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A Chicago Native and Artistic Pisces, Poetic Flow™ first began writing poetry in 1985. Her poetry captures the essence of everyday life, situations, circumstances, faith, spirituality, encouragement, motivation and more.  She is inspired to write by the universe (i.e. people, family, friends, strangers, feelings, thoughts, etc.) She self-published her first book of poems in 2008 "Poetic Flow: Poetry For Your Soul" through AuthorHouse Publishing Company. In June 2014, she self-published through Xlibris Publishing Company, two new books "Love~In~Life Poetry" and "Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow."  You can purchase any and/or all of her books via the BOOKS tab above on this website.

In April 2013, she officially started her POSITIVE VIBES online store at and has been doing personal poetic quotes for various celebrities (see CELEBRITIES tab above).

In July 2014, Poetic Flow™ partnered with a local t-shirt vendor to bring you better pricing & variety. You can purchase t-shirts on this website under the POSITIVE VIBES STORE tab.

Also in July 2014, Poetic Flow™ partnered with No Budget Studio, LLC as co-owner, located in downtown Kansas City, KS. NBS, LLC is a new Television & Movie Production Studio. Be on the lookout for their work on your television screens in 2015. Visit the website at

Imani: Pink Noire is please to welcome "word artist", Yolanda "Poetic Flow" Jackson. Welcome to The Lounge, Ma'am. So let's get down to it: what makes Poetic Flow the woman she is today?

Poetic Flow: Hi Pink Noire / Imani, thank you so very much for allowing me to share a piece of my life story with your viewers, it is humbly appreciated. What makes me who I am is first and foremost GOD. Second it would be my mom, my late grandmother and my late great-grandmother. These women are the foundation of me. They are my roots, my strength, my guidance, my support, my loves and my life lines. It was my late grandmother Verena Jackson who saw the gift of poetry in me and told me I need to share it with the world. She taught me so many things about people and life. It was my late great-grandmother Mary (full Cherokee Indian) who possessed such strength and integrity and it is my mother, Mona Mingo, who taught me how to stand strong even through adversity and to always love myself. The combination of these 3 amazing women in my life is a reflection of me.

What inspires you to write, and how long have you been taking up the craft?

People, life, love, circumstances, situations, tragedies, triumphs, feelings, thoughts, conversations, etc. inspire me to write. These are my inspirations. Poetry is my gift/my talent and because of that, I write with ease. I can write a poem at a drop of a dime. GOD gifted me with this blessing to share with the world. This is why my motto is “Inspiring, Motivating & Encouraging the World – One Poem/Positive Vibe at a Time.”

I have been writing poetry since 1985, however I didn’t publish my first book until 2008.

What's your favorite part of the poetry process: writing words into art, or reciting the passion behind the words?

The entire process of poetry is my favorite. From the title, to the words, to each verse, writing and reciting it. Writing it allows the reader to put their own take on it, in terms of the passion or dynamics of their reading. However, reciting it, gives me the power to put my passion and emphasis on certain words or phrases that I want to jump out and catch the listeners attention. I can bring that dramatic, powerful, forceful, positive and passionate element to my poems when I recite them.

Of all your poems, which one do you hold near and dear to your heart?

The below poem I wrote in 2007 when my 22 year old brother was murdered in Chicago. The killer was caught a year later and is currently serving his sentence.

The Stain Of Pain
To My Brother (Cinque E. Mingo) - You are truly missed (9/7/84 to 5/8/07)

Life is too short
This we know
Never knowing
When it’s our time to go

I woke up one morning (5/8/07)
Went on to work
Got a phone call
That could have given someone a stroke

My mother on the other line
Telling me my 22 year old brother was shot
This is just something
I would have never thought about

I left work
Got on the bus
Prayed to God
Didn’t make a fuss

Two stops before I got to my car
A few short blocks until I got in my ride
Another phone call from mom
“Cinque has died”

My face is stunned
My heart confused
Not understanding
Why this happened to you

I called the family
Called some friends
Informing them
My brother’s life had come to an end

Still frozen in time
My mind working overload
Just saw my brother
A few days ago

We were talking about GOD
Talking about Life
Talking about the future
Man, this can’t be right

Someone took his life
They had no regard
Could care less
About our stress

As he stood and talked with friends
Laughing and talking smack
The gunman
Shot my brother in the back

He fled the scene
Still at large
I pray every day
Knowing he has to answer to GOD

Now we’ve lost our brother
Mom and Dad, their son
His five children, their father
His life gone at the hand of a gun

Someone pulled the trigger
Never did they figure
The ripple effect it would have
Senseless Crime, it’s so sad

I thank God
For the 22 years
He gave me with my brother
Although I still shed tears

We conversed a lot
We had a real connection
I now think of Q as my guardian angel
My protection

I love you Q
Just the same
We’ll see you again, but until then
We live with the stain of pain

©2007 – Poetic Flow™, All Rights Reserved

My brother lived his life knowing Christ died for our sins and he lived his life by giving love, which is why I know, he’s with the Father Above.  


You've written a few poetry books, among them is titled, "Poetic Flow: Poetry for Your Soul. What was the inspiration of writing this book?

This was my very first poetry book I published in 2008. It encompassed poetry I had written from 1985 until 2008. I entitled it Poetic Flow: Poetry for Your Soul because that is exactly what it was and is, literally poetry for your soul. There is a poem or poems in my book that will touch your soul, caress your mind, wrap words around your heart, elevate your spirit, enlighten your life and so much more. It sincerely is Poetry For Your Soul.

It was finally time for me to officially introduce myself to the world with my words, so in 2008 I did just that with this book. I wanted it to inspire others, uplift, motivate, encourage, etc. I knew that this book would be a blessing to all who read it, because that is what my poetry does. I write for people who are 5-105, meaning, I keep my words simplistic yet powerful. Anyone who reads my work, takes away from it an understanding and good feeling or feeling of empowerment. I write to be a blessing to all who hear, read and see it. 

In 2014, you've partnered up with "No Budget Studio" as co-owner. Could you tell the readers more about this venture?

Yes. My business partner, Ursula Joyner and I decided we wanted to create an entrepreneurial life. She has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years in Hollywood, CA. She came to Atlanta to check out the industry, but it wasn’t what she wanted and really couldn’t find a good niche there. In July 2014 we went back to her hometown of Kansas City, KS for a family reunion and she felt very strongly about having the studio there in the center of the Midwest. Although she never thought she would ever be starting a business in Kansas, let alone move back, yet that is where No BudgetStudio, LLC was born. I am co-owner, executive producer, legal, marketing, promotions and social media. I take on a lot of responsibilities to get things up and going. We are a Television/Film/Music Production Studio located in downtown Kansas City, KS. Our website is and we are open for business. It was our goal to have a studio where people who have large, small or no budgets can come and make their dreams a reality. We want to help the independent producers, writers, creators, directors, artists, actors, etc. to be able to fulfill their dreams as we are fulfilling ours. As well as be an avenue for established producers, etc. who may need a place to film in Kansas City, KS. We will also do our own television shows, a few of which are already written, we just have to film them. The passion we have for success is what will propel us to where we want to be and helping others as we climb that ladder.

You also started an online store called "Positive Vibes" bearing poetic quotes, and from what I understand you have celebrities adoring your t-shirts. What's the message you're trying to convey with this line?

Yes, I originally began writing Positive Vibes in 2009, it wasn’t until 2013 that I officially launched my Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow online store, via the assistance of my business partner Ursula Joyner who advised me of where I could get started and also suggested that I reach out to celebrities by doing personal poetic quotes for them. So in 2013, I launched which houses a countless number of my Positive Vibes, including those I’ve done for celebrities. In 2014, I partnered with a local t-shirt vender, Big Frogs, in order to lower the prices of my t-shirt line. You can also find featured shirts on my website under the POSITIVE VIBES STORE at

The message I am conveying in ALL of my Positive Vibes is exactly what it says, POSITIVE VIBES. I use my words to inspire, encourage and motivate others. Not only can you read it in my books, hear it in my recited/recorded poetry, but you can wear it on your chest as a testament of power and strength and positivity. Sometimes we never know if we have blessed someone by a smile, a kind word or even them reading a message they needed at that moment on your shirt. So I write messages to convey to all who see and receive them that there is POWER in POSITIVE and my words are the VIBES that deliver it.

How did you feel when you saw the first snapshot of a celebrity wearing your t-shirt?

I was hyped up! Lol. If memory serves me correctly Cynda Williams-Plummer (from Mo’Better Blues) was the first celeb to tweet or email me her picture wearing one of my Positive Vibes shirts and Janet Hubert (a good personal friend of mine) was the second.  Shortly thereafter I received pictures from others that I did personal poetic quotes for: KeKe Wyatt, Tichina Arnold, Terri J Vaughn and Daphne Wayans. I also did one for Malinda Williams and Kim Coles.

Most recently I sent a new general celebrity quote t-shirt to Sinbad and Lisa Vidal (actress from Third Watch, ER and now on Being Mary Jane).

So what's next for Poetic Flow?

Well, I figure in the next year or two, I will publish my 4th book of poetry and possibly another book of positive vibes. Aside from that, stay glued to your televisions because you will be seeing A No Budget Studio Production gracing your screens in the very near future. I am extremely committed to this new venture and we are going to be a huge success. When you have a passion, a dream and undeniable/unstoppable motivation and determination, great things are born.

If anyone reading this interview and would like to hear you recite your poems, where should they go online?

They can find me via my website this is where they can hear me, connect with me on all my social media sites, connect with me on YouTube and check out my videos, etc. Also, this is where they can purchase my featured Positive Vibes shirts, purchase my CD and/or any of my 3 books.

I thank you so very much for reaching out to me and asking me to be a part of your blog. Also, thank you for allowing your platform to be a platform for me and supporting my mission, goals and dreams/passions.

Peace, Blessings & Much Love!

Poetic Flow™

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