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There was a little boy wearing his angelic wings.

He was roaming in heaven until he noticed a somberly something.

It was a black man sitting on heaven’s bench.

He had tears in eyes causing his face to drench.

The little boy noticed and asked as he wiped the man’s eye,

"What’s the matter?" And then the man sighed

And replies

"I don’t know if my dream will ever come alive"

Then the boy frowns and ask, "Why?"

The man look at the boy with his manicured moustache, and slowly

Wipes a tear his eyelash

"Don’t you see what went on earth since I died?

I thought my dream will blossom and thrive

Little black girls and boys and little white girls and boys had been learning


I know this had change the complexity of racial lines forever.

I also noticed that equality has progress in many aspects.

I have seen a rainbow people had learn to tolerate and respect.

I remember before ’68,

There were barely any black faces that had won political races.

Now it’s an overflow all over the United States.

They are on Congress, and Senators

They are Mayors, and Governors,

There’s a Secretary of State not only one but two".

Then he slightly chuckled and added, "Who ever knew?"

"More blacks are homeowners with an influx of revenues

And because of that, we were able to go to any college to expand what knew.

The little boy had continue to frown as he scratched his head

"These sounds like great things, so why are you crying?" he said.

The man glanced at the little boy with his bountiful cheeks.

He replied, "Son, my dream wasn’t just black and white.

My dream was a rich and colorful sight

And it was beyond just civil but a human right".

"Look" as he pointed below the clouds.

"Look at these people with a weakened disparages frowns.

It’s the poor all over the world.

And famine and war that deeply affects little boys and girls.

This beyond the USA.

This is happening all over world everyday.

And in Africa, the Motherland of Motherlands, it’s indescribable.

Folks don’t know it, but most Africans living conditions are incomparable.

And there are more wars and rumors of wars that threaten earth’s rotating globe.

One voice has to stand out, but I don’t think anybody knows

……how to establish their voices to be heard

I wish some activist would shy away from cameras and truly put people first.

As the boy intently listens he ask, "But isn’t black folks are better off than a long ago".

The man answered, "Oh yes, but they say more things change, the more that stay the same.

We had to overcome through treacherous mountaintops and through the rugged plains.

The black man on earth still gets has it hard that one virtually still remains.

But although there’s still that long dream road

I wish someone would voice this because this needs to be told.

We had past that mountaintop, but there are heavy terrains on the way.

Our people need to realize this today.

We can be detrimental to ourselves.

And my people need to pray".

Suddenly the man went silent, there was not another word to say.

Then the black man had got up from heaven’s bench still blue.

Then the angelic boy ask, "Mr, who are you?"

The black man had finally cracked an infectious smile.

The boy again said, "Mr, why don’t stay awhile?"

The man answered, "Son, I got go, I have already seen what I need to see.

And there’s a long way to go, and seeing it is too much for me.

The boy then grabs the man hand and asked, "Can you tell me your name, please?"

The man looked down at the boys eyes, and said, "Son, I’m King, Martin Luther King".

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