worked at the Post Office, lost my job at the Post Office, moved back home to care for my ailing Mother, got depressed and got fat, lost over 100lbs, kept it off for eight years and got fat again. Before I knew among the drama, my little babies weren’t babies anymore. I have two grown men: 20 and 19 along with a 13-year-old daughter. People, time had become an enemy!

Out of all of the tears I shed, I didn’t look at life the same.  Dark shield hovered my eyes and blinded to what I was suppose to have seen all of this time.  God don’t make junk! I was more focus on the have’s and the have-not’s; the cars, houses and Mr. Right Now! I couldn’t see my blessings before me. I have three brightly talented children, a supportive family, a hooptie (but hooptie runs), and roof over my head even though it’s my Grandmother’s house. I seriously can’t complain! There are people who don’t have any of these things.  The dark shield that covered my brown eyes has now been lifted and I now see a beautiful world; a world that’s vast enough to share my talents.

So where do I go from here?  Continue to allow mediocrity to dictate my dreams?  Not a cold day in Hell! It seems now I’m running after the Popsicle Man’s truck to get that “Unique” ice cream bar. Yet, this ice cream bar is everything I always wanted to do. From traveling to publishing my first book or writing a play, I’m ready to put these 20 years of fear aside and grab that metaphorical ice cream bar!  I know I can be highly ambitious because I was committed for two years on losing 110lbs. So I know it’s there! All it takes for me is to get moving and stop listening to Satan!

Now I consider the next 365 days “Do or Die” for me. Of course, I’m not saying I’ll dramatically die of a broken heart because I didn’t achieve major accomplishments. Baby steps is my goal. If Lord willing, my book or produce a play becomes converted from my short story, all I have to say is thank you, Lord!

And to the grown and sexy who’s nearing or are 40 and up! Our lives aren’t over and our dreams aren’t dead!  When you finish reading this blog, think about that one thing you always wanted to do. Lose Weight? {{raising hand….again}} Go back to school? Quit smoking? Stop that destructive behavior {{you know who you are}} Write a book?....Travel?....Or settling down from being a 40 year old playa?  Whatever it is, just do it! There’s nothing worse than to lie on your deathbed regretting the shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s.  The time to pursue your dreams is NOW!


Before I close this blog, I’m about to put myself out there. Below is a non-glammed up picture with no make-up, no weave, and plus-size sexy clothes. Hopefully this pic will be my “before” photograph.  I don’t have a particular weight goal. I just want to be able to fit cute jeans and not freakin’ MOM JEANS or tight ass elastic jeans that my 82-year-old Grandmother wouldn’t wear herself.  I just want to get healthy.

Signing off to enjoy the next 23 hours and I gotta pee.  I couldn’t break from sharing my random thoughts to all you readers =o)


Stay blessed,


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