His body summons my inner waywardness, giving me a tasty dose of eye candy.  Mouthwatering to the core as my walls constrict with excitement. I cannot help but to stare. It’s just he’s so exquisitely sexy while lying on top of my pink sheets, and conveying a smile that only he can do so well. He spoke with passionate subtleties and took me by the hand. Tangy kisses invigorate my feeling of being a woman. Tongue massaging every crevice on my caramel skin. I melt into his strong arms, and then climbing on top of his hardened physique.

I’m forcing his hands to the bedpost while adjusting my hips to ecstasy. I’m riding the waves of an open sea, swaying back and forth gently while two souls emerge into one. My fingers walk through the masculine definition, along with imprints of my crimson lipstick leaving its mark. The feeling was uncontainable and gasping with a sudden awe. He’s grabbing firm against the grains of the wood with his eyes glassing into a watery fog. Licking his lips while humming a sensual tune, he elevates our erotic ballad to a new octave. The bed of my lips suddenly became his bondage like the rigors of a tsunami wave. The intensity leaves him speechless, only his tears slowly stream. The final wave causes me to collapse on top of his torso. We lay in silence while descending back to reality, and I graciously look to him to whisper, “Are you ready for phase four”

©2011, Imani Wisdom


I’m lying on top of his steel chest, as he stroking through my hair and gently whispers next to my ear,what’s phase four?

I rise to look at his eyes with a wicked smile and then stroke the tip of my tongue on his cheek.  There are no words to feed his curiosity.  I’m draping a blindfold over the windows of his soul, nibbling his ear until the convulsion of gratitude peek its high.  My lips clutch his neck, locking into the essence of his Twilight.  The tracks of my affection are descending down his body.  He begins to gently glide over showing his immaculate backside.  Perfection is indeed the eye of the beholder.  So, I pursued my journey with trails of my crimson lipstick to his crescent.  He lightly hisses as I secrete into an eclipse moon, tossing him beyond the limits.  The sound of my hand against his smooth dark skin clatters with thunderous excitement.  I cut into his valley, powerfully kissing him with no remorse.  He shudders into satisfaction, following by a charming giggle.  So that was phase four, he pants and went further to say as the rain began to hit the window pane,now are you ready for phase five?

©2011, Imani Wisdom

To be continued...

Did you enjoy these shorts? 

I'm glad you have, because next week is the last time I'm posting (or publishing) any of my erotic work. So be sure to come back Friday, January 30, for the last hurrah...


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